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(CAP) Sweet Strawberry

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: fruit

Used in 6754 recipes at an average of 3.531%.


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This is not a recipe, this is a mix of two great clones:
Boss Reserve by folkart and Jam Monster by ENYAWREKLAW
What can i say about it? It's the best strawnana possible IMHO
I lowed down the RF strawberry and CAP strawberry from Jam Monster and rised up the TPA banana Cream from Boss reserve in order to balance the fruit better, but the true magic here is the combo of of AP5%, FLV milk&honey and the butter note from RF strawberry jam and toast
Go mix this guys, you will agree with me!

Clone attempt on Element's Pink Lemonade. Very good recipe, could be a little stronger.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out. After a steep I will update my results.

A candy juice with notes of realistic strawberry taste. For me it's a good sweet & tart ADV juice.
I'm gonna try to do 2 more different versions to check if it can be even better.

Been wanting a Tigers Blood vape so i mixed one up using the flavors i had on hand. It was really good but i adjusted the percentages and this is my final version that i have been enjoying alot lately. You can adjust the sweetener and WS-23 to your liking or substitute using other sweeteners or cooling effect flavors. I also gave it a 4 day steep just so the flavors could meld a little. Hope you enjoy.

This is a Banana, Strawberry, Pear, Edlerflower cocktail recipe based around this recipe here:

Just a nice bright flavorful Juicy mango ice cream . The strawberries boost the flavors and the Tangerine takes some of the harshness from the mango away, making it very delectable. The lemon Sicily adds a nice sweet citrus note to the recipe. This recipe can be shared and vaped. Best after 2 day to really meld together. Mixed at 70/30.

Sweet, juicy vibrant strawberries dipped in a vanilla pouring cream, If you remember those little red and white sweets โ€œcampinoโ€ and you were fond of them then you will be fond of this recipe too ๐Ÿ˜Š

Strawberries and cream has been done many, many times and this is just my spin on it.. if you find you like it then please rate it accordingly :)

All feedback is appreciated.

Www.chefsflavours.co.uk stock all the concentrates featured in this recipe ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Cool cool strawberry vape. Made this for a friend that loves this cool strawberry tast. Iโ€™m no fan of the WS-23/koolada effect, but I have to say that this mix grew on me.
For my own version I take the WS-23 down to 1.5%, ET is 0.5% (I have a 5% solution) and you can leave out the Dragon
Fruit, but it adds that little extra.
Give it a try

Edit: took WS-23 down to 1% - it was just too much

A great SNV recipe that you really get a nice mix between apples and berries.

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