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(CAP) Vanilla Custard

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: custard dessert vanilla

Used in 5958 recipes at an average of 2.983%.


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Wanted a nice strawberry custard with a different profile than I usually mix for myself. At first I used the nonna's at 2.5% which was a little to overpowering on the exhale where the anise/pizzelle cookie flavor was a little to much for me. Mind you I do not get the lemon flavor as some do with this flavor. I dropped it down to 2% where it balances itself better in the mix to give it the more subtle cake flavor with a hint of pizzelle cookie cake accents in the middle of the vape. The strawberry at first I went with inw @ 2% and tpa ripe strawberry at 1%. It gave it a strawberry jam effect which was pretty tasty. The strawberry faded after a few days so I gave it a lift with the rf strawberry sc to give it little more staying power. I am sure this recipe has been done a 1000 times. But I always enjoy a strawberry dessert. Enjoy


A relaxing vanilla tobacco vape with a light butterscotch note and woody bite. Vanilla-forward tobacco.


I've always been a sucker for a good NET and Stixx Mixx makes the best! I use SM Havana Prime here at 5%. TFA Red Oak is added to give it a nice woody kick and a hint of smokiness. FW Butterscotch Natural lends a nice contrast at its' position in the recipe. The butterscotch isn't meant to be in your face in this recipe--it's just there to complement the tobacco.

The vanilla/creamy part of this was formed with LA Cream Cheese Icing(which you can actually drop to 2% if it's too much for your liking), Vanilla Swirl, and a smidgen of CAP Vanilla Custard.

FW Hazelnut of course, provides dairy creaminess and a touch of nuttiness that this recipe needed.

Good as a SNV, but surely begins to pop the longer it will sit.

60/40 ratio recommended

A delicious white cake with a thick layer of creamy vanilla icing, with a hint of cinnamon.
Sweet and tasty mix.

No need for sweetener, it is decadant as is.

The second of my three Indian flavor profile inspired Ice Creams. A nice, creamy peanut butter ice cream, topped with marshmallow with hints of lavender. The anise is very subtle after a good steep, it plays well and accents the lavender quite well. The lemon I put in there to help the lavender drop the "green" note I was getting from it. The anise and lemon together seemed to just left a nice lavender aroma without the vegetation taste. The marshmallow comes out nice and thick on the exhale mixing with the lavender a little. Very pleasing flavor.

Please let this sit at least 5 days. This is NOT a shake and vape. The anise is WAY to overpowering until it mellows out, it will be all you taste. After a week you can see where the flavors are going and it is a nice vape experience, which is why I put the 7 day steep time. Personally, I'm a long steep time person and very much enjoyed it at about 1 month. It didn't seem to change much after that.

I love Cookies and I love Coconut, I want something sweet and coconutty but not a macaroon. Buttery gewey delicious. Hoping this is it....lol...this is my first take on it lets see what happens. I have never worked with Coconut, Buttercream or Brown Sugar before, so this is an adventure for sure. I would love any advice or comments anyone has...thanks so much. Love to all...Kitten

I mixed a 30ml batch and tried it, it was good but the coconut tasted too much like tanning oil, then I let it sit for a week and tried again....HUGE difference, it tasted like a cookie with coconut. Tried again after ten days and it had been totally transformed...it is what I was looking for, a buttery sweet coconutty cookie but not a macaroon...I will continue to mix and vape it.....SMILES : )

5 members of the Simpson's family. 5 ingredients in sequential percentages.

5% SA Doughnut AKA Beignet - must have for any donut lover. see dazcoles notes on this flavor and why to use it as I don’t need to add any further to his existing notes on it.

4% FA WoW - I don’t know why this one went under the radar. It is likely because of how vague FA likes to be with some of their flavor names and profiles. At low percentages it is a lighter version of Joy IMO and from what I have been able to find it is supposed to be a jelly donut flavor with there being some debate as to whether its a strawberry or raspberry jelly note. At higher percentages the jelly note starts to emerge and I can’t quite put my finger on the exact fruit note other than a med-dark berry.

3% FA Zeppola - by now we have all heard of this one. If you can’t get a hold of SA Doughnut this has got to be IMO the next best doughnut concentrate. I’d say

3% would be the minimum concentration to use this flavor at. Nice fried dough taste with a hint of cinnamon and powdered sugar.

2% CAP Vanilla Custard - a low percentage of CAP vanilla custard helps to add to the mouthfeel of this recipe and thicken it up. Also used as such a low percentage and also because I’m not using it to have it’s flavor prominent really helps make this recipe more suitable as a shake and vape but really 3-5 days should be this recipe’s sweet spot.

1% FA Forrest Fruit - the 1 part of this recipe I really struggled with. did I want something to sweeten it? Something unexpected to make it less linear? Something to add a frosted or maybe a cream topping? Perhaps a coconut or powdered sugar dusting? I was really torn on that so knowing that the doughnut aspect of this recipe was where I wanted it to be what aspect of the existing ingredients did I want to have more presence. What would make it more enjoyable for my tastes? I finally arrived at FA Forrest Fruit. As all I knew about the fruit note in FA WoW was that it was some sort of dark berry I wanted to bring that note forward. INW black currant was considered as well but the amalgamation of various dark berries in FA Forrest Fruit made it my logical choice.

If you want powdered sugar note go with 1% OoO powdered sugar.

If you want a more jellied type fruit note go with 1% INW Shisha Strawberry.

If you want a coconut dusting go with 1% TPA Coconut Candy.

If you want a maple glazed note 1% FA Maple syrup does nicely. Lastly if you want a nice glaze note and even more depth added to the doughnut 1% FLV Milk and Honey makes a nice substitution.

No treat is more beautiful than an strawberry dipped into a bath of rich white chocolate. Strawberry White Chocolate e-juice is the next biggest thing!

Key Lime Cream with light graham cracker, heavy on the cream. Named for Key Largo, one of the Florida Keys.

All American Pie...What can I say,.it's fucking delicious! I used my Cobble Stone recipe as a guide and took out the peaches and replaced with FA Apple Fuji and TPA Apple pie and tweaked it a bit and voila....it's just fantastic! I'm not a big fan of cinnamon, so there is none in this recipe. I find that adding cinnamon Danish or something similar turns it into a apple cinnamon Danish, and that's not what I was going for.
The TPA meringue and CAP Vanilla Custard turns this into not just and apple pie, but a apple pie a la mode. The TPA lemon/lime adds a brightness to the recipe as well.
Please comment, mix, and or rate, it makes us all better mixers. Enjoy :)

RY4 with a hint of cinnamon and a note of strawberry.
Definitely a work in progress, 4 days in to steeping process. This is my new favorite strawberries and cream vape. RY4 is the main flavor profile but it definitely doesn't muddle the strawberry.
Will continue to update description as it steeps, and the recipe after tweaking.

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Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 3.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 10 / 100

Nice and creamy dairy, moderately eggy, very buttery without being greasy with a smooth Rich vanilla, and in my opinion the perfect level of sweetness.

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