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(CAP) Sweet Mango

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Just a nice bright flavorful Juicy mango ice cream . The strawberries boost the flavors and the Tangerine takes some of the harshness from the mango away, making it very delectable. The lemon Sicily adds a nice sweet citrus note to the recipe. This recipe can be shared and vaped. Best after 2 day to really meld together. Mixed at 70/30.

Sweet peach with hints of mango, guava, and vanilla cream. Steep for about 2 days and vape away.
FA Peach White and TPA Peach (Juicy) are the stars of the show here, followed by Cap Sweet Mango and Sweet Guava for a tropical top note, TPA Bavarian Cream and Vanilla Swirl for that creamy vanilla, and a touch of FW Blood Orange just for a little tangy kick.

I just wanted a nice a sweet , somewhat dessert tobacco recipe. I really wanted the peach to shine. Right now I’m low on peach flavors and when I use TFA juicy peach I use it high to get the flavor I want. These flavors mix together so well to make a perfect all day vape. Nice, sweet, flavorful, with a nice sweet tobacco exhale. Perfect if your not into long steep times. This is good off the shake.

A delicious union of perfectly ripe tropical fruits.

This recipe is a homage to a fantastic blend available from the leading concentrate supplier in my neck of the woods. The owner has been vaping this for years and has never divulged the recipe to a living soul. After numerous requests, he finally released a one shot called Malao for the rest of society to experience this delicious combination. This is my interpretation of a remarkable juice.

TPA Papaya
The king of Papaya's at 3% is our hero in this tropical medley and marries beautifully with the rest of the fusion. It brings a delectable creamy mouth feel with the unmistakable, slightly bitter, true papaya flavour.

Cap Sweet Mango
At 3%, we get none of the over-ripe mango notes often associated with Cap Sweet Mango. Used low, the inherent bitter notes compliment the Papaya perfectly and adds a credible mango profile.

TPA Peach (Juicy)
As the name suggests, this ripe, succulent peach adds sweetness and juiciness to our mix and is a key component to liven up the aforementioned fruits.

FW Cantaloupe
This cantaloupe completes our melange and harmonises the 3 main flavours into a complex tropical masterpiece. I fell in love with this cantaloupe the first time I mixed up Canary Coulis and find it to be more true compared to the other, more popular options.

FA Marshmallow adds a touch of sweetness and amalgamates the fruits to prevent a linear taste experience.

This baby is fabulous off the shake but shines after 3 days.

Juicy peaches and sweet mangoes.

Peach and mango is a match made in heaven. A bit of jelly candy to sweeten things up a bit and make it pop. A bit of vanilla bean ice cream to tie everything together and give the juice a smooth texture in the mouth.

Mix it up and enjoy ✌️


This is a straight in your face mango.

Mangoes are one of my favorite fruits. Especially when their ripeness is on point. I've been playing around for some time
with all different mangoes. Although it seemed so easy at the start, I really had a hard time nailing this profile.
It became a mission with a lot of back and forth, and lot's of different approaches.
So my journey to my perfect mango started. I know I'm a little lyrical about it but hey it was a lotta fun ;)
From the start my favorite mango combo was 4% VT Shisha Mango with 1% FLV Mango. It looked as if they were made for eachother, but it wasn't a happy marriage. I needed to find a marriage counselor and if not this was going to end up in a divorce. That's when I met CAP Sweet Mango 1% the perfect marriage counselor for my unhappy couple. After some sessions and working on their relationship they finally came together as one. However this all came with a cost. CAP Sweet Mango may have been the best she wasn't cheap. The price I had to pay was 100 overripeness, some weird currancy used in the medieval Bahama's. I didn't have the money, so the next month I spend with Sweet Mango being her slave, harvesting her CAP Golden Pineapples 2% and CAP Sweet Guava's at 1%. I finally payed my depth but you know what they say "it's hard to fix a problem without causing another". And so it happened. All the hard work harvesting the sweet guava's caused "harsh" pain in my back. The only thing that could help me in the middle of the forest whithout a druid or medicine man within thousands of miles, was the fruit garded by a dragon, also known as dragonfruit. Everybody talked about it but not a lot of people have actually seen it. Most of the people that went search for it have never been returned. What choice did I have, put away my dream finding my perfect mango or push through. I went with the last option and a couple miles further I was getting close. Burned trees everywhere. The dragon and his fruits had to be close. Not that much later I noticed a snoring sound in front of me. There he was, in all his glory laying in the middle of an open spot having a nap. The trees around him were loaded with his fruits. So I started filling my backpack but the moment I picked the second fruit the dragon got restless and I decided to make a run for it. A close call but I made it. No doubt the most scary, but probably the easiest obstacle upon my road. After a few miles and in safe distance for the dragon I took one of his fruits .5% out of my backpack, started eating it and right away the "harsh" pain in my back disappeared.
What was that, listen.............. there was something in a near distance whispering my name. I got attracted to it, I had to move on. And at last there it was, my perfect mango right in front of me. I finally could see it, I could even smell it. As I was about to get ready for my final sprint, my last problem showed up. After being on a quest for so long, and all those obstacles I had to overcome, I was so thirsty. I needed to do something about it before I could reach my goal. Thank god I still had a Philipine Mango 2% Lemonade 1% in my backpack. That was just the "juicy" lifesaver I needed in order to reach the finish. While crossing the finishline I had my last dragonfruit .5% what made the slight "harshness" my lemonade left, disappear in the blink of an eye.
Finally I had her in my hands, my perfect mango. She looked delightful, her smell made my mouth water. I took a bite and ........... I only have one word left "HEAVEN"
I hope you enjoyed my journey as much as I did. I can promise you, you will enjoy this juice even more.
As always Super Sweet is optional, but here the recipe benefits from it, it doesn't only sweeten the juice but it also makes it brighter.



