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(CAP) Yellow Cake

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

Used in 493 recipes at an average of 2.143%.


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All credit goes to the originator if this recipe ENYAWREKLAW. Check out his recipes on this site and on DIY or Die.

This is an alternate take on the massively popular Bronuts recipe with the Bavarian Cream. I decided to give Capella's yellow cake a try as I'm trying to avoid fructose, sugar syrup, and other things of that nature. My first batch was 1% yellow cake and it didn't seem strong enough. Bumped it up to 2% and it was much better. IMO, Capellas yellow cake needs a steep so give this one about 2 weeks. At first it tastes super artificial but mellows out long term.

Thanks once again to Wayne for providing this recipe.

Mallowmars are a treat that I have always loved, but just never got around to mixing before. I love them for the same reason I love marshmallow eggs at Easter. I am a marshmallow junkie. So, where do we start? I started with the cookie, because it is the foundation. The mallowmars cookie is pretty cakey, but not overly sweet. So that called for FA's Cookie, and Capella's Yellow cake. Just the right combination for a really cakey cookie. The next component to tackle is the marshmallow. This is the queen of the ball! No marshmallow would be quite enough, because the marshmallow in this cookie is Big. And fluffy. And Creamy. So I decided on a combo of FA Marshmallow and FA Catalan Cream. Catalan is the natural choice because it is rich and creamy, and has the feel of a marshmallow cream. Last but not least is the chocolate. FA Chocolate fit the bill, and at .5%, it comes in just strong enough to do what it is supposed to. Barely dress that marshmallow, because we can't send the queen out without a dress! This mix requires a 3 week steep, but at the end of the wait, you may just find yourself wishing you made a bigger batch!

A simple yet delicious vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing.

Strawberry icing initially with a cake-y finish- leaves a lingering sweetness in your mouth wanting more.


This is a lemon poundncake cooked to perfection and covered with powdered sugar. I had a pretty good lemon pound cake recipe already but I just got a few of these flavors and wanted to get to try them in a recipe so I whìpped this up and it works I think its pretty good.

Just a Trix covered donut.

Cereal 27 anad silly rabbit are our cereal base. Silly rabbit is a fantastic trix flavor but is missing grain. Cereal 27 corrects this and adds nice body.

Zeppola and yellow cake are our donut base. Yellow cake adds a nice spice and Zeppola is the base of our donut.

Lightly spiced and fried to perfection.

Lastly, CCI adds a bit of sugar and mouthfeel to the mix.

now this idea just came too my head without any ideas and it tastes just like the description says and its also very good


Pretty good for 3 ingredients. Smells fresh from the oven. Cap's YC is perfect here, and CCI and RC just work together perfectly. Warning: Causes sugar lips!

Where can we take this?

A fresh spiced cream with a sense of tobacco.

FA Soho: I adored this flavor and I’m so very glad it was added to the basket. Just the shove I needed to stop putting off looking into more tobacco flavors. Initially I really wanted to base the recipe around this, playing around with 7-10% to really make it noticeable, but overtime I found the pairings to be too delicate to strike through all that richness. Bringing it down to 4-5% made it a pleasant caramel presence but at these low percentages it needed some help to make it sing.

TFA Banana Cream: Also a crowd pleaser to those I supply liquid. The delicate realistic banana notes hidden behind a mound of cream were what I really wanted to push forward. Soho works its grips into the cream base, working along with bavarian to twist it into something of a spiced

TFA Bavarian Cream: I kept this low because of how delicate the banana was as well as the sheer amount of creaminess it already provided. It adds a bit of nice complexity to the earthy dessert that the Soho brings along.

FA Cookie: This was a special find. The relatively high acetyl pyrazine content helps the more realistic tobacco notes from the Soho come out early and really ride along with the length of the pull. The crispiness adds a nice contrast for the heavy cream to play against, and the relatively simple flavoring doesn’t come across much more than texturally.

CAP Yellow Cake: I put this in to add a little unctuousness to the mix. At 1% it asserts itself throughout, the moist cakiness blending with the creams and landing on the Cookie.

TFA Ripe Strawberry: A round one competitor makes an appearance. As much as I was conflicted about using this, just a touch helps add some more natural sweetness and it helps to coax the dainty banana out to the front a bit. The airy sweetness complements and lightens pretty much across the board.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 2

I've been looking for a really good gingerbread or a yorkshire parkin for a long time and anything i created or mixed came up short so i was at a car boot sale (yard sale for americans ? ) and a tramp (hobo) offered me a time machine for a hit on my xcube 2 ( i know too many brackets right ? apparently an xcube 2 looks like a crack pipe to an addict with a time machine ) Anyway ive been f'd over many times when it comes to time machines but i had a day's holiday the next day so i thought whatever .

I set the time machine to 1000 years in the future but it looked pretty grim (lots of brackets ) so 2000 years i wen......t to the land of the crab people , now i know what your gonna say " I fucking knew it !! crab people were gonna take over one day !! and yes they do rule the world 2000 years in the future and humans are extinct but you've got to admit we are massive knobheads (dickheads) so its no great surprise .. anyway lucky for me the crab people are big vape fiends and lovers of gingerbread(and brackets )
and with my four fingers and thumb i soon proved myself to be a valuable member of their society with their war against the lobster people and all ...

so they were good enough to give me theses notes

Capella Gingerbread - The best of all ginger flavours surely ? not perfect but undeniably gingerbread

FA - Metaphor - I really think this is stupidly underrated ! at low percentages it makes an amazing lemon icing and higher percentages airy cakes .

DFS - Holy Vanilla - Really is worth the hype , so creamy and tasty at any percentage .

Cap - Yellow Cake - Wasn't expecting much from this at all but it really is a cake changer for me , delicious doughy cake without black coils ....

Cap - Horchata - I ordered this randomly not knowing what it actually was but i knew i was gonna like it and even at this low percent and been totally out of place i really think it adds something to this recipe .

Crab people rule !!!!

I am not sure that this hits the cheesecake profile you might expect but this flavor combination seems to really work. I couldn't find a use for my real flavors peanut butter cup and this combination tastes great.

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