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(CAP) Yellow Cake

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

Used in 494 recipes at an average of 2.143%.


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rf deep fried sponge cake and cap yellow caked makes the flakey outside as a outer shell
inw shisha vanilla, cap vanilla whipped cream & la cream cheese icing makes the creamy middle of the twinke
tfa strawberry ripe & shisha strawberry pairs very good for the perfect strawberry cream that turns the inside a pinkish color
cap super sweet helps too sweeten up the strawberries and makes the bright and juicy


A delicious white cake with a thick layer of creamy vanilla icing, with a hint of cinnamon.
Sweet and tasty mix.

No need for sweetener, it is decadant as is.


I know it might seem like low amounts for the FLV flavors, however, when compared to the flavor of the CAP Yellow Cake, if they are much higher they would overpower the cake and there would be no perception of it whatsoever. I did try an exact version of this with 3% JF Yellow Cake (all the rest of the recipe exactly the same) however I did not feel that JF yellow cake quite hit the mark on replicating the aromas experienced when actually eating a piece of pineapple upside down cake. Cap yellow cake is a little more bland of a flavor which represents the actual cake part which is not the main aroma of the experience of eating the real food. In experiencing the real food the pineapple and the glaze is really the star of the show, the cake playing back up to that (pretty much just the vehicle to get the pineapple and glaze to your mouth) and the cherries dance just along the edge of perception adding a slight sweet twinge of their almondy, vanilla, cherry notes mingled in with the overwhelming pineapple.

In previous attempts I have tried using both butterscotch and caramel coupled with the liquid amber in order to create the glaze effect, but it wasn't until I got the INW Creme Brulee did I find the perfect match for that sweet glazed taste. The Creme Brulee is caramely just enough to add the baked effect, but also slightly creamy to not overwhelm the mix with too much caramel.

I used FLV Sweetness as it is the only sweetener I can vape. If you are partial to sucralose as a sweetener and want to have this recipe a bit sweeter, my suggestions on amounts of the different sweetener brands are as follows: 1.75% TFA Sweetener (for mildly sweetened) 3% (for significant sweetness.) - 1% FW Sweetener - or 0.75% CAP Super Sweet. I prefer the FLV Sweetness as it doesn't over sweeten the juice but provides just enough sweetness to mimic the glaze and cooked pineapple.

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photo credit: houseofthailand.com eat your upside down cake via photopin (license)


Watch the red planet turning into a blue heaven. Bakery and blueberry lovers delight.
A very rich and fluffy blueberry cake with a sweet almond marzipan layer, topped with cream cheese icing and meringue .

Building blocks:
(CAP) Amaretto (a little) to push the (FA) Marzipan and give the mix a delicious liquor'ish taste.

(FLV) Blueberry, (TPA) Blueberry Extra and (TPA) Elderberry are perfectly paired for a deep and more intense flavour. (FLV) Blueberry infuses in a very aromatic way the cake mix while the (TPA) Elderberry enhance the berry boost upwards.

(CAP) Yellow Cake is light, and fluffy got some vanilla to it and is less dense than its competitors which why it's sit perfectly in this recipe. (oh yes, can be subbed by JF Yellow Cake which is light as well but is a little buttery in comparison)

(FA) Meringue and (LA) Cream Cheese Icing provides the sweet topping and very noticeable in the exhale

A lot of aromas been used, they all play a role this recipe, in fact each vape on your tank/dripper gives you a new sensation.
first, close your eyes and enjoy this fantastic vape.
Inhale: rich blueberry and marzipan.
exhale: cake and toppings with that lovely amaretto breeze over more blueberries.

Needs 24 hour for the berries to settle but 5 days steep or more makes this a .... vape.

Attempt at a creamy fried funnel cake. Work in progress

This delectable recipe was inspired by wanting to create a nice delicious strawberry bundt cake loaded with cream cheese all over it.

