(CAP) Sweet Strawberry

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Delicious mix of forest fruits. You can add 1% of fresh.

This is a absolute pleasure to vape and based on your preferences you can decide to use more or less sweetener but I think this flavor is perfect as it is and I don’t want to be cocky but this is the Water Malone of Mango flavors! Absolutely delicious ADV for me.

Ultra White is my 4th installment in my Ultra E-Juice series. Please let me know if you like it!

A version of sweet tarts. The percentages may need to be adjusted to taste.

This is a simple Strawberry Shortcake profile, with light strawberry, light vanilla whipped cream, and fluffy yellow cake.

I developed this flavor chasing TNT by timebomb. I did not succeed in cloning that, but i made something better! Strawberry, apple, peach and chilled as cold as Hel. I think this can be better, and have a V2 in the works, but this mix is great shake and vape.

This is a tasty mixture of the iconic shark gummy candies. Taste great off the shake and will see how it holds up on a short steep ( if it lasts me that long haha)

I really love how the new WF CCJB blends in with this! If you like fruity gummies then this is for you! Enjoy! :)

Waffles, maple syrup, and strawberries. What more do you need? Super Sweet is optional and kinda cheats on 123 recipes but I think it adds a nice punch to the mix. Good as a SNV, better as time moves on. Enjoy!

A Super Tasty Strawberry /Orange Vape Thats Hard To Put Down

Really tasty thick strawberry milkshake with a rose milk like taste

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