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A 10 day steep is required. But after the 10 day steep it keeps getting better.

Layers of strawberry with a strong biscuit cookie taste. Strawberry all the way through with bakery notes that makes it very flavorful.

Me and my wife both liked the Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie but we like OUR recipe better.
She uses a Voopoo TPP coil, I use Oxva (rta) dual coil and this recipe is great in both.

If you see this recipe else where please let me know and I will change from original recipe to give credit to someone.

Clone of bluedots convicted melons. As good as I want to get it. Melon Rind brings some wetness and freshness. Super sweet optional but I like it. Add ws-23 if you like, I have a bottle with and a bottle without. Enjoy.

Inspired by the famous Morning Yogurt from DC (Brazil), this recipe is a well balanced fruit yogurt using accessible flavors. Simple but pleasant. Is more fruity and less papaya on the top. Give it a try! There's more room for improvements, but this recipe was mixed with ordinary flavors to be accessible and easy to mix.

Yogurt FW and Greek Yogurt TPA make the yogurt base, creamy and spot on the sourness. Banana Cream TPA brings more cream and adds fruit to the base. Fuji Apple FA and Strawberry Sweet CAP works to the top note, and Papaya TPA puts a touch of flavor on the body. SS CAP on 0.75 is necessary to make all the fruits shine.

I am on a quest to perfect the most popular flavor profiles. Perfection doesn't just come from flavor, it's also found in simplicity. The recipes in this series are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. So whether you're a veteran or someone who's a little newer to the DIY community I invite you to pick a profile and join me in the lab as we quest for perfection.

Strawberry and Cream.

You know it doesn't matter what time of year it is. Hot. Cold. Sun. Rain. Snow. Strawberry and Cream is always there for me. It was the first recipe I mixed that I actually liked and it's still something that I'm constantly trying to perfect. How do I do that?

I want the strawberry to be artificial, sweet and really basey. I want it to linger and penetrate. The cream I want to by silky and smooth with a hint of vanilla.

If you're someone who's searching for a strawberry and cream that vapes like that sounds I invite you to try this recipe.

Sweeten to Taste.

Watch the Video here:


Ran out of some ingredients and needed to make something In a pinch. Took the Strawberries from Quik and my go to Ice Cream stone trilogy and combined them.

What emerged was a pretty decent mix.
Sorry if it's already been submitted. Did a search for receipes with these ingredients and found none (to my surprise). So I give you
Strawberry Milfshake.

I couldn't find any lemonade flavors that work with what I've got so here goes nothing.

This is my 1st attempt trying to re-create gorilla warfare .270 which is a strawberry flaky pastry a.k.a. strawberry cornflakes cereal


A simple Strawberry Shortcake utilizing the new FA Vanilla Cookie

Amazing tart ,sweet and delicious 😋 mixture of berries , strawberry and Marshmallow

Use cooling agent according to what you like .
This flavor is sweet and tastes like juicy mango
Its addictive

Its named after its creator , osmantheman

I made it with 50/50 vg pg and 3mg nicotine , didnt steep .

Special thanks to NagaSolix and Osmantheman on reddit

This recipe was inspired by NagaSolix hellberry recipe .

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