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(CAP) Whipped Marshmallow

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

Used in 390 recipes at an average of 1.753%.


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Flavor description from ELR

If you like gummy bears then you will love this because it tastes just like a gummy bear!! Its a snv with a very delightful fruity gummy bear inhale and candy flavor with no off notes at all. you wont be disappointed. It has a full mouth flavor and will keep you wanting more!

I added super sweet but that wasn’t part of jazzys recipe. Feel free to adjust or remove it if you’d like! It really doesn’t need it but I’m a sucker for sweetener.

The pumpkin element - HS Pumpkin Pie (4%) and FW Vanilla Butternut (2%) come together to create the canned pureed pumpkin (which is far superior to harvesting your own pumpkin). HS brings the pure, un-spiced flesh of the pumpkin, while FW Vanilla Butternut adds some sweet, gourd-like body with a touch of vanilla and maple (which brings to mind the natural caramelized sugars in the cooked gourds).

The spice element - Wanted this to be mellow and nuanced . . . not in your face pumpkin spice, so the pumpkin flavor could be the star only backed up by the spice. I went with CAP Cinnamon Sugar (1.5%) and TFA Pumpkin Spice (0.4%). This lays underneath the pumpkin just right, in my opinion.

The custard element - The obvious choice, INW Custard (2%), mixed with CC Devon Cream (1.5%), which brings a creamy/vanilla marriage to the custard base. It's nowhere near in your face vanilla custard . . . but paired with the pumpkin and spice, it adds a nice body of custard to fold the pureed pumpkin into. On a lark, I threw some CAP Whipped Marshmallow (2%) into the mix to, possibly, add some more body to the custard and help keep the spice element in check. Whether or not it did either of those things . . . I'm not sure. However, this is the 4th iteration of this recipe, and I was trying to use a few concentrates I hadn't tried in the recipe previously. I am happy with where it landed

The cookie element - I didn't want to use gingerbread, as I was not happy with what it did in previous mixes . . . it was too forward. I went with CAP Sugar Cookie (1.25%) and FLV Graham Cracker (1%). It is by no means a crunchy cookie crumble here. It is like a cookie that has been submerged in the custard and softened (like a vanilla wafer that's soaked in the vanilla-banana goodness and become a part of the lusciously thick custard). It adds some overall sweetness to the recipe, in my opinion.

Not being a huge fan of the pumpkin spice profile . . . I was inspired by Centerfold Vape Co's Bebe (a pumpkin cream dessert flavor) which I found to be extremely enjoyable. This is not a clone, per se, but simply inspired by how much I enjoyed the original flavor profile that I expected to be underwhelmed by.

I mixed it at 60vg/40pg and sat on it for a week before trying it. All in all, I'm pleased but am open to critiques and suggestions. Enjoy!

An Apple pie containing mostly Silverline Capella.

(Capella) Whipped Marshmallow: Gives mouth feel and body to the recipe.

(One On One) Apple Granny Smith: It adds sweetness and its the key ingredient in this vape, its very juicy.

(Capella) Cinnamon Sugar: adds spicy notes.

(Capella) Biscuit: gives the apple pie its crust.

(Capella) Butter Pecan: this is in the recipe to give a little hint of nuts on top.

To me this is sweet as it is, but you can always add a sweetner if you like.

Tested 12 November 2017

Right of the bat it taste like a spicy apple with hints of nuts, cant taste the pie part yet, but i believe it will come thro with steeping, i'll keep u guys updated.

I might need to tune the cinnamon down 2 drop in 10 ml was to much, might need only 2 drops in 30 ml. keep in mind cinnamon is always strong and can easily overpower a recipe.

What I wanted to make was an apple pie, but it seems like I made a apple spice.


So this was just a recipe I made to test three new ingredients to see how they worked in a mix. Overall I really enjoy this recipe it was ment to just be a test recipe but turned into a deliciously simple recipe. So from what I hear I may be a bit high on the juicy strawberry but I have been developing a muteness towards strawberry concentrates as of late so it tastes good to me where its at now but you might like it down around 2%. Just a good simple recipe. This recipe needs a 7 day steep for the whipped marshmallow and butter cream frosting to fully develop.


I wanted to create a simple recipe just using the Capella silverline flavours I’ve kept it simple to let these 3 shine.
This simple recipe is a crumbly biscuit with added texture and glue formed from using using whipped marshmallow then add some sugar cinnamon on top and you have a perfect baked biscuit.
Only additional flavour was some much needed sweetener.
Simple but creative I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

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