The strawberries Fused together gives the recipe a subtle but nice light strawberry flavor while still allowing the other flavors to shine though in the recipe. The Vanilla Cupcake mixed with Cap yellow cake give it that great cake flavor and add a touch of FA cookie to give it more of that cake texture. Lorans cream cheese Icing combined with the Cap NY Cheescake are the stars of the show that give the cake a perfect balance of flavor to make it cheesy and add a nice tang to it. The butter adds to make the recipe just a little more moist to like you would expect from a good cake recipe. FLV cream adds a nice dairy note and some added sweetness to the recipe to make this a great all day vape.

Steep 3 days for great flavor a full 7 day to have all the flavors meld together to make this cake recipe into perfection.

Some donut type of flavor, just experimenting around with stuff.

This is my peach cobbler recipe. I was inspired by steam room vaping's not your grandma's peach recipe. I am trying to make my flavor notes easier and better and more to the point. This is just the peach cobbler you will have to add your favorite whipped cream base or ice cream base if you want that aspect. I just found this recipe tasted so damn good without adding any whipped cream or ice cream that I didn't add it into this recipe but it does taste amazing with a ice cream or whipped cream base added on top.

The peachy filling:
Juicy Peach by TFA = 2.5% White Peach by FA =1.5%
Cactus by INW =.25% Added to make the peach juicier and I strongly believe this flavor is necessary. it enhances this recipe so much and also makes it unlike an peach cobbler on the market.

The Cinnamon crumbly Goodness:
Cinnamon Crunch by FLV =2.5% Yellow Cake CAP =2%
Brown Sugar TFA =.50% Biscuit =.50%

I just felt this recipe needed to be posted just the way it is because me and my wife absolutely love this recipe I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. This recipe changes with a longer steep I am told whenever I make it for my house we end up killing a 120ml bottle by day 7 LOL. I AM LUCKY TO EVEN GET TO DAY 5. ENJOY!!!!!!!


This is my take on creating a blueberry glazed doughnut. As a shake and vape this felt like a lucky accident to me (being pretty new to mixing) but it tasted exactly like I had hoped for - a slightly greasy cake type blueberry doughnut with sweet glaze. After sucking down about 4ml of this pretty quickly though, I started to feel a little queasy so I let it sit for a few days. Going back to it every couple of days I noticed some changes... less blueberry one day, more egg another, still enjoyable to vape a half tank of, but after 19 days it was back to tasting just like I remember from the first day - minus the queasiness. Not an ADV type of flavor for me, but it hits that craving for donuts in the morning :)

Zeppola is the base of the doughnut, with just the right amount of greasy feel to percieve the powdered sugar as being a glaze
CAP Yellow Cake because this is a cake type doughnut, not the fluffy fried type of doughnut
Meringue to add a hint of egginess and to help accentuate the sweetness
Joy at low percentage for that barely there yeasty dough / glaze
Blueberry Extra / Wild - I just love this combo of blueberries


*Derived from Sugar Cookies and Cream by @chrisdvr1. *

In your face vanilla cookies laden with butter and biscuity goodness. Props to chrisdvr for the sugar cookie base. I find his sugar cookies and cream to be irresistible but I am a vanilla junkie thus spawned this recipe.

TPA Butter/JF BIscuit/CAP sugar cookie

more or less taken from the original recipe, I use JF biscuit because I can't stand INW's version. (if you like INW and have it, use it instead)

FW Hazelnut
I brought this guy over from the original recipe because its a magical ingredient that lends creaminess to the vanilla's and adds a subtle nuttiness.

INW Shisha Vanilla/DIYFS Holy Vanilla

My two favorite vanilla flavors. Shisha is more earthy, sweet, slightly creamy. Holy vanilla is more floral, still sweet, very creamy and a deeper vanilla. The combo here provides a mouthful of vanilla that endlessly caresses your palette and makes you ask politely for more. These two work so well in all types of applications but here they flex their bakery muscles. (there's no subbing either of these flavors, seriously)

CAP yellow cake

Here to bridge everything together, you don't get cakey-ness here but it smooths everything else out and compliments vanilla very well, pulls it all together. (sub JF yellow cake same %, maybe FW yellow cake at .5%)

shake and vape is great but give it 3 days for the vanilla and butter to settle in. hope y'all enjoy, will be posting many recipes with Holy Vanilla. If you enjoy vanilla please do yourself the favor and order Holy Vanilla, its too damn good.

Flavor Notes