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This is a new version of my famous A&W root beer float with a few different flavors but mixed around the same way but I do get alil get more spice from flv root beer am I'm gonna steep it out for awhile to see how good it gets give it a mix and enjoy


A refreshing pink lemonade. After much trial and error, I finally have a juice that reminds me of "element pink lemonade" This juice is special to me because it was the juice that got me off cigarettes. If you don't like sweetner don't add it. This is based on a commercial juice, so I was tring to be true to the juice so lots of sweetener.

Blue Bird Crunch Cannoli was an idea I got when vaping fa pazzo lines joker. When I was sampling it as a single flavor I felt as though it had some redeeming qualities but definitely needed a little love to make it a little more interesting to my taste buds. The first thing that came to my mind was to use the topping for my blue bird remix as part of the cannoli filling. Well only the berry crunch by tfa at 2.5% and flavor West blueberry at 2.5%. personally I don't get any of the horrible off notes that some people get from berry crunch I actually like this ingredient but some get some horrible off notes from it. Now with the flavor art pazzo lines Joker I get more of the cannoli crust than I did a creamy sweet filling. So to boost that creamy sweetness and to help smooth out the blueberry and berry crunch combination I added 1% of vanilla cream by Inawera and 1% of whipped marshmallow by Capella. I didn't want to add any flavor art creams ect. Because I don't know what they used in there filling for the one shot joker?? And I didn't want to over do it with any of the flavor art creams so I used what I did. I have heard that inawera vanilla cream has been reformulated??? I am not sure if I have the reformulated version or the original because I purchased it within the last two months from Bull city flavors and I have no idea when they got there batch and further more I have no idea when it was reformulated. Lol. Then there's the whipped marshmallow in this recipe it's used for more of a whipped sweetness or almost a thick sugar if you will lol. Whatever I did i like it and I guess that's all that matters!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

Steep time: I was liking this on day two but I feel it needs 5 days to truly blend together fully.

Sweetener: I used .35% Flavorah sweetness but feel free to use it or use your preferred sweetener of choice at your preferred percentage..


This is based on a simple dessert recipe of basically consists of angel food cake cut into 1 inch squares and then stirred and layered in with cool whip and toffee chunks. Once its layered and stirred together you take it and smooth it out in a baking dish and then sprinkle toffee chunks on as stopping kind of and then stick the dish in the freezer for a couple hour. When your ready pull it out cut into squares and serve.

What I did and why I did it:
Overall this is a simple mix that is delicious in my opinion. The angel food cake was achieved using fw white cake. I feel that fw white cakeis an exact Angel food cake now it misses the profile for white cake because its obviously an angel food cake. Its kind of spooky how much it emulates an angel food cake in flavor and in texture. Now my toffee and cool whip layers get interesting. Ifeel like whipped marshmallow by capella gives me that cool whip type texture and even a slight vanilla creaminess with a little extra help in the cream department I feel whipped marshmallow becomes a perfect cool whip layer. For my extra help in the cream department I used a brand new purchase in the toffee ice cream by vape train. Toffee ice cream by vape train is a great really thick buttery cream
The ice part is a matter of suggestion and the toffee is very slight and I think it . could easily be masked with a little vanilla and creams to create a thick buttery ice cream but that's not what I am doing here. But I will be trying that next I almost think fruits could be added to toffee ice cream but again that's to be continued I just really
Like its thick buttery style of ice cream its what I look for in a ice cream Vape and I think this is a great way to get that buttery thick ice cream that I love. Back to my recipe the cream from toffee ice cream turns the whipped marshmallow all the way into cool whip and the slight toffee notes and butteriness help the toffee chunk layer. The last part to this delicious dessert is the buttered toffee chunks. I used Flavorah toffee at a low .50% that mixed with the toffee and the butteriness from the toffee ice cream creates a perfect buttered toffee layer.

Sweeten don't sweeten its totally your call??? This recipe is sweet without sweetener but I still used .25% Flavorah sweetness but feel free to use a sweetener of your choice.

Thick, creamy Strawberry Custard.

Reminiscent of Rosemilk, without the cheesecake aspect.

You can steep this as long as you like, it really holds its flavour and just becomes more decadent.

Peanut butter sugar cookie with oatey notes.

The peanut butters play well with the cookie butter which darkens and deepens that note into the cookie base made of the oatmeal cookie and sugar cookie. the A.P. adds some more texture and the whipped marshmallow lends sweetness and pillow to the overall mix.


The RF Coffee is the one I have been looking for. Not too authentic and not too fake. Flv pumps it up a bit and the Fresh Cream, Whipped Marshmallow, VCV! and VBIC round out the drink with cream vanilla goodness. The Sugar Cookie adds some body and depth and binds the coffee, cream and RY4 together. I have been trying to make a decent coffee vape for a few friends for awhile now and I think its pretty on point! Sweeten to taste.


Week - 9 The Year of Mixing Challenge

My Tribute Recipe to one of my favorite mixers, Fresh03. I know how much he loves lava cake, and cupcakes, and creamy custardy things, and this recipe hits all of that. I did not list sweetener in the recipe, but I would suggest 0.5% CAP Super Sweet, or 1% FW Sweetener, or 0.5% FLV Sweetness. Since there were a few options for sweetener I've left it up to the mixer to decide if they want to add it. IF you want to forego the sweetener this recipe works fine without it, but is a little bolder with the sweetener added.

If you don't have vape wizard you can skip it out of the recipe and everything will work fine without it. It is there to add just a touch more body to the recipe boosting the creams.

This recipe is just a simple chocolate cupcake with a whipped marshmallow cream filling and the powder sugar helps bring out a frosting type taste.

I suggest a 2 week steep, you could probably even go a full 4 weeks for the cupcake and creams to fully develop, but if you enjoy these flavors shake and vape, I say go for it. It was unoffensive as a shake and vape, but the flavors really come out better after a few weeks of steeping.


A tart and sugar coated watermelon gummy ring that we all know and love from our childhood. Enjoy as an adult in vape form!

well since rf blu raz taffy isn't on here yet I had too use rf blu raz and trying too use a couple different blueberries to bring out that candy in this recipe and I'm totally addicted to this juice right now

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