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The base consists of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP) with Cream Fresh (FA) and Meringue (FA). Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) adds to the creamyness.
Topnote is a layering of Sweet Lychee (CAP) with Lychee (FA) accented by Raspberry (CAP).
Rounding of with Super Sweet (CAP).

Enjoy enjoy,


A refreshingly simple, chilled Lychee vape which makes you come back for more, and more...

WTF is a Lychee? "A close relative to the rambutan and longan, the lychee is the ultimate summer fruit you never knew you needed. ... In the lychee, the balance of sweet and tart is perfected. Its light, floral taste — some say it's a grape/rose, others insist pear/watermelon — pairs perfectly with coconut, lime, and other tropical tastes"

FA Lychee provides the smooth, realistic, fresh lychee flavor supported by a touch of sweetness in the form of Cap Sweet Lychee.
FA Cream lends a bit of body and enhances the mouthfeel, which allow the lycheee to show its full potential.
WS23 cools everything down without detracting from the star of show. Feel free to start the WS23 off at 0.25% and adjust up if required.
Sub WS23 with Koolada if needed.

Good on the shake, 3 day steep for the floral notes to subside and meld with the cream.

Check out these references to see what you have been missing out on!

I was looking for a pina colada but without the alcohol note. This mix brings a creamy meringue base to the light citrus pop of the lime and golden pineapple. Adjust the coconut down to .5% for a more rounded taste of the tropics however, at 1% it sits very well with me.

1 drop of Erythritol Solution per 30ml and the Liquid Amber with the Sweet Lychee bring out the fruit notes which naturally compete with the coconut being such a strong flavor. I feel this recipe is done as it's my third batch/tweak on my original idea. Feedback is welcome :)

Good as as shake and vape but better after a 3 day steep on the Meringue.


Lychee Blossom
A vibrant and juicy lychee enveloping a blossom.

Steep time: Can be SnV'd after a real good shake, but best after 2-3 days. Wouldn't steep it too long as the mix isn't as good when FA Red touch inevitably fades.

Mixing notes:
This mix initially came about me trying to get the most out of CAP Sweet Lychee instead of opting for another brand.
I opted to start boosting lychee with other flavorings to see where I could take it:

Cap Sweet Lychee:
While CAP Sweet Lychee isn't bad at all, it has obvious drawbacks. Not very juicy, and a floral offnote. At 4% it gives a solid base to this mix, but gives you some work to do..

FA Red Touch:
At 3% this just gives a pink/red background to the vape and to fill in some of the gaps Sweet Lychee leaves.

TPA Dragonfruit:
At 1% this boosts the brightness and makes the mix more vibrant.

TPA Honeysuckle:
The turning point in the mix. The mix was shaping up to be a nice juicy Lychee but something had to be done about those floral/perfumey notes.
Instead of fighting/hiding that I decided to add Honeysuckle to embrace those notes and tuck them into a hidden flower in the vape.
At 1.5% it does just enough of that while leaving the mix a mainly Lychee profile.

TPA Pear:
After adding honeysuckle and changing the profile of the mix I felt like I needed another fruit to support the bottom of the flavor.
Pear, commonly used as a fruit juice filler, worked perfectly and elevated the mix and gave it more dimension.
Initially started at 2%, and it was good, but opted to lower it to 1.5% to let the rest of the mix come through more.
Edit: Sigh I opted to up it back again to 2 from 1.5 but that is optional. Both versions are good just slightly different. If you'd prefer less lychee go for 2% otherwise drop it to 1.5%.

TPA Sweetener:
My sweetener of choice. Just 0.75%(~3 drops per 10ml) to boost the sweetness of the fruits. Feel free to not use it but I like it more with.

Special thanks to ID10-T, Kopel, and CheebaSteeba for their valuable advice and for taking the time to test <3
Edit: Sept 19th, Reverted my recipe back to the old percentages (1% Dragonfruit vs 1.5%, 2% FA Pear vs 1.5%), so back to the initial version of the recipe.

It's a bangin fruit punch if you have these common flavors.



