(CAP) Sweet Watermelon

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The idea originally was to create a simple cucumber/watermelon profile. But as I played with the flavors I concluded that, although it was tasty, it was a bit boring. Adding some cantaloupe and a 2nd watermelon was good for perking the whole thing up. Fresh cream and a touch of lemon made it a little more interesting.

Not a lot to say about this recipe.
The profile watermelon licorice.
Both of these flavors sound disgusting together, but come together quite nicely.
The cap sweet watermelon in this recipe as low as it is to add a salt water taffy vibe to the juice.
LA watermelon is the star of the show, combined with honeysuckle it becomes a wonderful watermelon syrup flavor.

FA Anise is EXTREMELY potent. 0.15 is all you'll need for a well rounded flavor.

Sweetener is not preferred in this mix, though pyure at 1% would be best.


Pretty Simple. Melon base with Strawberry and Optional EM to boost it up. Able to sub out pretty much anything with your preferences. I talk more about it in my podcast: mixlr.com/cloudstate/showreel
Overnight Steep

No Description.

Just a little quick something I threw together.

Super light and fresh. The Italian Cream adds an ever so subtle bit of tartness, but quickly mellows out to the perfect level after three days.

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