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(CAP) Vanilla Whipped Cream

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 2761 recipes at an average of 1.876%.


236 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

WF Peach pie and cream is supported by the peachy nectarine flavor of MB nectar peach.
The FA apple provides a light crust, the FLV apple filling and FA custard for some added moisture.
The Princess cake for a touch of fluffiness and rounded off with some vanilla cream.

A signature coffee and milk highlighted by flavor notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove to create an incredible vape that's a fall favorite.

Recipe for MV 9/16. Autumn leaves/fall type photo

Mixin Vixen entry 9/9. Banana smoothie with whipped cream and gingerbread.

This was a great creation by McDonald’s for summer 2018 but don’t feel flat knowing summer is over why not vape it instead all year round.

Notes to follow because I’m now leaving to go on holiday in Spain

Leave out ws23 if it’s not your thing but it’s a frappe and a frappe needs ice. Keep low but adjust accordingly however to high and it just doesn’t work with creams etc


This isn't your typical stovetop mango custard out of a box...it's actually your typical mango custard out of a box WITH a dab of whipped cream AND fresh mint on top. There may or may not also be a few slices of fresh mango as well. Sue me.

If you're still with me then its time for a few flavor notes:

Bavarian Cream(FW): One of my favorite creams to add to a custard. Supplies a nice thick mouthfeel without too many additional caramel and vanilla notes.

Custard(INW): If you want just a thick and creamy custard without a heavy dose of vanilla than this is the one you want.

Mango(SC): I can't get enough of this mango lately. It's so juicy and delicious I highly recommend picking it up if you don't already have it. It's basically canned mango nectar in vape form and its the flavor that needed to be in this recipe.

Mango(FLV): SC Mangos best buddy in this recipe. It really brightens up the mango flavor and almost makes one believe that this is a made from scratch mango custard 😉

Vanilla Custard(CAP): This flavoring is entirely optional. I happen to love it in this recipe but it is just as tasty although a bit lighter without it.

Vanilla Whipped Cream(CAP): This is that little dab of whipped cream on top. It's a great flavor but if you would like a viable sub that I believe makes the recipe better, FA Whipped Cream at 1.25% will do just fine. FANA has been screwing around a bit and their whipped cream with all of that tasty diacetyl is no longer widely available to most folks or else it would have been in the recipe instead of CAP VWC...

Natural Mint(INW): An amazing flavoring and the perfect mint leaf garnish for our mango custard. This flavoring is damn strong so even 0.15 would probably do just fine.

Sweetener is optional although it adds to the authenticity in this recipe.

Pretty good as a SnV or let this one steep for a couple of days if you want a bolder mango. Let it sit for a week or two for best overall results and maximum decadence.

I truly love this recipe and I hope some of you folks will too! Enjoy!


I stole the VBIC % from ID10-t's Swashbuckle Shake. I don't find CAP VBIC to be exactly like ice cream...but it's good. The marzipan really helps to connect the nuts with the creams, especially the almond. Whipped Cream adds some fluffy mouthfeel.

My first attempt at making e liquid. This is for the August challenge on DIY DOWN UNDER. I got the name from Willie wonkas character Violet, who turns blue from the blueberry. #diydownunderaugustchallenge


well I was sitting around watching vaping videos on youtube and one of the flavors that was talked bout was strawberries and whipped cream & I was like oh shit those two would pair up awesome so I figured I would put this one there for ya guys and this is what I thought of so mix this and tell me whatcha think ladies and gents

After 3 to 4 day steep this is a great strawberry marshmallow . After about 5-6 days it’s pretty close to strawberry fluff. I don’t know if you’ve ever had it? But I love it as a kid. I could eat it right out of the jar. This is a great tasteing recipe. Only draw back the OOO vanilla marshmallow will kill your coils. You have been warned. Lol.

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