Are you brave enough to try this? It's modeled after the tangy, sweet, and spicy frozen Mexican confection. Doesn't taste quite the same, but scratches the same itch for an icy spicy treat. I used both WS-23 and Polar Blast for a well-rounded inhale and exhale cooling, and lots of it.. For the spiciness of chamoy, there's FLV Heat and Apple Filling. The cinnamon in apple filling doesn't quite taste like cinnamon used so low with other strong ingredients, but it gives some body to the heat so it's not just disembodied capsaicin-type heat. The gooey apple part contributes to Jelly Candy and Sweet and Tart creating something reminiscent of the sweet and tangy part of chamoy. Jelly Candy also helps clean up some of CAP Sweet Mango's overripe nonsense. Super Sweet, like Apple Filling, also does double duty. Besides the obvious sweetening, it helps drag that Heat onto the lips and tongue and makes it linger, resulting a long-lasting fire and ice sensation. Finally the mangoes. I was surprised how much how much FLV Mango and CAP Sweet Mango it took stand up to all this other stuff, but with each new version I kept adding more and more until it worked. I also tried using VT Shisha Mango but it was too piney that didn't play well with the rest of the mix.

This is a Greek Yogurt with Mango.

To create the mango I wanted I combined FLV Mango 3% with CAP Sweet Mango 1.5% and added 1% of CAP Juicy Peach to get a more authentic mouthfeel as a perfect ripe mango does. To tame down the sickening sweeteness CAP Sweet Mango brings to the mix I threw in 3% Golden Pineapple and .7% CAP Lemon Lime and these 2 flavors brighten up the mango flavor as well. CAP Lemon Lime has a dual purpose in this mix. It brightens up the Mango and it turns the FLV Cream and FA Cream Whipped into a Greek Yogurt. I have been experimenting with this for quiet some time and usually I would throw .4% of INW Cactus against it to turn it into a Greek Yogurt but in this recipe it affects the mango flavor too much.
As always .2% Super Sweet is optional and in this recipe not really necessary.
If you like your yogurt with some cereal in it, 2,5% CAP Cereal 27 does the trick.

You can vape it right away, but it takes 1 week to grow to it's full potential.

This simple recipe is meant for low wattage MTL devices like the Juul and Suorin Air/Drop.

Don't be afraid of the high percentages of flavoring. These devices need triple to quadruple the amount you'd use for a typical RDA. This is a very accessible recipe as most people already have these flavors in their stash.

After 5-6 iterations I really like this mix. I tried INW Pineapple and FLV Mango but when I pushed them high enough to saturate the flavor it wasn't what I was looking for. The Capella Golden Pineapple and Sweet Mango can go pretty high without getting all weird.

I was still missing some depth, so I went searching other mango recipes. It seemed that people were using peach to brighten things up a little and fill out the profile. So I went with all Capella and used Juicy Peach. You can't taste it much but it rounds out the profile well.


This is a super syrupy, sweet, and vivid Mango flavor.
Think of "Mango Man" on the shelf of your local vape store, this is probably what it would taste like.

Made on "Live Mixing: Mango Man"

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