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(CAP) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Now i know the raspberry is higher than normal but... with creams it works very well. The higher % allows it to stand up to longer steep times and the cream dialnit down slightly but what you get is a very authentic fresh tart raspberry.
Caps VBIC makes the main body of the cream whilst sweet cream add body and sweetness then cream fresh & milk keep bring it back to a normal fresh cream flavour.

Using cherry pie as a base for the cherries to sit on, cherry jelly bean adds that sweet candy like flavour to the mix and cherry filling fills in some gaps and adds a syrupy feel.
Using caps ice cream as a lighter VBIC with great creamy qualities and lift that with bavarian cream.

So got round to trying peach cream pie... 😁 hell yeah. Nice sweet creamy peach flavour paired with white peach for some extra umph and persimmon helps it out too and allows the apricot to step in. Flv apricot works great here as its not as sharp but the authenticity of fa's is still needed a little. Now dollop in the ice cream and stick it on a cone πŸ‘Š

Blueberry & Bubblegum Milkshake
Still testing so maybe revisited but so far so good

well I guess that Im in the mood for pumpkin stuff already and I came up with a pumpkin πŸŽƒ pie πŸ₯§ πŸ₯› recipe and its a work in progress give it a shot guys

This recipe took me about 2 months until I got it where I wanted it to be. Here in Switzerland there's a product called "Energy milk, strawberry" which is a strawberry flavored milk drink. I'd say it gets pretty close to that flavor, the upper notes are a wee bit more sharp and therefore more strawberry like due to FA red touch.

I tried the recipe using different bavarian creams but none did the job quite like CAP sweet cream.

The CAP French Vanilla has been added to boost the CAP VBIC, maybe you can upgrade to a full percent.

Can be vaped as a SNV, the strawberry will be very dominant. Let it steep to get the full flavor range.

V. 0.5: Removed 1% CAP Sweet Cream and added 1% CAP Ripe strawberries

A Waffle Cone, filled with silky delicious Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream.
I'm very happy how this turned out.
Enjoy! :)

Simple strawberry ice cream recipie. One I came up with through trial and error, and is a fairly heavy flavor. Best steeped around a month. Also note, it will destroy squonk bottles if not regularly cleaned (discoloration).

Since I cannot buy ejuice anymore in Massachusetts, I purchased everything needed. This is my first attempt and I am pretty proud for a beginner. I love Caramel and Coconut with Vanilla. I think the Caramel is banging but I will add a bit more Coconut on the next attempt. Maybe a little chocolate also!
I am using shake and vape and do not have the patience to steep.

Einfache Apfeleiscreme, im Sommer gebe ich gerne noch 1-2% WS 23 hinzu fΓΌr den frischekick

Simple Apple Icecream, in summer i like it with 1-2% WS 23 for the refreshing feeling

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