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(CAP) Vanilla Cupcake V2

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Ok so i’m using carrot cake as the main flavor here at 4 % because at this % it’s not too overwhelming or to underwhelming . It’s just right at 4% . I then used Cream cheese icing for the center of the oreo at 1% is just perfect . We’re using Jungle Flavors Cookie at 2% and Cap sugar cookie at 2% to give it some Oreo cookie texture and also the sugar cookie is helping out the deep fried part of the recipe. we are then using WF Deep fried pastry dough-SC for a obvious reason at 1% gives it a deep fried taste and feel . Then i threw some OOO corn bread on that bitch to give it some more “cakey” texture for the deep fried part again . And also some CAP vanilla cupcake V2 to give it more fried cake ishness , Thsi flavor also adds some frosting to the mix because who doesn’t want to dip there deep fried carrot cake oreo in some cream cheese frosting ??? . And Last BUT not least you can go ahead and throw some super sweet in there if you would like at 0.5 to 1 % i would suggest not going over 1% . For ME 0.5 is perfect . This mix dose not necessarily need sweetener at all but it definitely brings the mix out more . As a shake and vape it’s good but after like 5 - 10 minutes of sitting the mix comes to life but i am sure after a few weeks steep time the cookie parts texture will shine like no tomorrow . So have fun with this one and mix it up and give it a 5 star rating if you like it . witch i’m positive you all will . especially if you all liked developeds “Deep fried birthday cake “ . That’s actually where i got the inspiration for the Deep fried part . At first i was just going to make a Carrot Cake oreo . But i figured that was kind of boring . So shout out to the developed team for coming up with such a good deep fried base with there Deep fried birthday cake recipe deep fried birthday cake recipe . It’s also an amazing vape so go check that out too on Alltheflavors there screen name is obviously Developed . Much LOVE and keep mixing . Always say FUCK a FLAVOR ban . And remember to say Fuck You to your politicians that believe in banning out life saving products . Pec out vape fam and stay tuned for more mixes to come and feel free to message me on here if you have any questions or need any kind of help that has to do with mixing specially if you’re a beginner.


This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: NaChef, Max Savage, Graham, and Folkart.
This is our version of a Deep Fried Birthday Cake. Americans deep fry everything, so why not celebrate your special day, the American way, and deep fry that shit! Full Development Notes at https://youtu.be/yq37rUg4sds
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Pistachio Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing!

No substitutions recommended.

Steep anywhere from 2-10 days. I vape it fresh personally and find it best after the 5 day mark.

75% VG recommended.


#E-JuiceMakers Oneshots!

This recipe was shared in good faith. Please do not use this for commercial gain. Thank you & enjoy!!

ok,i know.not reinventing the wheel here,but i haven't seen any recipes in this profile that contain fw's cakes.my intention was to create a white cream lemon cake and i think it is really good considering that.if anyone wonders how close it is on the famous lemon recipe,i think it is pretty close(as long as i remember,because i have not bought any of it for like 6 months).this recipe is a little more on the bakery side and less on the lemon side.
i hope you mix it and enjoy it!

Crème Jeans....So good, it'll make you crème your jeans!
I was going after a cookie dough base though I didn't have a cookie dough flavoring. So I used INW biscuit, Cap vanilla cupcakeV2, and CAP vanilla custard to simulate the cookie dough. I think it's pretty close. I also wanted to add a side note. Instead of using chocolate for a chocolate chip cookie dough, I used banana and banana cream. I think it's a well balanced pairing, although unusual, with a cookie dough taste. Banana is not over-powering and that's the way I like it, hope you do as well :)
Shake and Vape


This is an attempt to clone a recipe that a local vape shop mixes called "Creamy Bakers Delight". Their mix has a toasted marshmallow note with a creamy vanilla cupcake-like note. It's very good but too expensive $20/30ml. So since I'm a cheap ass, this is my version. I hope it's just as good....or maybe better :). Enjoy


After a few attempts to get this right, it has become extremely tasty after 1 week steep. A cakey, iced, cheesecake cupcake with whipped cream.

The base: used here with FW Yellow cake and cap vanilla cupcake V2 give the recipe that delicious cup cake flavor.

