(CAP) Sweet Watermelon

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This is most probably the last version I'll mix. This is mon kanzi (my kanzi), It's an absolute smooth and delicious fruity all day Vape.
I'm certain most of you will like it. This Strawberry combination/layering is very tasty in other vapes as well, hint hint.

Kiwi Double (TPA) 2.5%
Juicy Strawberry (FA) 2%
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 1%
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 3%
Sweet Watermelon (CAP) 6%
Super Sweet (CAP) 0.75%

Let me know if you like it so please comment.

Sweet creamy version of Tiger's Blood,.

You can add 1% Polar Blast to give it a nice coolness if you like.

Working to perfect this Trap juice Recipe, it is doing well on the site ATM, bought some other watermelons to try out , and had some tart flavors i also wanted to try to give it alittle more taste and tartness.. some of the concentrates i bought have a more natural taste to them so i am going to reserve those for another recipe, with a real watermelon approach.... this one i am looking for that Candy flavor... so moving on to trial 2 ....wish me luck and Happy Vaping Fam

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Nice smooth candied Watermelon ...tart and sweet..... very reminiscent of a jolly rancher watermelon sour candy

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Mango watermelon bubblegum. To me it varies from hit to hit. One hit i will taste mostly mango bubble gum, the next will be mostly watermelon bubble gum, next they blend together. Its very interesting, and very tasty.

Watermelon and Berries Blast with a touch of ice, had a drink in a club and decided to emulate it as best i could without the liquor... Hoping to nail this lush drinks fruity flavor.....
going with Watermelon as my main profile with a back drop of strawberries and blackberries...and to cool the whole thing down a touch of koolada for that iced down feeling.

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This flavor has the perfect amount of sweet mixed in with nice sour notes. The green apple and watermelon really bring in the sourness and the Cloud nine really blends it together well. Great as a Shake and Vape. I really enjoy this vape with a nice Flavored beer ( Sam Adams Cherry wheat, Leinkugels Grapefruit Shandy or a Hoppy IPA like Laguanitas) really if you like a nice sour Candy your going to love this.

Been fiddling with mixing for a little while, low key. Got inspired by hearing about Vurves Watermelon crack. Gotta be honest, i never mixed it up, but started messing about trying things, and landed on this. Typical noob. Decided on cap sweet watermelon and JF watermelon together to give me the sweet candied watermelon i was after, reminiscent of sour patch kids watermelon gummies. Added the cap supersweet to that to round it up and give it the sugar lips. I used the cap vanilla swirl to add a bit of body and add a lil creamy mouth feel, and the FLV sweet coconut to aid to the sweetness and cream, and add a bit of the coconut candy flavor. I guess the best description i can give of this is a watermelon candy smoothie made with coconut water. I added the koolada to make it seem cold, and cause i had heard so much good stuff about the WMCrack. I dig it, you can play with the koolada/sweetner to taste, i wanted a candy-ish profile myself. I know the koolada is at a high level, but i wanted it icy af. ATF gave me the random title of Plastic Furniture, which reminded me of a modest mouse song called classy plastic lumber. these things are unrelated. Open to all criticism, thanx, rab1dg0d.


Rule Breaker because I don't know how to read directions and follow rules.

Anyway my version of a Tigers Blood.
Add koolada to taste for the snow cone coldness

I know dairy milk seems wierd but it's so low it works.. this has kinda been my white whale. And I am happy with this. It's not like the others, it's the way I like it

Dig it.


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Grab apple by the Melons aka Melon Hi-Chew

This blend starts off as a refreshing realistic melon with a hint of mixed apples. As it steeps, both the Apples and the LA Watermelon come out more adding a mouth watering candy affect similar to eating a melon and apple hi-chew. This is a refreshing ADV that I can't stop coming back to.

Flavor/Development Notes:
My initial goal was to create a realistic perfectly ripe melon salad with some chopped up apples mixed in. A flavor that felt juicy and refreshing with a touch of crispness from the apple blend. Well I over did it a little on the LA Watermelon and it candied it. I ended up liking it so much it turned into my ADV. It takes about 4 days steep for the LA Watermelon to really blend in and add that mouthwatering candy feel.

Sweet Watermelon (CAP) 2% / Wild Melon (FLV) 1%:
The sweet watermelon felt lacking in fullness/roundness. Its almost like a watermelon that's just starting to pass its prime and needs to be eaten before the flies make a meal of it. Its still good, just on the sweeter side. Adding the wild melon rounded out the flavors nicely. Wild melon is a mixture of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon. The combo of the melons in wild melon are very tasty and I recommend this flavor on its own or mixed with other melons.

Watermelon (LA) 2%:
Initially was to just add a mouth watering affect. It did that successfully then candied it to the point that its more of a hi-chew (the more realistic version of a mamba for those who haven't had it before). I would drop it down to maybe 0.75% if I want to go back to achieving a realistic watermelon but I really like where the 2% took this.

Anton Apple (INW) 0.75% / Fuji Apple (FA) 3%:
Anton Apple is more of a granny smith style apple; acidic, crisp, and my favorite type of apple. The Fuji Apple helps balance out the acidity by adding a refreshing sweet bite. It also helped bring the watermelon sweetness out of that too sweet zone and back to the sweetness I was looking for.

Cactus (INW) 0.25%:
Adds the juicy, wet mouthfeel that that every watermelon flavor needs. Not much more to say about this since it doesn't affect the taste at such a low %.

Flavor Notes