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(CAP) Yellow Cake

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

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Simple strawberrry cake. I hope hit con this. Any review is appreciated.

this used too be one of my favorite donuts growing up as a kid and still a favorite too this day and its very tasty give it a mix and enjoy guys


omg guys I saw these at the store a couple of days ago so I picked a box up and I thought they were pretty good so I thought that I would try my hand at this yummy orange creamy pastry mix this up and tell me whatcha guys think thanks

this flavor right here would sure win over the hearts of every cupcake lover in the world. lol and the cupcake lovers out there would know what I'm talking bout. lol

it is like my pecan cake recipe but i raised the % of bakery and creams a little bit and added apricot and peach.a thick and sweet cake with fruity notes


Similar to my raspberry cheesecake recipe just taken a step further.

Strawberry ripe and sweet raspberry give that beautiful sweet raspberry flavor I can't seem to get enough of.

Biscuit and sugar cookie offer up a nice sweet crust for the cheesecake to sit on.

Ny cheesecake is here for obvious reasons and yellow cake just adds a nice cake fluff to it if you will

Almond and coconut candy. The two that look the most out of place in this recipe. It never would have crossed my mind but before even trying to construct this recipe I looked up an actual baking recipe. Almond extract and coconut where two ingredients. I thought why the hell not it sounds good. In the first few testing days the coconut was way too forward. I almost scrapped the recipe and wanted to make a V2 leaving it out. But I was patient and to my surprise after about 7-10 days it fades somewhere into the distance just leaving a nice subtle coconut cream with a little nutty help from the almond. It's hard to explain until you experience it for yourself.

I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I have been. Give this one a solid week or more for everything to fall into it's comfort zone

I could never find the right strawberry milk vape, so I made it. Super creamy, with the perfect blend of sweet and natural strawberries.

Sweeten to taste. Shake and vape certified.

this is another take on Wayne's take on his amazing pebble cream bronuts but its done in my own way and its actually pretty damn good guys mix it up and give it a shot


rf deep fried sponge cake and cap yellow caked makes the flakey outside as a outer shell
inw shisha vanilla, cap vanilla whipped cream & la cream cheese icing makes the creamy middle of the twinke
tfa strawberry ripe & shisha strawberry pairs very good for the perfect strawberry cream that turns the inside a pinkish color
cap super sweet helps too sweeten up the strawberries and makes the bright and juicy


A delicious white cake with a thick layer of creamy vanilla icing, with a hint of cinnamon.
Sweet and tasty mix.

No need for sweetener, it is decadant as is.

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