If anyone mixes this recipe, please give it a review😆
FE SWEET RICE- the first few days this takes the front stage of this recipe, but mellows out with steeping. If you like that really distinct rice flavor you get from this then a S&V/Minimal steeping is probably the best option for you. Otherwise about 5-8 days everything starts blending together

Sweetner- although not really needed, it definitely adds a pop of flavor. Add to taste

Based on the food pairing concept, i came up with the idea to combine the fruity notes of orange, rasperry, lychee with the mellow, strong notes of peanut butter.
Sounds crazy? It is for sure a bit unusual but wow, the peanut does a good job in this recipe.


CAP Sweet Lychee & TFA Lychee.
Great Lychee combination.. Cap sweet has a sweet syrupy/sugary/juicy vibe but It lacks some of the tropical spice I love in a lychee. To cure this I have added 1% TFA Lychee. That's as much as I could do without the mix sliding off the florals cliff, TFA Lychee tends to go floral on your ass after a steep..

TFA Jack Fruit.
Its such a wonderful tropical flavor with notes of cactus, feint banana and I even get a little pineapple in there somewhere. I like the creamy quality and I just had a feeling this may go well with the lychee. I used Dragon fruit initially, but contains too much triacetin so it melds the flavors too much and ended up muting all the flavors.

FA Fuji & FA Lemon Sicily
Fuji was added to give the mix a nice fruity body and FA lemon Sicily really helps brighten the profile as a whole and really makes the profile pop.

CAP Sweet Strawberry
Sweet strawberry lends depth and sweetness whilst not being prominent in the flavor profile. I would have much rather have used strawberry ripe but I am fresh out. Ripe mutes significantly on the steep which would have been ideal for this recipe.

TFA Koolada
Koolada and lychee in my view does not play well. But at this low percentage it has a negligible effect and it just cools the mix down enough to keep it from tasting warm and soggy.

FW Spearmint
Lychee and Jackfruit doesn't stand up to mints very well in general. I feel they both have have light nuisances which is easily masked by additives and I want those to be present in this recipe. At 0.15 it sit lightly on the profile and just adds a nice complexity and summery vibes to the mix.

There is a slight waxiness - it is characteristic of TFA dragon fruit and TFA Lychee. It dies down after a short steep (1 day)

I'd love to hear your thoughts

Notes to come.

Super Sweet (Cap) @ 0.5% / EM @ 1% / Sweetener @ 1-2%


Modeled after cherry blossom candies I used to find as a kid, they were my first introduction to floral type flavors. As I began mixing I slowly began to collect an array of floral flavors, and this recipe represents some of my favorite elements from these flavors.

TPA Cherry Blossom: A faintly floral cherry, with a tart powdered candy type finish. At 4% this stands out brightly against some of the sweeter more syrupy flavors. A very delicate flavor, but not overly potent so this range works well. Once you take this over 4% it gets somewhat astringent.

TPA Honeysuckle: A staple in any floral fan's arsenal. Brightly sweet and juicy, and not perfumey at all. At 4% it acts well as a bright juicy base to help blend the TPA Cherry Blossom just enough to stand out against some of the stronger flavors to follow.

CAP Hibiscus: Mildly floral, but very sweet and almost syrupy in mouth feel. This flavor gets much more perfume like if you take it much higher than 2-3% so at 1.5% it adds just enough sweet hibiscus flavor to stand out from the TPA Cherry Blossom without overpowering it.

CAP Sweet Lychee: Another syrupy sweet. Not very floral but it adds the "Sweets" for our candy profile very effective. Another flavor like CAP Hibiscus that goes to perfume at a high percentage, at 2% it's just enough to shine alongside the others, without overtaking them.

INW Raspberry: A very potent, very sweet raspberry flavor. I was very hesitant to use it this high, but I found at lower percentages it just wasn't showing up. Much to my delight, at 1% it does a wonderful job tying the CAP Sweet Lychee and CAP Hibiscus together to finish our candied fruit profile, while still allowing the others to play their part.

This recipe is decent fresh, but in my humble opinion shines much more after a week steep in a dark cave while it thinks about it's life choices, and how it got here. It underwent countless revisions and revisits before I landed here. If you're into florals of any kind, this one is definitely worth a visit.

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