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(CAP) Sweet Mango

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Look out mixers, right in time for summer this could be your ADV. a nice sweet delectable Mango watermelon that is really good. Shake it and vape it. You won’t put it down. This stuff is magical.

Simple mango mix. Done using basic flavorings available all across Europe.
WS-23 in my recipe is the new Coolada from Inawera.

Commercial-like juice in terms of sweetness and cooling sensation.
Reminds me Kilos Mango or Cush Man from Nasty Juice a little bit.
Just like I wanted for summer heat.


so i am a big admirer of shyndo i watch most of the youtube stuff he does and respect the mans attitude towards other mixers and the way he addresses questions even tho they are some times trivial. i wanted to make his mango sticky rice but didn't have any of the ingredients to do so. so i chucked this together and it has come out sweet not sure if it is better than his (probably not lol) but is quite tasty and authentic considering the limited flavours i have in my stash. some i wish i had would have been a sweet coconut and i know heaps of people have the vta mango and are raving about it so maybe try this with them if you have those.
also i probably over complicated this recipe and could have left out the zeppola and suggar cookie but they seemed like a good idea at the time and i am trying to use up my sugar cookie before it goes bad and it came out good enough for me to share this with the world.
much love.....

Pretty straight forward recipe.
Shake and Vape.
Warning: Don't eat the yellow snow!!


This is a tangy, mango recipe, fit with tropical fruits and candy sweetness.

Made for "CAP Sweet Mango" Flavor Book Entry
-> http://diyordievaping.com/2018/05/01/cap-sweet-mango/

Been trying to make a mango vape since i started. when i was buying juice mango was my go to adv. my missing ingredient was cantaloupe, the sweet mango was one of my first flavours i mixed it up at 10% single flavour DONT DO THAT you will have a bad day lol lesson learnt wont do that again.


remix of Joker from the vape suicide line from lizard juice, (Florida ejuice company I'm sure you've never heard of)
apricot cheesecake topped with toasted marshmallows

this needs a LONG steep, 14 days + for best results


A strange blend of fruit that really becomes something completely different. Sweetener optional, menthol optional. Citrus menthol could be swapped out for .35-.5 koolada or the same volume ws23 / ws3. Lychee could be swapped out with tfa lychee @3-4%.

This was a pretty close attempt at an authentic yellow Mango, more along the lines of Cush Man by Nasty. The HC mango is actually Malaysia Mango by Health Cabin.
It's a spicy, meaty, and overall perfectly pungent yellow mango. Cream soda is actually soda base by rf sc.


I've been working on Mr. Good Vape remixes since Wayne interviewed Mr. Riddle last fall. Moon Sugar still isn't where I would like it but this one is in a good spot. Now is it like the original? Same profile but two different animals. I prefer my version with my unbiased opinion ;-)

Pretty straight forward, we know he uses CAP and FA mostly so that's how I narrowed down which concentrates I wanted to use. He also mentioned his addiction to lemon sicily and he states in the flavor description it has a citrus note which is why I chose to add a touch of it. And it really does seem to make the recipe pop and have more vividness. The sweet cream is there by my decision to soften all the rough edges or harshness some people may experience with fruits, myself included. Even though I'm 99% sure he doesn't use any creams in his recipe.

Mix it up if it sparks your interest. Coming from someone who almost exclusively vapes desserts, this stuff is damn good.

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