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Just a moment. Five measures of Vanilla Custard, one and half measures of French Vanilla II, three measures of Lemon Lime. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?

Shaken not stirred is a refreshing custard with lime. That’s not the in the middle of your face custard but one with the right finesse as well as a good presence.

For the custard I wanted a bright not eggy but dense custard base. CAP Vanilla Custard and TPA French Vanilla II form this base which is hold together nicely with the Ethyl Maltol. The hint of the Ethyl Vanillin gives it just the extra edge to provide some additional subtlety.

The CAP Lemon Lime brings the Lime and extra sweetness to the mix. At 3% it could not fully stand the custard, so it needed a little help from CAP Super Sweet instead of bringing the percentage up. Additional Key Lime did not help holding the French Vanilla II under control which did initially not work to well together with the Lemon Lime. After many variations I tried TPA Key Lime Pie and it helped to close the gap from to the Lemon Lime and it hold the French Vanilla in place where it should stay. Also here a little goes a long way.

I am a long steeper when it comes to my mixes and personally do double the steeping time I recommend, so sometimes you have to give the mix some extra time since this is not an exact science.


Creamy Custard with slight eggy note smooth. add .5-1% marshmallow for Mallow Man like vibes.

Hello everyone.

My name is Rafael and I am from Portugal. I smoked two packs a day for six years and I have been vaping for almost seven years now, three of them mixing my own liquid and buying mixed liquid only now and then. I consider my vaping journey to be quite long. I have vaped on CE2, CE4, Genesis, tanks, rta's, rda's, pods, low end, high end, you name it... I have accompanied the industry almost from the beginning once it has become a massive industry.

A while back I was looking to my shelved gear and liquid and I noticed how "off track" I was. I had forgotten the reason why I started to vape and, to be honest, I think most of us experienced vapers have. Vaping has made a lot of enthusiasts, either for the gear or the mixing, but we all started for one thing. To stop smoking. From super expensive gear to extremely sweet juice, the market is over-satured.

A while ago, DIYorDIE has interviewed Tom Klark (https://youtu.be/IS8Twv5ODk0) and if you are into mixing, I highly advise you to watch it. Tom Klark's point of view about the industry and mixing made me realize even more how off track I was. With this feeling and strongly inspired on Klark's work, I have decided to create my own DIY line, SLIM. A DIY line bringing me back to the roots, when there were no super saturated liquids but yet incredibly satisfying, satisfying enough to make me stop smoking two packs a day at a time I thought I would never stop smoking. SLIM was not only a challenge but also a goal. Having 1% total flavoring target with no added sweetener on the recipes and still achieve a balanced and saturated flavor.

SLIM is a line of DIY liquids with the core idea of being starter liquids. With all recipes with 1% total flavoring, SLIM promises to deliver you an authentic and genuine cig-alike/shisha experience. All SLIM recipes have been designed to be vaped on MTL devices. SLIM recipes are simple and shake and vape ready, allowing you to quickly get your fix and/or quickly mix it for a friendly smoker in need.

SLIM is a different point of view from the current state of the industry but looking to please every ex or current smoker.

Important note: Since all the total flavouring percentage is 1%, VG and PG play an important role on the mix. All recipes were created with Chemnovatic's VG-0 and PG-0, topped with our dear NicShots (18mg/ml) also from Chemnovatic.

SLIM Brown is a rich sweet tobacco mix with a soft hint of vanilla. SLIM Brown is best fit for someone who smokes/smoked cigarillos.

A rich,sweet medley of cooked berries incased in a buttery crumble tart. This recipe benefits from a few days steep (3-5) days. I’ve personally Vaped it off the shake and it’s good to go but definitely gets better and smoother after a few days. If you mix this or any of my other recipes please be so kind to leave a short review and rating for others to see. Take care guys and stay safe. 😷💙

Really tasty thick strawberry milkshake with a rose milk like taste

Just a Vanilla Custard Cream.
This mix is a fun mix of mine.

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Tested @ SXK Skyfall RDA Tri-core Fused Clapton (3*28/40) 0.35Ohm @45 Watt

Took me over a year to create a Strawberrymix I love.
Could drink it!

Strawberry: Red Touch provides the base, S-Ripe all the good topnotes you need to stand against the cream.
INW is optional or replaceable by +1% Red Touch, it just sweetens and moists the strawberry.
-> The Combo FA/TPA/INW is a proofed combo for versatile mixing.

Caramel: FA brings the very dark caramel, Vanilla Custard brightens it up and turns it into a sauce.
Cream: FLV Cream...nuff said, the Custard helps here, too

Sweet Strawberry / Caramel inhale and creamy / gooey exhale.

a recipe based on what I thought might be nice really, I set out to make blueberry waffles but thought a little bit of this and a touch of that with drop of dappy goodness turned out really nice in my humble opinion.

The blueberry juicy ripe FA is the star of the show its dark and decadent tones setting up nice with blueberry FW.

This was my solution to solve two dissapointing single flavors:

Boston cream pie on its own was rather horrid. Very strong alcohol tinge. Not sure if V1 was better or it needs to be air steeped a lot, or it just sucks on its own.
I also found sugar cookie to be dissapointing on its own.

VC and caramel was very nice, so i combined all three and got this. The result is what I imagine boston cream pie should've tasted like. I enjoy it as is but can see it being nice with some added chocolate or cake batter. I'd also like to try it with more BCP because I think the flavour would be nice if it wasn't so alcoholy.

Very nice and self-explanatory. Steep this one with the lid off for the final day otherwise it's got a strong alcohol tinge.

This is my first version of this. I had vanilla custard in the coil before using this so, a 5/5/4 ratio might be more accurate for the flavour I was getting. I'd like it a bit stronger tbh so would recommend an extra 1% of each flavor if you want something with a thicker taste.

I steeped for 7 days but I reckon it'll work at less than that. Needs aired out though to get rid of alcohol taste. Maybe try a day or two with the lid off and it should be good to go.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 3.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 10 / 100

Nice and creamy dairy, moderately eggy, very buttery without being greasy with a smooth Rich vanilla, and in my opinion the perfect level of sweetness.

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