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(CAP) Toasted Almond

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Just a delicious Fall recipe fo yo ass... Autumn/Winter is my all time favorite time of year. It's the time to start putting away all the fruity, light flavors and once again start breaking out the heavy custards, creams and bakeries (my specialty). So, to start it off I decided to share this little number. A tasty almond custard RY4. Very simple recipe and a pretty basic profile. Nonetheless, it's freakin' scrumptious and perfect for that Fall vaping. Throw a hoodie on and walk the leaf invested streets. Give this baby some time, the custard needs it as does the tobacco. 10 days and you're golden Pony Boy..

FLV Milk & Honey and CAP Graham Cracker really bump up the almond custard flavor here. The graham even brings a bit of cinnamon without even having cinnamon, I love it. But anyways, give it a shot, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Working on a good apple fritter with my morning cup of coffee. The zeppola and the apple filling make this a good fritter imo. Vaping on a tesla nano 120 with a vaporesso pro tank .5 ccell at 35 watts. Regards all.


This is basically a Tobacco remix of Castle Long. I took out anything vanilla, and added some tobaccos. It's rich and complex. It needs a couple weeks to mix, but I could tell right off the bat that it was a keeper. After an over night steep, I mixed up 60 ml to let it sit for at least a month because I'm thinking that's where it's really going to shine.


Trying to think of other recipes where I can use some o the FE green tea I have on hand. If you don't have toasted almond try using a little FA Coconut, depending on your personal preference.

The reference for this recipe is the Blue Diamond Brand Roasted Blueberry Almonds. When I first glanced at the package I assumed it would have a candy style of blueberry flavor but once I tasted Ithem I knew that wasn't the case. The first thing you taste when this morsel enters your mouth is sugar, CAP Super Sweet handles that job perfectly. Next the blueberry note hits your taste buds, which is a natural authentic blueberry flavor. This is translated beautifully in my opinion by using the combination of TFA Blueberry Wild, TFA Blueberry Extra, and LA Blueberry. Now for that almond crunch that is the core of the reference. CAP Taosted Almond alone is a great concentrate but it needed help to keep from being over run by the blueberries and that help came from just the right amount of DIYFS Holy Vanilla. Lastly the crunch part as these almonds are very crunchy from the roasting process. For that we used just a little bit of FA Cookie which doesn't necessarily give us a crunch but at best provides texture on the back.
This is a very different and fairly complex recipe where flavors are delivered at different layers of the vape. Mix, steep, and enjoy. This recipe was made possibly with the help of and brain child for the reference Graham Molzahn aka Digital Drops.

This profile is a French Croustade, which is a pastry very similar to an American style pie but more of a flakey and less dense puff pastry style of crust. This French Croustade is loaded with fresh pear and a slight hint of lemon zest topped with a small dollop of whipped cream. The combination of JF Cookie, CAP Golden Butter, FW Graham Cracker, and CAP Toasted Almond create the perfect flakey pastry crust. The filling inside this crust is created by using the combination of FA Pear and FA Lemon Sicily spiced by the FW Hazelnut and slight cinnamon note given by the FW Graham Cracker blended with a smooth whipped cream provided by the FA Cream Whipped. This is to be Mixxed at (((70/30))) and steeped for (((7 days))). I hope you all enjoy it and thank you very much for running such a great competition.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 3

Who doesn't like creamy nuts? Delicious and different, you get a heavy, nutty flavor nicely brought together with some cream. The taste is quite intense, work in progress.

Well folks the Holidays are upon us and I have been working on this profile for over a month. This is my best representation of Gingerbread Cookies. The combination of Cap Sugar Cookie, FW Graham Cracker, and TFA Butter create that cookie base with a hint of cinnamon. The Cap Gingerbread is a great flavoring that plays with the hint of cinnamon very well and is in here for obvious reasons. Cap Toasted Almond I feel brings authenticity to the flavor profile and TFA Sucralose sweetens the recipe as a whole. This vape would pair very well with many holiday beverages such as egg nog, boiled custard & spiced rum, or a cider. I really hope you all enjoy this recipe, if so comment and rate it. Thanks!!!!

A sweet tobacco with honey graham cracker notes.
Requires a 4 week steep, trust me. INW cavendish has a very strong honey taste and is pretty harsh, but after a month it smooths out and the tobacco comes forward with just a light honey note throughout.

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