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(CAP) Vanilla Whipped Cream

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 641 recipes at an average of 1.971%.


57 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

PiELOT Blu 70/30
Blueberry/Ice Cream/Pie
Stewart's Ice Cream makes a Blueberry Pie in the Sky ice cream. Here is my take on the only blueberry ice cream I like.
Steep: SnV: ok. 3 days: good. 1 week: best.
What is all this stuff doing?:
Fw Blueberry: this provides the blueberry flavor that would go into ice cream.
Cap&TfaVBIC: caps is a softer vanilla bean commonly used in ice cream. Tfa has a deeper vanilla note and also provides a minor custardy ingredient to bring life to the whole mix.

Sugar cookie/Graham clear/Meringue: this combination provides the pie "dough" balls found in the actual ice cream. In creating this and eating the actual ice cream, do not think "pie crust" or baked, warm crust. This isn't a Blueberry pie with a side of ice cream. Think cookie dough, like the little bits found in ice cream, but pie ingredients. To me sugar cookie and Graham clear do not taste like a prepared cooked version of the two. Example: Graham Cracker clear tastes like soft baked Graham Cracker or one that has not been baked yet.

Blueberry Muffin: here is the pilot of the whole mix. This to me is exactly like the blueberry flavor used to make the ice cream more artificial like gas station blueberries found in a muffin, but no actual muffin. The slight muffin taste you may get supports the pie while the very up front bright blueberry is the strand of berry ripping through the Sky of ice cream!

Ice cream/vienna Cream/sweet Cream: I didn't want a noticeably sharp "vanilla ice cream". I wanted more of a cold stone sweet cream ice cream and these do exactly that.

Marshmallow/Van. Whipped Cream: here is where the ripple effect is made. Marshmallow binds the blueberries to the vanilla whipped cream allowing it flow through the mix rather than give you a hard blueberry front and a ice cream/pie exhale. It's gotta swirl as ice cream was intended.

Cupcake Batter: some egg to give life to the meringue, Graham, and sugar cookie and also accent the three and a "gooey" effect to the blueberry strand and pie dough.

Madagascar/caramel: what ice cream doesn't contain some form or either of the two?

Cream: this has always been an interesting addition to any cream mix. It's cold whole milk cream and it provides a nice accent to all the creams being slapped together.

Super sweet: some sugar cause that's the way I like it and I'm not vaping to keep my coils pristine 24/7. Adjust to your liking.

Notes: I will say now, no you can not sub anything for anything or else it wouldn't be what it is as all things in mixing go. Sure it will come close, but not the same. You can however leave out some of .3s like cupcake batter and cream. I feel they are needed though to add that extra gooey effect you get in the middle if the vape.

Thank you for your time, support, and good vaping vibes.

Vape onward!
-Liquid Antlers

Ok, this is a recipe I enjoy and wanted to share but obviously all credits go to ExclusiveGirl.

You can find her notes below:

Her work in the kit kat portion is great so leaving the Green Tea out and 1.5% addition of Pistachio (TPA) did the trick.
I also think this profile would work with berries (strawberry) or nuts (hazelnut).
For inspiration:

Flavor/Development Notes from ExclusiveGirl:

White Chocolate (TFA/TPA) 4.5%:
What can I say about this. This is a very important flavor, I mean it's the main note in the real green tea kit kat. This is the base of the mix. It helps tie everything together in all of its white chocolate deliciousness. Yeah it’s not as creamy as I would like it to be, but it's a pretty damn accurate white chocolate. There is just the slightest hint of caramel when mixed for standalone or mixed with other creams that bring it out, but in this mix, you don't detect any caramel which is great. It has excellent mouth feel and really helps bring this mix into an ADV.

Vanilla Whipped Cream (CAP) 3%:
This flavor pulls double duty. Not only does it bring out the creaminess of the white chocolate, but it acts as the frosting between the wafers. It’s light and sweet and creamy.

Sugar Cookie (CAP) 1.5%:
This one actually does a bit of double duty too. Not only is it the wafer, but it also adds the extra sweetness needed for the frosting between the wafers. At a low %, it’s subtle, just like the actual wafer in the kit kat.

This is a great Tangerine flavor with the perfect amount of creaminess. The strawberry ripe really helps to bring the tangerine flavor to life making it flavor fully brighten up. The shisha shawberry adds a nice strawberry that gives a little more sweetness to the recipe. The vanilla whipped cream combined with the butter cream and Shisha Vanilla keep this recipe light and fluffy while not taking anything away from the powerful Tangerine flavor. Good as a SNV.

