(CC) Clotted cream Fudge

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Tested on a profile 1.5 @ 90w.

A sweet fudge infused with maple syrup.

The fudge is made up of CCW Vanilla Fudge, a decent fudge that lacks a little on mouthfeel used at 4% here to give a beutiful low spice Vanilla with a little mouthfeel, layered with CCW Clotted Cream Fudge to add a little creaminess and help the mouthfeel out a little at 2% this also helps thicken the mouthfeel slightly, WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean @1.25% helps add the gooey sugary mouthfeel that is missing from the 2 CCW Fudges, adding a wonderful authenticity to the profile.

Finally WF Maple Syrup Candy at 2.25 adds the sweet authentic maple syrup taste into the fudge, the very slight candy aspect to this also serves to add a little mouthfeel to the fudge aspect.

This was sweet enough for me without any sweetener added however if you feel this isn't sweet enough for you feel free to add your sweetener of choice

Inspired by the description of a commercial juice.
A tasty blend of Skittles candy and silky cream
Tested on a profile 1.5 @ 0.13ohms at approx 100w

MB Skitta at 5% is good enough to stand out as the only Skittles type flavouring needed, pretty authentic on it's own, WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean @2% just gives the extra sweetness, mouthfeel and candy coating needed to recreate the iconic candies.

Bavarian cream from FW used here at 3.25% to give a delocious lightly stiff cream and to give some light caramel like notes in the bacground, clotted cream fudge from CCW at 1.75% thickens the overall mouthfeel up whilst further enhancing the 'chewiness' of the candies.

Finally TFA VC 2 used to give a thick almost pudding like mouthfeel to the cream layer and to pop up some of the vanillas.


This is what caramel bandit should have been. I havnt even steeped this yet really. Tried it on a shake and after i gave it a warm bath once it settled.

Milky caramel fudge is amazing in this paired with VT vanilla ice cream which has caramel notes to it works wonders for both.
This is a buttery caramel milk/shake that is enjoyable as a SNV and i can only imagine it gets better with a steep.

My take on a common profile, also my ADV.
A very rich vanilla custard.

Ok. I know this is a complex recipe. In fact, it's far more complex than I set out to make, but I am very pleased with the result.

I wanted to make a vape that tasted like I was inhaling the heaven-bound soul of a cookie that had lived a fantastic life, and I feel like this is pretty close.

Word of warning; avoid using sweeteners in this - it is sweet enough already, and the Cookie Butter, though amazing can gunk up your coils. Both together would probably make it even worse!

You can S&V with this, but I would give it a couple of weeks for it to be at its best.

Please mix, enjoy, and let me know what you think 😊.

Milk, milk, lemonade, round the corner fudge is made!

I love Chef's choice flavours, and so I thought I would use some of my favourite ones to make a fudge liquid.

Fudge in the UK is a soft, chewy sweet/candy made mainly with butter and sugar (I think 'fudge' may be different in other countries), a little like a very soft toffee.

For this recipe, I combined both CC Clotted Cream Fudge and Vanilla Fudge in order to provide the main flavour profile; the two go together to make a nice rich foreground, but lacked the creaminess I wanted in the recipe.

This was achieved by adding CC Devon Cream (which is probably my favourite concentrate) in combination with CC Cookie Dough Ice Cream. CC CDIC is another of my favourites as it is hugely versatile in recipes and adds a lovely creamy, sweet depth of flavour and mouthfeel without being overpowering (it is also very nice as a standalone).

To add more to the caramel tones without detracting from the subtlety and creaminess, I added WF Hazelnuts and Cream and VT Love, both of which give a richness and added flavour to round everything out. I finished off by adding some Ethyl Maltol to ensure that it was nice and sweet!

To give a bit of info about my steeping/testing: I made a 120ml batch in a glass beaker, standing in a warm water bath. The water is just from the hot tap (don't want it too warm) and is not intended as a speed steeper, but purely to reduce the viscosity of the VG/PG so that it mixes and homogenizes more easily.

I then mix very thoroughly with 2 milk frothers until the liquid is slightly milky/aerated and cover the beaker with a foam earphone cover and let it sit until it is clear again.

After this I bottle it, label & date the bottles and keep them at room temperature in a storage box, typically using 1 bottle per week until the flavour seems just right.

For this one, 2 weeks has been enough for the creams to have settled in and the liquid to have a lovely flavour. I imagine that a couple more weeks will improve it further, but I am vaping it right now and REALLY enjoying it!

Please mix and let me know what you think!

I have been fiddling with my nuts a lot recently and wanted to make some kind of cream as a result. I then had the idea that it would be great to do this on a cookie and share it with everyone!

So I present to you the fruits of my labour; a lovely, rich, warm and delicious recipe. Works as S&V, but improves over time, really seeming to develop a gorgeous richness after a week.

To give a bit of insight into the way I develop my recipes, I break the flavours down into layers and then try to find 'bridge' flavours which can join each layer together.

For example, I went with TPA hazelnut for the base 'nut' layer of the recipe, bridging to ice cream with both EJM hazelpotamus and WF hazelnuts and cream.

For ice cream, I used CC cookie dough ice cream, which bridges to the cookie layer provided by CAP sugar cookie. FW cookie butter rounds everything out and complements all of the layers with a lovely richness.

You could very easily tweak this or use subs; a vanilla cream/ice cream would increase the ice creaminess, or you could ramp up the nuttiness with some acetyl pyrazine. The only real essentials are hazelnut and sugar cookie.

I am considering swapping out hazelnuts and cream for some VT toffee ice cream, which would provide a caramel note.

Anyway, here it is! Please give it a mix and let me know what you think. Your feedback is hugely appreciated!

Lovely, creamy fudge. You can leave the coconut out if you want too. It's very subtle & just sits in the background.

Aiming for a salted caramel fudge bite. Something that could pair well with a good coffee or as an evening treat vape.


Rich creamy vanilla fudge, best after 14 days steep. Desolate seaside town picture postcard not included.

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