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(CC) Devon Cream

By: Chef's Choice (CC) - Buy Direct

Used in 511 recipes at an average of 2.105%.


52 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

The pumpkin element - HS Pumpkin Pie (4%) and FW Vanilla Butternut (2%) come together to create the canned pureed pumpkin (which is far superior to harvesting your own pumpkin). HS brings the pure, un-spiced flesh of the pumpkin, while FW Vanilla Butternut adds some sweet, gourd-like body with a touch of vanilla and maple (which brings to mind the natural caramelized sugars in the cooked gourds).

The spice element - Wanted this to be mellow and nuanced . . . not in your face pumpkin spice, so the pumpkin flavor could be the star only backed up by the spice. I went with CAP Cinnamon Sugar (1.5%) and TFA Pumpkin Spice (0.4%). This lays underneath the pumpkin just right, in my opinion.

The custard element - The obvious choice, INW Custard (2%), mixed with CC Devon Cream (1.5%), which brings a creamy/vanilla marriage to the custard base. It's nowhere near in your face vanilla custard . . . but paired with the pumpkin and spice, it adds a nice body of custard to fold the pureed pumpkin into. On a lark, I threw some CAP Whipped Marshmallow (2%) into the mix to, possibly, add some more body to the custard and help keep the spice element in check. Whether or not it did either of those things . . . I'm not sure. However, this is the 4th iteration of this recipe, and I was trying to use a few concentrates I hadn't tried in the recipe previously. I am happy with where it landed

The cookie element - I didn't want to use gingerbread, as I was not happy with what it did in previous mixes . . . it was too forward. I went with CAP Sugar Cookie (1.25%) and FLV Graham Cracker (1%). It is by no means a crunchy cookie crumble here. It is like a cookie that has been submerged in the custard and softened (like a vanilla wafer that's soaked in the vanilla-banana goodness and become a part of the lusciously thick custard). It adds some overall sweetness to the recipe, in my opinion.

Not being a huge fan of the pumpkin spice profile . . . I was inspired by Centerfold Vape Co's Bebe (a pumpkin cream dessert flavor) which I found to be extremely enjoyable. This is not a clone, per se, but simply inspired by how much I enjoyed the original flavor profile that I expected to be underwhelmed by.

I mixed it at 60vg/40pg and sat on it for a week before trying it. All in all, I'm pleased but am open to critiques and suggestions. Enjoy!


Blueberry Meringue & Cream
A tribute to a house juice created by a good friend of my partner. Shout out to Nick Luton!

The profile is Blueberries with drizzle sitting on a dash of thick cream and crispy Meringue base.

FA Bilberry/FW Blueberry make up a decent representation of an actual blueberry. The FW Blueberry doesn't have quite enough presence on its own, it needs some help. The FA Bilberry is strong, but really gives the blueberry more depth and authenticity.

CAP Blueberry Jam is very sweet, very artificial; perfect for sweetening the main blueberry flavour, giving a nice 'drenched' Blueberry vibe.

FA Meringue/CAP Sugar Cookie were a no brainer. The Meringue is perfect at 2%. I tested it higher in previous batches and it's just a waste to go higher.
The Sugar Cookie helps to give the meringue more substance and bite as well as sweetening. I wanted more of a Pavlova style Meringue; which is crisp on the outside and chewy inside.

FW Marshmallow/ CC Devon Cream are the cream/ thickening agents. They contribute more sweetness, more mouthfeel, a hint of vanilla whilst binding the recipe together.
CC Devon Cream I used was straight from Cupcake World but I believe they are the same thing. It's extremely eggy, more so than CAPs VCV1, so it's excellent for a meringue mix.
It can absolutely be subbed for 1% TFA Bavarian Cream and 0.5% CAP VCV1. The reason I used DC is because it does the job of both.
The FW Marshmallow can also be subbed for your favourite marshmallow at the same %.

This is pretty sweet as is but also good with 0.25% Super Sweet.
Shake and Vape good to go but fills out great after a week!


This is a delicious sweet cinnamon cheesecake chunk ice cream with strawberry syrup.

The cream.

FW vanilla bean ice cream.
This is here for its full body and delicious texture.
Not too heavy in the vanilla like cap. And not dry and airy like tpa.

CC Devon cream.
This is here to add mouthfeel and eggyness to the creation base.

Flv cream.
Here to add fresh heavy cream flavor and tame the Flv rich cinnamon.

TPA cheesecake Graham Crust.
Sweetens and adds a subtle complexity to the vape
The Graham Crust helps separate the creams and chunks. Caps NYCK is superior, but gets lost easily in this mix.

FA meringue (pronounced MUR-ANG)
This adds depth and body. Finishing off the rich ice cream notes needed..

The cinnamon.

Flv rich cinnamon.
Nothing much needs to be said here. It's the main note of the recipe and is the lowest percentage ingredient...
You can hit this up to 0.15% if you're feeling dangerous....

