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(CAP) Vanilla Custard

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 16668 recipes at an average of 3.062%.


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Erdbeercreme ist eine der beliebtesten Mischungen für Liquids, hier ist mein Rezept dazu

Mein Versuch am beliebten Muffin Man.
Apfelplunder mit Vanille-Schlagsahne

Die beliebte Einhorn Milch jetzt mit Blaubeeren neu interpretiert!

Famous Unicorn Milk remixed with blueberry instead!

Knuspriger cracker mit voller, cremiger Erdnussbutter!

TPA Peanut Butter profitiert von so viel Reifezeit wie ihr ihm gebt!

Mindest Reifezeit 4 Wochen!

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Crunchy Cracker with nice creamy peanut butter!

The TPA Peanut Butter profits off as much steep as you give him! gets better even after 6 months!

Minimum Steep 4 weeks!!!!!

Mein Rezept zum beliebten Unicorn Milk Liquid

My take on the famous Unicorn Milk

made live on fresh03 pokemix show..raspberry blueberry custard...will update any changes after the steep

Some inspiration for this recipe is from Maintenance Man by a Phoenix on ELR.

Profile: Butterscotch cookie tobacco.

Note: TBV Butterscotch is used in my mix, not FW Butterscotch, DFS Holy Holy Grail RY4 is v1

I wanted to make a nice cookie tobacco for the morning with my coffee. Came up with this simple recipe. - This i my version 2 I enjoy a ton right now. Changes: The reduction of the butterscotch, sugar cookie, and vanilla custard plus the addition of cinnamon danish swirl, a the bit more holy holy grail and a bit of EM helps tie everything very well together. (Only room for improvement I'm seeing is fine tuning the butterscotch a bit more down)

Has a butterscotch cookie on the inhale with the tobacco coming out on the exhale.

I hope all enjoy, and if anyone has ideas for improvement feel free to send me a message!

Blue raspberry suger coated strawberries and a crunchy tart.. substitute TPA cheesecake Graham crust for purilum.

All credit goes to ID-10-T for his simple sugar cookie banger. It was a really tough recipe to balanace #roughlife with my staggering 1 ingredient added. You can do anything with this like you could with daves version. The vanilla buttercream frosting fixes the only problem with cap vcv1 I have, its sweetness. Looking forward to using this in a couple different recipes as a base. Couldnt find a picture of custard and a frosted sugar cookie. Anytime I use cap vcv1 higher than 3% I get weird off notes until after 14 days steep.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 3.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 10 / 100

Nice and creamy dairy, moderately eggy, very buttery without being greasy with a smooth Rich vanilla, and in my opinion the perfect level of sweetness.

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