(CAP) Vanilla Cupcake

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Looking for a nice Vanilla Cupcake. This one is shake and vape friendly.



Vanilla delicius, this is a very great and sweet... Misture...

These mango coconut cupcakes are a wonderful summer treat that anyone will love. The cream cheese frosting matches the cupcakes well.


This Blueberry Lemon Cake is loaded, has sweet pops of juicy blueberry and fresh lemon flavor. It’s not too sweet and not too tangy, but just right.

Just me playing around trying to make a decent graham vape.

Here we go Guys i absolutely love the corn bread pudding and this was my shot at it with limited materials to recreate that profile i have yet to taste it but will report back

Pulled from the secret vault and shared here with you with the promise you'll never let anyone know you ever seen it. Don't doubt the percentages or question the methods. This was a project that I've worked on with mad scientist fairies that I've held captive in my mixing room. This is the bakery dessert you've been wanting, no dreaming about at night, and wishing you could pull together. Four years in the making and I'm not going to tell you what it is, so you'll have to mix it and find out. When you've mixed it, don't share what it is, because this is a recipe only for those adventurous enough to try it out on their own. Your mission, should you choose to be brave enough to mix it, is to keep the secret and never let anyone know that you've found what you've been missing.

this is a delicious apple pie cupcake that can be vaped while sitting around the Christmas 🎄

I did not use "(TJ) Ice Queen"!
I used https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/206727#swedish_queen_jam_stone_by_wallebiela

I nicked the best donut just to make a example with Queen Jam.


Bright blueberry buttery cake with buttercream frosting,,my first time using flv bb muffin used at 4% as its the base flavor here cap vannila cupcake to help the cake and frosting ,Vt bilberry ripe to round out the flv bb muff,, wf buttercream frosting to top it off and a little wf cookie butter to add some butter Simple straightforward pretty good off the shake but hopefully some of the bakery’s will come forward in 3 to 5 days days Definitely a word in progress all comments welcomed

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