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A sweet fig marinated in a light pear water to bring out more of that sweet juiciness and then dipped in a creamy banana coconut cream dip.

Went through many renditions, but I'm finally happy enough to release this.

Devon Cream + Custard Premium bring this really rich, buttery, smooth vanilla cream notes, and tossing in VSO Cornmeal takes it to another level, essentially making it taste like cornbread. If you didn't know, that's exactly why cornbread tastes the way it does lol cornmeal. And VSOs offering is a spot-on option to do that without too much bready notes and not enough corn.

I fell in love with this red date and smoked plum combo it gives me this really nice semi-cooked fruit. Smoked plum is a lil too bright and red dates is syrupy and cooked down so the bridge of them together gives me what i was looking for.

Fa black fire brings in some of the actual smokey vibes that inw plum is lacking, and toasted marshmallow bends it back into the dessert without things getting to dry. If you're not a fan of black fire, you can omit it or adjust to your tastes. I enjoyed it at both .2 and .25.

FW Sucralose here, dont need that cap citric sweet in this. Helps keeps things sweet and moist and full.

Give this a solid 2 week steep. Or longer if you believe in that.

Much Love Homies

Just trying things and fighting the good fight! Give it a few days to level out!

LB Vanilla Ice Cream, TFA Vanilla Swirl, and SSA Ice Cream Vanilla fill out the ice cream base, while the CCW Devon Cream (optional) helps to add some extra creaminess. Then we have the mix of CAP Sweet Mango and WF Island Mango, a combo which I’ve been using recently, really like, and think works well! I’ve kept the Mango low overall as not to overpower the Ice Cream, but feel free to increase it to your liking if you so desire. Lastly, a bit of Polar Ice and SS are added. Adjust to your liking…or not 😃

Give it a try! Let me know if it sucks or if it’s awesome! This is the first recipe I’ve published here, so your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Old fashioned treat.
Love this strawberry combo works well with the rice pudding profile, sweet rice i found to be creamy on its own but wanted some vanilla pudding and creamier notes to really set it off.


Complex, nutty, creamy goodness. Transform you ADV from a Calipitter to a Butterfly

You can use whatever sweetener you prefer or leave it out completely, I like SS personally

Winner of Midweek Critique Season 2 March 11th -

-Wayne's Critique-
"So when I first saw this recipe, I was very skeptical. Utilizing “One-Shot” type ingredients like Legendary Custard didn’t breed confidence, nor did the odd use of “Calipitter Chow” from Mom and Pops (an ingredient I never even heard of before. But nonetheless, after vaping I was very surprised at the level of flavor, nuance, and intricacy that was displayed. So “Butterfly Effect” aims to replicate a Muddy Buddy Caramel Ice Cream dessert. And all those notes are present. The Calipitter Chow emulates Muddy Buddies pretty well and the note sticks with the whole vape. This is then followed by a rich and lingering caramel ice cream. Absolutely delicious, fun and unique. My only hangup is this light off-note that comes from the Calipitter. It’s like this odd coffee type note. It does however seem to steep out, and isn’t very distracting to begin with. Overall, you have to try this recipe"

Catch the critique of this recipe at 47 minutes into the show, I'll link below:

Just a plain simple short bread recipe,
Using wf and ssa shortbreads provides the main profile of the vape with the added fa cookie lifting the crisp/graininess of the shortbread. Devon cream and custard premium dial up the richness and add to the mouthfeel of the vape then sprinkle on some extra sugar and off you go.


This was an idea that I had for someone on the DIY Discord to clone/improve Strudelhaus by Milkman. Having never tried it, I thought this would be good regardless based on the description and I was fucking right.

WF Blueberry Jam and FW Blueberry for that good old commercial “let’s not try too hard” syrupy blueberry.

VT Croissant because that’s the flavor I wanted for the bakery and OOO Cornbread for a little more butter and body.

CC Devon Cream and WF Vanilla Cream Extra for a sweet and thick cream.

WF Crumble Topping for that sweet, sweet DAAP.

You’re Welcome.

So purchased FA CCT just to try really and wow, great flavour to build around. The other flavours here simply amplify the over all expirience. Butter, creamy and jammy.


Really rich, thick, smooth coconut cream.

I’ve been trying to make a coconut cream on and off for a while, but the results just didn’t match exactly what I had envisioned. This came out exactly how I’d hoped.

The MB Palm Coconut and FLV Sweet Coconut make a lovely combo. I love CC Devon Cream. I’ve found if you want to use it as a main cream note it’s got to be cranked up a bit.

I borrowed a couple of elements I really liked from Leche De Coco by hashslingingslashur. TFA CCGC adds to the richness of the cream and adds to the almost grated texture the Palm Coconut has. The FA Fresh Cream stops it being too dark.

It’s best after 7 days steep for the richness and thickness of the cream to develop and the coconut to really blend in.

Critiqued by Wayne! Needs a transformation so removed ingredients and tweaked flavour percentages.

Honeycomb Ice Cream w̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶b̶a̶c̶k̶ is back :D

The journey-

Removed the following as there was either no reason for them or were muting the recipe=
Coffee Milk Froth VT | Greek Yogurt FLV | Pound Cake FLV | Smoked Butterscotch FLV | Smooth Vanilla FLV |

This has now left me with the flavours that will create that Honeycomb Ice Cream i'm looking for.

Butterscotch Ripple FW (single flavour test @ 6%)- I get a light toffee, gooey, creamy flavour from this, perfect for the toffee/honeycomb in this recipe.
Hokey Pokey Ice Cream VT (SFT @ 3%)- Again very simliar to the Butterscotch Ripple. Creamy, slightly sweet toffee flavour.
Vanilla Ice Cream LB (SFT @ 7%)- Strong and flavourfull Vanilla cream, almost like i'm sipping a bowl of melted vanilla ice cream.
Honeycomb VT (SFT @ 3%)- I get a subtle Honeycomb. Not a blow your face off profile, will need to back up with another toffee or dark cream.
Cream FLV (SFT @ 2%)-A beautifully smooth slightly sweet creamy flavour.
Devon Cream VT (SFT 3%)- I think this will go well in a Honeycomb Vape. Its dark, creamy, and has a subtle Toffee note to it.

So i've now refined the recipe to 6 flavours plus Super Sweet.
Butterscotch ripple and Hokey Pokey both tasted fairly similar in my opinion, but they both have a unique taste so wanted to keep them both in the mix. Butterscotch Ripple in at 1.5% and Hokey Pokey at 3%.
I also included VT Devon Cream as it has a nice dark taste to it, which I feel goes well with the Toffee/ Honeycomb.
I lowered down the Honeycomb for 4% to 2.5% as I think I was over doing it 1st time round, leading to muting issues. 2.5% tastes like the perfect balance here.
Also kept the FLV cream, but this time increasing from 0.25% to 0.8% really helping soften and smooth out the various creams in the recipe.

This time round I get a lovely creamy and sweet vape. Flavour really shines, whereas before there was way to much going on and flavours were getting lost.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!!

Tested on an Entheon RDA with Fused Staple .20 @ 0.52Ω & Citadel RDA with Fused Staple .20 @ 0.37Ω both 45W

Flavor Notes