Strawberry syrup

Cap Sweet strawberry.
Not much to say here. Sweet, simple and delicious. This doesn't need any help holding it's own in this mix. And at 6% it keeps its robust flavor after curing.

Cap super sweet.
This help finish off the recipe and allows the sweet strawberry to maintain flavor over time.

Delicious banana cheesecake.
The banana purée is actually from cupcake world but ATF don't have it listed.
This cheesecake is very creamy with a touch of banana pudding on top. The Devon cream is used to help with the missing butter in the crust and also gives a cream cheese flavor of cheesecake to the custards.
I love this as a SNV but of course steeped for a week or so enhances the creaminess.

A secret ingredient relatively new needs to also be added and that is VV Vampire Vapes Sweet lemons at 4%

I wanted Limoncello to my list of recipes as it has a tart, very intense lemon flavor that is delicious, and i've brought a perfect fresh lemon flavor to this dessert. It's Topped with Toasted Almonds

Limoncello is a lemon liqueur that originated from the Almafi coast area, you get that taste here just subtle enough to be a very refreshing vape

Flavour total 19%


There are a few twister ice cream recipes out there some good some not so good, but every one I have tried I have always thought it could be better so this is mine and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. With spring now appearing and the promise of summer on the horizon this is the perfect summer time vape.

TPA VBIC 3.5% / CC Devon cream 1.5%
This is a thick and creamy ice cream base for all the other flavours to sit on top of. Its strong enough to be present through the vape but not overtake the whole recipe. TPA VBIC is my go to ice cream flavour so seemed like the obvious choice to start with and the addition of CC Devon Cream is a great supporting flavour to the VBIC and helps bring out that rich creaminess that is required and helps give the recipe that cream base for all the other flavours to cling onto.

TPA Pineapple 2.5% / TPA Dragon Fruit 0.5%
TPA Pineapple is a good flavouring for this recipe and I have tried a few in it. It has a good citrus sharpness that I wanted to have in this recipe but by itself it can be too sharp and can easily overpower a recipe and bully other flavours to sit behind it and I didn't want that so the addition of TPA Dragon Fruit helps round down the sharper notes and helps it sit nicely with the other citrus flavours. The other reason for the Dragon Fruit addition is it gives the whole recipe a bit of juiciness that you would expect from an Ice Lolly.

FA Lime Tahity Cold Press 1.5% / CAP Italian Lemon Sicily 0.5%
FA Lime Tahity Cold Press is a fantasic flavour and one I use a lot, Its a lovely natural tasting lime that is a good pairing with the TPA Pineapples natural sharpness. The addition of CAP Italian Lemon Sicily was used because I felt the lime just needed a bit of a kick to help it sit more forward as I wanted sitting beside the pineapple.

INW Shisha Strawberry 3%
I used this strawberry because I my opinion this is the best strawberry out there. It has a good full flavour that can stand up to a lot of flavours and can handle a steep without fading. I tried pairing this with a few different strawberry options but to be honest I thought it worked better alone in this case and of course the addition of TPA Dragon Fruit also helped pad this strawberry out a bit anyway. I wanted this strawberry to be present but sitting more in the background like you were licking the lolly rather than taking a bite out of it.

CAP Super Sweet 0.5%
Now this is really down to personal taste but I really do think this recipe really does benefit from a touch of super sweet to give it a bit more sweetness against the sharp notes that in the recipe and helps just round the whole recipe together a bit more but this can be adjusted to your personal taste.


Rich creamy vanilla fudge, best after 14 days steep. Desolate seaside town picture postcard not included.

Thick Devonshire Cream with Strawberry's that are bursting with juice.

I don't feel the need to explain this recipe it's pretty self explanatory.

Warning don't vape at high temperatures, we all know what happens to cream if heated to quickly!

CLUB Mint - milk chocolate with a cool mint cream and biscuit filling'

Inw Biscuit/ Cap sugar cookie: It seems extreme for a biscuit base but it needed to be this way to break through the Minty cream.

JF Chocolate/TPA VBIC/ RF cotton candy: This is the chocolate at the perfect amount giving a subtle layer to the entire vape.

FLV creme de menthe/ CC Devon Cream : this is the strong sweet minty cream that sits between the Chocolate coating and biscuit center. Just enough to give the Authentic illusion of a Club Mint bar that we loved to pack into our Lunch boxes

A very morish and refreshing take on Jacob's Club Mint.

I hope you all enjoy!


GOLD RUSH...McVities Gold bars, a crunchy biscuit center with a layer of crisped rice smothered in caramel flavoured Caramac coating.

I've been attempting to nail gold bars for the last year, I've gone through so many different concentrate combinations that I'd consigned the mix to unicorn status... Then I discovered OSDIYs Lucky Shot!

In the strictest terms, a Gold bar doesn’t have any chocolate in it at all, due to not actually containing any cocoa... which is handy considering all white chocolate concentrates taste of arse...

Give this one at least a weeks steep so the caramel & cream flavours have time to settle.

Mix © Betamax (Ella Robinson)

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