I've always loved the good ol staple strawberries and cream. Since I started mixing I've made probably 30 or more recipes in search of that perfect profile. Winding down on a Sunday night I decided to try and keep it simple and base the recipe off of what I know I like when actually eating strawberries and cream. A lot of people think ice cream has no place in an authentic cream recipe but I know I like ice cream and concentrates-wise I like the vanilla profile they bring. I went with LB's Vanilla Ice Cream because to me it's a softer vanilla. Not so spicy like TFA and CAP can be. I didn't want just a strawberry ice cream, I wanted a smooth, yet a little thicker, vanilla cream. I used FA Fresh cream for what it's best used for of course, to smooth things out and kind of mix the creams together, like adding a bit of milk to things. For a little depth and thickness to the cream I chose my favorite density creator- TFA Bavarian Cream. It's perfect here at 2 percent to thicken things up and not bring too much of its spice profile into the picture. CAP vanilla whipped cream for a little airy-ness and a touch more thickness. And we round the cream off with a touch of FW Hazelnut for its creamy properties. In my many chaotic mixing endeavors I have really come to love TFA Strawberry more than Ripe, and love combo-ing with CAP's sweet strawberry and sometimes INW Shisha Strawberry for a really sweet, bright, more artificial strawberry flavor. The combo I used here seems to work great for a commercial, sweet strawberry profile. I added the CAP super sweet because I normally like things quite sweet. I would suggest backing it down to .25% or not using it at all. At .5% here it makes things a little too sickly sweet for me.
Mix it up if ya feel like it. Yeah, I know, another strawberry cream recipe. It's been done dude! Yeah, it has, but this simple mix delivers my friends.
Actually quite decent as a S & V.

Strawberry Cheesecake is a really fun profile to me, it can be achieved in so many different ways with a different end result Yet you know what it should vaguely taste like so it's not a complete stab in the dark like trying to make something completely new, which is why i think it's a great practice profile. It was the first recipe i tried to make when i started mixing and one i like to come back to every now and then to challenge myself and see how much better i can make it then the last one based on my increased flavor stash and knowledge.

I am addicted to this recipe it's one of those recipes i find forces me to vape more frequently just to get that sweet goodness. Even though this is supposed to be a cheesecake the main notes i get from this are baked apple pie crust with a icing sugar glaze. I Think swapping out the strawberry for an apple of your choice or any filling for that matter would yield some great results. This recipe is quite intense in terms of flavor and those of you who prefer a more subdued flavor may find this a bit much and overly sweet.

Shake and vapes really well

This is a nice Peanutbutter Cheescake with the perfect amount of crunch. Great as a desert or an ADV. The custard gives it the perfect lemon zest you get from a Cheescake. The Carmel really just makes the Peanut butter really Pop and give off that great flavor.

Nice fluffy cake with a whipped butter cream icing layered with fresh cut strawberries.

Looking to create that perfect mix of caramels that is so rich most people wont want to vape it. Coil killer, sweet tooth, smile on my face, good stuff. Definitely a work in progress. Open to suggestions, but only from those of you that have a sweet tooth to rival that of my own. :)

After a few attempts to get this right, it has become extremely tasty after 1 week steep. A cakey, iced, cheesecake cupcake with whipped cream.

The base: used here with FW Yellow cake and cap vanilla cupcake V2 give the recipe that delicious cup cake flavor.

The Background: using LA Cream cheese icing and some TPA Sweetener help with the entire cupcake experience

The Accent using: TPA Cheesecake graham crust, CAP NY Cheesecake V2 along with TPA Sweet cream and CAP Vanilla whipped cream give that full cheesecake taste and feel.
Please leave any comments if you choose to mix my recipe.

(CAP)APPLE PIE- give it the apple pie body, but it lacks just a little something.
(FA) Fuji- helps fill in that little apple that the (CAP)APPLE PIE is missing, to make apple the top note.
(HS)French vanilla ice cream- gives it a really smooth ice cream note.
(FW) Hazelnut- It gives it just little cinnamon accent.
(CAP)Vanilla whipped cream- gives it a small cream note on the end.

From @Queuetue : I find boston rounds to be the very best bottles for mixing and temporary storage. I use them for my VG and PG as well as on the scale while I'm making a mix. With a top that's easy to fill, easy to cap and with minimal access to air, I keep a bunch on hand for unflavored base, or whatever project I may be up to for handy, quick access.

The tip is small enough to use with most top-fill RTAs or RDAs as well.

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