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(CAP) Vanilla Whipped Cream

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1829 recipes at an average of 1.891%.


165 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is a really simple and really tasty Watermelon and cream mix. Its perfect right off the shake, and great to vape in between some bakery flavors and other mixes. Its a perfect light melon mix. I hope you enjoy it like i did/do.

Almost all the apple pie recipes i have vaped were a huge dissapointment for me.so i decided to mix my own.i know that he trend these days is to deal with a small number of concentrates using higher percentages.i have these concentrates so i figured "why the hell not?"
If anyone decides to mix it i have to say that this is a full bakery taste pie with a light essence of apple.if someone wants more apple he hould raise the two apples inw up to 1.3% but not any higher than that.enjoy!

Vanilla Flavored Cupcake With Berries Jam.
It is good right after you mix it.
gets more cakey after 15 days

Enjoy a refreshing and comforting milkshake made with dairy fresh milk, ice cream, apples and a dash of honeycomb and topped with fresh whipped cream.

Building blocks:

LB Vanille ice Cream and VTA Fresh Milk are a match made in heaven and are the perfect base for a milkshake.

VTA Honeycomb is a real surprise, it does not taste like cat**** like most honey concentrates but it's creamy and soft and sweet and a perfect addition to the sweet mellow VTA Fuji Apple.

Topped with CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream and you got a lovely and comforting vape all day long.

Steep 5 days


just alil something different too have on the table during thanksgiving nice and creamy with alil hint of pumpkin pie in the background it will be good to enjoy with friends and family while laughing and joking also watching your favorite football teams in the morning and afternoon

Happy Thanksgiving everyone maybe next year we can all get along as a community


Master Matchi (Green Tea, Ice Cream, Pocky)
Inspired by: Exclusivegirl and ID10T
Matcha Green Tea infused Ice Cream with Pocky bits.
Reminds me a lot of Jazzy Boba.

An effort to approach american stars' easy rider profile. Definitely not a clone,it wasn't my intention to do that,but this is a recipe that can easily be an adv. Creamy smooth tobacco with a touch of chocolate and almond.Enjoy..

Sweet creamy version of Tiger's Blood,.

You can add 1% Polar Blast to give it a nice coolness if you like.


This is a recipe ive had for some time now. It was an attempt to use fa pandoro in a recipe where the lemon wouldnt be out of place.
A lemon frosted cream filled cupcake.
Cap lemon meringue pie was used as a supporting lemon. Because the lemon in pandoro gets a lil weird and bitter to me.
The 2 cupcake concs hardly scream cupcake by themselves but like most flavorings i try to use them for their good qualities. Cap is almost all frosting to me and tfa has alot of frosting but with some cake underneath. The cakes notes blend well with pandoro and what kind of maniac eats cupcakes without frosting?
Cap butter cream is used to help out the richness of the cake AND the cream filling.
Pur marsh and cap van whipped have been my first choices in any twinkie like recipe so no mystery that i would use them here to complete my cream filled lemon frosted cupcake.

Flavor Notes

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