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(CAP) Sweet Strawberry

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: fruit

Used in 6378 recipes at an average of 3.552%.


327 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A unique mix of berries and Pineapple in a tart Cream that will Knock you out ! Sweet taste of strawberry and Raspberry with the tangy creaminess of the pineapple and yogurt that has a unique mouth feel.

you remember that bottle of graveyard juice that your buddy handed you when you first started? no that didn't happen to you? Well now you can wander thru the "graveyard"! i can't describe the taste anything other than like a 'graveyard' soda, but only in theory. little bit of this, little bit of that. its a similar profile to what my buddy gave me to help me start vaping.

Happy Halloween everyone well here is alil trick or treat for from the witches and this is what witches would give you and the point of this recipe is that apples are the base of this nice crisp apple and when you bite into it the red from the strawberries would be the blood aka poison oozing out of the apple causing extreme deliciousness and makes you wanting more. lol mix this up and see what happens guys. lol this is a treat from all the evil witches in the world

Sweet jammy strawberries and whipped cream on top of a lightly buttered yellow cake.

JF Yellow Cake is the base for the cake and Cap Golden Butter is used to give just a touch of butter and moistness you get from those delicious little cakes.

Though traditionally you use fresh strawberries I wanted to get a a bit of a sweet and syrupy flavor out of the strawberries alone with fresh INW Shisha Strawberry does a wonderful job of the syrup/sweeter strawberry and CAP Sweet Strawberry brings up just a touch of fresh strawberry into the mix.

TFA Vanilla Swirl and FA Whipped Cream brings a nice fluffy vanilla creamy flavor to top everything off.

This is my strawberry grape soda mix, I really enjoy this simple recipe - and after all the mixes I test and compare, I eventually come right back to this one, almost just like good old missionary - just kidding. This is a shake and vape, you will find it starts off a bit more Grape forward, but then as time goes by you will taste the strawberry coming through. These two fruits just "jel" well together - I wont call it blending ;)

This is a sweet sugary soda...... yeah, I have a crazy sweet tooth.

TFA Strawberry Ripe & CAP Strawberry Sweet & TFA Strawberry = My syrupy strawberry stone

CAP Jelly Candy = Adds a bit of texture, also adds some candy vibes to the soda.

WS23 = Closest thing to a cold fizz you going to get. (I used a 20% dilution in my mix)


This is the first mix attempt of Keep It 100's Blue Slushie and first attempt at a clone/remix. Also, my first shared recipe!

Blue Slushie is by far the most popular liquid at all 5 shops that I manage. It's easy on the coils, tasty, and tends to keep its flavor throughout the whole 100ml bottle. It's not an overly complicated recipe by any means. Bright and straightforward blue raspberry with a hint of strawberry.

Right off the shake, it was fairly close. Not quite as sweet, which I don't mind.
After sitting over night, it brightens up a bit, a little more authentic to the original.
After a full day, the strawberry starts to pull through, raspberry tones don't. It loses some of the "blue" that I'm looking for.

Liquid Barn - Blue Raspberry
This flavor by itself is fairly close to the smell and taste of Blue Slushie. Mixed at Liquid Barn's recommendation of 8%.

Capella - Sweet Strawberry
Added to give a light strawberry taste on the exhale. Not meant to be a main note as most customers at the shop I manage don't even notice there is strawberry.

Capella - Super Sweet
I added 1 drop per 10ml. I have only made one batch so far. Going to tweak this as I go.

UPDATE: Have changed the recipe to brighten/extend the "blue" flavor after a few days.
TPA Raspberry Sweet @ 2.5%
Dropped LB Blue Raspberry to 6%


A Strawberry and Coconut inhale with Guava and a touch of Coconut on the exhale that will make you want to put on a grass skirt and dance the night away on a beach in Hawaii.

Don’t Lie to me and tell me how good this mix actually is. Really easy vape and very sweet and tasty. Needs really no steep. Mixed70/ 30

The past few months I've been coming back to this strawberry kiwi profile over and over and never getting it quite how I wanted it. One of my only other public recipes right now- my Blue Dot Vapors Strawkiji Freeze remix- was my starting point, and this is where I've ended up. The resolution to a lengthy process of trial and error, waiting on new flavors to come in, and some more trial and error. Resolver is a bright, juicy, sweet strawberry kiwi with a nice punch of cooling.

A delicious lemon lime with a tropical twist of strawberry and pineapple inspired by the lemon lime tropical soda.
Lemon lime-brings in the main lemon lime soda base.
Pink lemonade-gives it a little more of a sweeter lemon with a fruity touch adds a brightness to the lemon lime.
Sweet strawberry-adds a straight up linear strawberry just enough you can taste it.
Golden Pineapple- adds a clean and clear tropical pineapple.
Super sweet-just a touch gives a nice sweetness and overall helps to bring the fruits out.

Flavor Notes