(CAP) Vanilla Custard

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first attempt to clone bound by the crown from Kings crown line

Flavorful and competitive with shelf juice. Raise Super Sweet to 1% for a nice steep. 2% ripe and 4% sweet strawberry another small tweak to try.

Love berries? Me too. Can't resist vanilla? Me neither! Very Berry Vanilla Cake... Yum!

Easy and smooth, vanilla over vanilla with a touch of creamy goodness.

I think Wayne may have given away the rose milk recipe 4 years ago

I would have too say after all the strawberry 🍓 banana 🍌 yogurts I've been searching for this is by far the best I've made too date try it out guys

this is my original vanilla Kustard killzzz with all the DAPP filled yummy ness you want Like I said in a previous one you can use vanilla custard V2 and then use french vanilla V1 or the other way around it’s really up to you guys 😉. Please enjoy and again these recipes are inspired by killer Kustard by Vapetasia which is my favorite brand of the liquid for custard so far and these are pretty spot on although I do not want to call them clones because they are my own Development.

inspired by VapeTasia’s Killer Kustard strawberry i would say it taste pretty damn similar . But that’s kinda what i was going for but i’m not going to name this as a clone . But if you do you like their strawberry kustard I would highly recommend mixing this up I would give it about a month steep for its best potential but surprisingly it is a good shaking VAPE. If you do not have flavor west cotton candy you can use any other cotton candy by any other vendor because most of them are just EM which sweetens custard so you do not need sweetener . Now I prefer flavor West Cotton Candy/EM because I do believe it has a slight edge of flavor in it compared to other EM’s But if you don’t have it just sub it And I’m sure you can sub the strawberry for any strawberry you would like depending on what strawberry use I would use anywhere from 4% to 6% but with this particular strawberry I am using I would stick with 4% and I’m sure you can sub the strawberry for any strawberry you would like depending on what strawberry use I would use anywhere from 4% to 6% but with this particular strawberry I am using I would stick with 4%. I was trying to go to the a cappella route which I did successfully other than the EM/cotton candy by flavor west. for all you who love my recipes sorry I haven’t been posting lately I’ve been really busy but I’m back on the mixing spot and if we need to know anything or would like any advice just hit my inbox on here or if you know my Facebook You can reach me there


Got a request for a banana custard so here it is. Best way I can describe it is if you took the cream out of TPA Banana Cream and replaced it with a heavy custard.

This is a mashup between two different mixes of the same profile idea. @lediybr and @madmixer came together to create this delicious, decadent beauty!

FA Apple Pie, WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough
Thick, fried, and dense dough.

JF Yellow Cake, CAP Vanilla Custard v1
The inside part of the dough, the yellow cake brings the fluffiness into play while the VC v1 contributes with the wetness making it feel creamy inside.

FLV Butterscotch, FW Butterscotch Ripple
This is the filling, we chose both of these butterscotch flavors because they complement each other. FLV on the top not while FW on the base, bringing in that stickiness that we love so much!

CAP Cinnamon Sugar, FW Sweetener
The typical mixture of cinnamon powder and sugar where we roll that fried goodie right after coming out of the oil. FW Sweetener brings that sugary, lingering after taste just like when you bite into a churro or our own Brazilian version of a donut, called "Sonho" which translates to "dream".

Mix this up and let us know what you think by commenting! You can follow us on Instagram - lediybr & madmixer.diy

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 3.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 10 / 100

Nice and creamy dairy, moderately eggy, very buttery without being greasy with a smooth Rich vanilla, and in my opinion the perfect level of sweetness.

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