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(CAP) Sweet Strawberry

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: fruit

Used in 5975 recipes at an average of 3.54%.


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A strawberry and cream flavoured Irish cream liqueur. enjoy,

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I've been working this recipe off-and-on for almost 2 years. I feel this has gotten to the point to get it out there, but I reserve the right to tweak it. This recipe was patterned off of the Peachtree Street eLiquid from HiggyCigs. I will never get that recipe down, but this is pretty nice. The balance between the fruit and the custard still needs a little work, and I’m concerned the flavors are a little too high across the board.

The concept is to have a rich creamy Custard base with a natural Peach and Strawberry topping with a tartness. I played around with many Custards and creams and it never worked well, but when Wayne published King's Custard using Capella New York Cheesecake I decided to try it and it works very well indeed. I know LA Peach is more of an artificial Peach flavor, but it vapes with no bite to it. When the Peach is mixed with the Strawberry and Dragonfruit it ends up quite natural to me. The Strawberry mix was my attempt to make a fresh ripe tart Strawberry with the Dragonfruit added trying to bolster the flavor during the steep.


This is more of a home made un-toasted pop tart with a softer shell, jammy berry filling and that sugar lips icing. it is supper simple to make and yummy
FW Cpt crunch berries provide some of the cookie/ AP texture along with the the sweet berry notes for the filling
CAP lemon meringue pie provide some of the mouth feel, and fillls in the middle of this mix as well using the lemon to bring out some of the sweet berry notes
FW cake batter dip adds that vanilla sugar lip creamy icing and some of that soft doughy texture ( note this does have sugar in it )
CAP sugar cookie supports the berry cereal for that soft cookie pastry of an un-toasted of a pop tart.
CAP sweet strawberry bolsters that sweet jammy type of berry filling that is almost like a syrup.

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This is part 2 to my experimental recipe creation for an excellent Banana split

A sweet and soft Berry mix that's under progress. None of the berries are sticking out too much but you can taste each ingredient individually. It still needs some adjustments to get it perfect but it's good enough for me to be hooked on. It's best for me as an evening treat when you relax infront of a good show or a long gaming session, as an ADV it's a little too sweet for me but if you like sweet mixes all day then you might like it as an ADV aswell

The Forrest Mix is the base. I've always liked this flavouring, but since it's a very deep and sweet flavour you have to mix it up with something bright and fun.

Juicy Strawberry is the go-to authentic strawberry for me. I love this flavour so much that I use it in almost everything. It works well on it's own but for this recipe I wanted something sweeter to add to the brightness of a sugared strawberry

Sweet Strawberry works well to bring the brightness up of the strawberry. Almost always a good strawberry to add over either Strawberry Ripe or Juicy Strawberry when you want a fulfilling and sweet strawberry

FLV Sweetness is my sweetener of choice, feel free to use yours or not use one at all. I think I might bring this down to 0.3-4 in my next batch and see how it works.

Let me know what you think if you decide to mix it up :)

This was mostly a result
Of me playing with some ooo bubblegum I have a surplus of and trying to make the sweetest pinkest abomination going. Well it’s safe to say it worked but as with anything like this we have room for tweaking and improvement!

Ok let’s start at the gum side. The pink bubble bubble has the scent but I felt it is lacking in depth and mouth feel, so we combine that with vanillin to add more of a “thick” almost waxyness when your vaping it. Finally that tiny amount of cinnamon spice adds the somewhat authenticity for me. You can also use watermelon in a similar way but I feel it would screw with things to much.

The actual pink HAD to be strawberry imo and I went with an over the top trio of pinkness letting the FA red touch take the lead, ripe strawberry adding the candy and sweet strawberry bringing the syrup.

Now the sweetener I personally think is kind of essential here but of course you may leave it out if you like. However this is supposed to be a fucking tooth rotting hyperactivity inducing bubblegum profile minus those things of course. Plus after testing with and without I noticed an interaction with the gum and red touch that doesn’t take place without the sweetener.

All feedback welcome

This is a Cold fruity refreshing summer vape that depicts the picture. Sweetened to taste. I used 1% sweetener and I have to steep menthol for around a week so that the minty flavor subsides, but the menthol with polar blast creates a nice cold frozen drink. If you want it even colder on the inhale you can add 0.5% WS-23.

This is a very simple yet delicious profile. It is a guava, Apple, strawberry flavor profile. I vaped close to 500ml of the premium ejuice and didn’t want to pay anymore knowing that I could mix my own. This is spot on to the original. Give it a mix and let me know what you think! Super sweet isn’t a necessity but will get it closer to the original juice💪


Look at the OG post if you want info.

This is the Sour Strawberry recipe, just adjusted for pod devices. Cool.

"Since I Hate the State That Reddit Is In, I Figured I Would Post Something to Piss Everyone Off"

Remember when pop punk bands used to write songs that had excessively long song titles like that? Yeah, I guess I'm bringing it back.

Anyway, I'm not gonna do a super in depth breakdown of this, because it's pretty obvious how it works, but I'll do a proper flavour note documentation on reddit here in a little bit. This is just what it seems to be, a slightly tart and bright strawberry recipe. I was initially going for a candied strawberry soda profile, but it wasn't working out, so I went for a more tart strawberry, and that worked nicely. I'll post both of these, because I did a version that works really nicely in pod devices as well. Enjoy.

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