The Background: using LA Cream cheese icing and some TPA Sweetener help with the entire cupcake experience

The Accent using: TPA Cheesecake graham crust, CAP NY Cheesecake V2 along with TPA Sweet cream and CAP Vanilla whipped cream give that full cheesecake taste and feel.
Please leave any comments if you choose to mix my recipe.

Cinnamon bun with icing. A simple cinnamon bun recipe but with an explosion of sweet vanilla icing.
TPA Cinnamon Danish as the base. Mostly for the cinnamon
INW Biscuit to add a pastry texture
CAP Vanilla Cupcake V2 for the icing note and texture
CAP Sweet Cream to bolster the icing note
TPA Sweetener for that extra bit of sweetness
I didn't add a nut flavor because I prefer it without that nut flavor or texture, just my preference
Steeping is best after 3 days but can be a shake n vape
Max VG

Profile: A thick, sweet and creamy Vanilla Custard that produces dense flavorful clouds. This is my take on Vapetasia's Killer Kustard.

The body: The TPA Vanilla Custard and CAP Vanilla Custard v2 are the dominant flavors here with a little added TPA Vanilla Swirl to really maximize Vanilla. The TFA Bavarian Cream was added to simulate the dense creamy mouth feel of a true Custard.

Supporting flavors: The combination of CAP New York Cheese Cake v2, CAP Vanilla Cupcake v2 and TFA Sweetener add a layer that resembles a cake batter in taste and texture. It is noticeable on the inhale but much more present on the exhale.

Steep time: This mix doesn't really come to life until at least 1 week. The Vanilla will be quite strong until then. The depth of flavor and mouth feel need a full months steep to really develop and it continues to improve for a few more months. (If you can wait that long)


I was at work one day and was offered a Butterscotch Krimpet from Tastykake from one of my coworkers and I hadn't had one of these in forever. I forgot how much I loved this treat and started thinking about how to get this in vape form and thus Great Scotch! was born. My first recipe didn't go so well, being too dry and the icing just wasn't working so shoutouts to @rageisalotofwork and @mlNikon from the DIY Discord for helping me figure out to use CAP Butter Cream and FA Cream Fresh at 1.5% both to help combat the dryness I was dealing with in my first version and help the frosting pop. Shoutouts as well to @Vurve who helped me work on the Butterscotch flavoring as I was having trouble near the end of this recipe getting the Butterscotch where I liked it.

JF Yellow Cake: What cake recipe can't start with a good cake base? JF Yellow Cake at 3% gives me the cake base I need to make this treat work.

Flavorah Butterscotch/Flavor West Butterscotch: It is a butterscotch krimpet so I needed a good butterscotch flavoring. Having read some of the flavor notes from DIY or DIE I settled on Flavorah's Butterscotch to give the frosting that butterscotch taste. It sits nice in the recipe at 1% but it isn't enough to fully complete the Butterscotch taste I want so we also add in some of Flavor West Butterscotch at 1% as well. Vurve really helped me out here with this recommendation as I was struggling to figure out which Butterscotch would help give me the taste I was looking for. These two Butterscotch flavorings give a nice Butterscotch flavor to the cake that you notice right after you taste the cake.

Capella's Vanilla Cupcake v2: I decided to use Capella's Vanilla Cupcake v2 to supplement the cake base as well as a base for the frosting. I originally used v1 but it was much more of the bottom of a cupcake as opposed to the top where the frosting is at. v2 helps as it still has a bit of that cupcake flavor but the frosting aspect is much more present in v2 than in v1 to me. At 2% it does what I need it to do and it brings the cake and frosting together.

Flavor Art Caramel: This is specifically to boost the butterscotch a little bit more and to bind everything together just a bit more. I only use it 0.5% to not get in the way of the other flavorings but to help tie things together.

Capella Butter Cream and Flavor Art Cream Fresh: Originally I was going to use Capella Vanilla Cupcake as the sole flavoring for the frosting but I encountered a problem with dryness and a bit of flavor lacking in the frosting. Thankfully Rage and mlNikon recommended these two together at 1.5% each and it has helped a ton. Now the recipe is much more moist and the frosting pops more.

Like my usual mixes, I mixed this at 80%VG and 20%PG. It's not bad as a S&V but it really benefits a ton from at least a week steep.

Flavor Notes

By: Rageisalotofwork Score: 75 / 100 Solo: 9.5% Mix: 4.0% Steep: 7 days Difficulty: 20 / 100

light vanilla cupcake topping

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