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Lychee mango ice

Still in progress. I wouldnt try raising the super sweet as it makes it taste thick. Ws and polar blast makes start to end cooling. Feel free to try and tweak. Might try adding another mango at 1% to help boost the cap mango

A Triple Mango that is sure to tackle those mango tastebuds.

An Icy Mango that is is progress of becoming the perfect mango.


Shoutout to @mlnikon for one of the best recipes on the site hands down. Mixed countless juices and In a Godda Da Vida holds legend status for a reason. It's such a unique and thought out juice and just 5/5. I can get down with almost every one of Emily's mixes. Check her and @mixenvixens stuff out.
I wanted a little twist on it and stumbled across Da Vida Loca by @MediocreVibes and I felt like he killed it with mango as the addition. This is my take on it and it's not much of a change but it's a fresh enough take to check out if you have the flavors and love the original as much as I do.
You can do without the Pear and Hibiscus if you need to.
V1 had INW Cactus in place of Pear at .5%.

Vaping on 3mm 6-8 wrap .5ohm AVS SS Triple Fused Claptons in a Kylin Mini II 77%VG at 45-55w

Trying to make a black tea mango lemonade mix thing. I feel like it's still missing something, but it is a very pleasureable vape for me and the mango came out decent. You could add some ws-23 to actually make it an ice tea, but I don't like ws in my liquids.

This is an old recipe that I've been making for 4 years exclusively for a friend who refuses to vape anything else. The Bavarian Cream is pushed a lot higher than I would normally push it, but the spiced note really comes out at this percentage. The syrupy richness of Sweet Mango at this percentage blends into the Bavarian Cream after a one week steep. After a week, they blend together to make a rich and lovely full bodied mango cream.

A Delicious mango sorbet, sweet mango mixed into ice cream, thick and tasty the Wonder Flavours island mango is the ultimate star of this recipe, it's sweet and fleshy. The FA Costarica Special (mango) offers some more authentic mango flavour and candy side from the Cap sweet mango. The VTA Banana Custard just adds, extra thickness and I think Banana just really goes well, with mango. This is possible the nicest tropical style recipe I've ever made add 1% WS-23 30% dilution if you like it colder but it's great without. 😋

I have always been a fan of rindy mango vapes like Ripe Mango by Bamskilicious. Granted it was anything but ripe, but that piney mango note always stuck with me. I am also a huge fan of some of the insanely cold vapes from SE Asia. Having worked at vape shops over the years, I have had a number of SE Asian tourists come through and share there menthol vapes with me and have loved how cold they were. So when I started mixing, I worked on this endlessly, and I finally think it is ready for publication. The name is a mash of "Pinoy," a descriptor for things and people from the Philippines, and "Yelo," which is Filipino for "ice." Hence Pinoyelo.

INW Mango: This is my favorite mango on the market, as it really focuses on the rind of the mango.
CAP Sweet Mango: Interestingly, this is my least favorite mango on the market, but it brings a few of the elements of the mango to the surface. I originally wanted to use FLV Mango, especially for the muskiness, but it just takes too much focus off the rind that I am trying to highlight.
Lychee: I am using this primarily as a back note to make it more juicier. Both the INW and CAP mangoes can get a bit dry, so I wanted something that complimented the mango, but didn't take away from the focus. For those who hate lychee, most of the lychee-ness gets lost in the translation.
Super Sweet: This is more a diving board for the flavor. The CAP Sweet Mango really gives it enough sweetness, but it did all get muddled a bit, and still a bit dry.
WS-23: Originally i started with 2%, as I wanted it ungodly cold, but it just got overwhelming after an hour or so. I personally mix mine at 1.5%, but it was too much for most people.

This is my first public recipe. Always open to suggestions.


Just a nice fruity punch flavor. Great for the summer. Shake it vape it. Enjoy. Add super sweet to taste. I add 1 drop per ten ml.

Just trying things and fighting the good fight! Give it a few days to level out!

LB Vanilla Ice Cream, TFA Vanilla Swirl, and SSA Ice Cream Vanilla fill out the ice cream base, while the CCW Devon Cream (optional) helps to add some extra creaminess. Then we have the mix of CAP Sweet Mango and WF Island Mango, a combo which I’ve been using recently, really like, and think works well! I’ve kept the Mango low overall as not to overpower the Ice Cream, but feel free to increase it to your liking if you so desire. Lastly, a bit of Polar Ice and SS are added. Adjust to your liking…or not 😃

Give it a try! Let me know if it sucks or if it’s awesome! This is the first recipe I’ve published here, so your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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