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(CAP) Sweet Mango

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My take on a cool, mango lassi.
A mango lassi is an Indian Dairy Smoothie, commonly made in summer to combat the heat.

Here I used the INW and CAP mango mix to achieve a combination of ripe and slightly under-ripe mango, which gives a great base to the fruit portion of the mix. The combination at 2+3% gives sweetness, as well as an almost tart green mango bite, that pairs extremely well with the yogurt.

The smoothie portion of the mix is achieved with the Creamy Yogurt at 6%. The CAP creamy is my favourite yogurt, just tart enough, but also hella creamy. The Sweet Cream at 3% helps the yogurt develop thickness, as well as raising the sweetness of the mix a tad. The Almond at only 0.3 adds more depth to the creams, as well as a slightly sweet layer and flavour.
The Koolada at 0.5% imparts just enough effect to emulate the after effect of sipping on a smoothie.

The cardamom is essential here, and helps tie everything together. It is not floral at 0.25%, but gives enough of a spice note that it compliments the mango and almond extremely well.

Ive smashed through 100mL of this in the past week as a change to my usual sweeter mixes, and am digging it. It is not an overly sweet recipe (sweeteners would only detract from the true flavour of the Lassi IMO), but a great change from strawberry and bakery recipes......

With this flavor, I was going for a perfect blend of peach and mango, without going into the “peach ring” realm which I tried not to do. CAP sweet mango is a sweet, ripe mango flavor, and oh so delicious. By ripe, I mean very ripe. It's a little weak though, so I used a percentage that I thought fit the profile. FA’s peach is a wonderful strong white, bright peach flavor at 1%, luckily not too sweet. It fit the boldness I was going for in the peach. TFA juicy peach brought in the peach sweetness and wetness. TFA is where the gateway of real to candy can affect the outcome of the flavor. I knew I definitely needed the sweetness from TFA juicy peach, because I couldn't and didn't want to use any sweetener. I think I pulled it off really well. Unfortunately, we only had three ingredients to work with, so I feel this is a great interpretation of what a mango/peach hybrid would taste like.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 1

This recipe is a fresh tropical fruit juice that is both sweet and tart. It tastes great as a shake and vape but after about a week it really comes together as more of a singular flavor.

Mangos and Christmas needed to find each other. Who doesn't want to celebrate with a tropical Christmas? A creamy, buttery fruity delight that brings pecan to the party for something different.

CAP Mango when combined with other fruits maintains it's themed taste and picks up sweetness. The back end musky taste so many complain about from mango is eliminated here because of the other fruit additions.

Cheesecake Graham Crust and VBIC are the base and here for the the creaminess I wanted for this mix. The percentages are just enough to make it the main profile over the fruit. Sometimes you want a cream with fruit instead of a fruit with cream...There is a difference, and is intended here.

Butter Pecan is the star of the show here, and puts the creaminess on another level while adding a nut highlight. It accentuates the already added cream notes with buttery goodness. Biscuit is in there to add to that effect without increasing the nut profile.

This recipe was made for drippers. A week steep is necessary to let the butter pecan settle in and let the fruits figure out how they will lay in this mix. In the end, it's a different take on a mango presentation, and not another overwhelming fruit mix. Mango Mas to all.

This tropical delight took several revisions to tame, but the result is a strawberry / orange / mango blend with a lemon citrus accent that sets it off. Better let this one sit for 4 days minimum, it just keeps getting better with age! Mix at 70/30 VG/PG. Enjoy.

loosely adapted from: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/12445
not sure how the costarica special will taste. I have tpa mango, tpa philippine mango, as well as a handful of peach flavors that I could try here as replacements or supplements. Suggestions are welcome!

I started this one almost a year ago and I held this back for a few months until this September because I always though it's not ready, but to hell with it. I enjoy it and my friends enjoy it.

I give you BB-8, the recipe that tries very hard to be a mango lassi and tastes like the feeling you get when you watch BB-8 roll around in The Force Awakens.

Coconut/Cream/Yogurt - Lactones/cold cream/yogurt. CAP Creamy yogurt didn't have enough tang to not be Yoplait, so Greek Yogurt is there to support. It's still not very tangy but it's not supposed to be.

Mango/Sweet Mango/Dragon Fruit - percentages from /u/bigted209's "The Mango!". I lieu of INW Mango, I tried INW Dragon Fruit and that filled the top note tropical hole which TPA and CAP mangos leave behind. Nice.

Cardamom - Gotta have that cardamom. /u/CheebaSteeba says it's overpowering even at 0.0something. Someone somewhere said that that could be because of INW Mango. If you're scared of cardamom, omit it or try at ridiculously low percentages. You? You like it at 0.25% or lower.

Sweetener (Kinda optional) - TPA Sweetener is 5% sucralose, 5% maltol, and it does fit in here, because there's nothing fruity/sugary sweet in here otherwise. CAP Sweet Mango is sweet, but it's only that over-ripe thick sweetness. You need a bit of sugar. Maltol can give a bit of jammy sweetness, which doesn't bother me but I could live without it. Can be replaced with your favorite sweetener. I'm guessing CAP Super Sweet at 0.25-0.5 would be perfect.

I like numbers.

No secret, I really like FA Yogurt, the V2 is good, the bad stuff V1 is better, using V2 here just for a teeny bit of a "round sour note"

LB Vanilla Ice cream, this has to be the most complete ice cream flavor I have ran across, good on it's own up to 10% to taste, 6 to 10 anyways. Does not need any help, IMO

LB Pink Lemonade 2.5% this adds the citrus effect, a good sub for it would be CAP Pink at the same percentage.

Capella Sweet Mango, I adore this stuff, for a truer Mango you can add others, but this does just fine on it's own as well.

TFA Sweetener - This mix really needs it, I was using just EM in it but felt it really needed the "True Sweet" effect that nothing but Sucralose can give it.

So, what this is...

An interesting Dream Bar, it will change from an Orange Cream Bar to a Mango Cream at different wattages and airflow.


Feel Free to add Koolada to taste for a cold one :)

Edit, if you vape this during the first week the ice cream is not fully developed, the citrus is heavy and separate from the Mango. After a week is when this truly comes together.


This one's for the Capella fans. Strawberry, tangerine and a hint of mango come together to form a sweet, tangy and tropical fruit blend. This mixture sits in a light cheesecake base that balances some creaminess with the sparkle of the citrus fruits. Enhancing with a touch of super sweet and cinnamon danish swirl gives this base a uniquely sweet profile.

Excellent as a shake and vape but develops nicely with a 3 day steep. The mango will be upfront to begin with and then fade into the background and let the tangerine and strawberry shine through. Creamy cheesecake becomes even more prominent with a full week steep.

70/30 vg/pg, 12% flavor, 6mg nic, shake and vape or steep 1-2 days. Enjoy!

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