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(CAP) Sweet Guava

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 2880 recipes at an average of 3.568%.


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An exotic fruit smoothie

I made this up in the warm summer months for days at festivals or on the beach in the evening with a glass of spiced rum and good company.

You could definitely sub sweet strawberry for JF sweet strawberry but keep the flavorah mango as combined with the sweet guava gives the overall sweetness to the recipe.

Update. You can definitely use flavour arts mango costarica special in place of the flv mango at the same percentage

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A tropical blend. Something I made when gay marriage became legal in the USA, Was my girlfriend's ADV for about a year.


An old recipe of mine, pretty simple, pretty delicious. Can easily be an ADV. Juicy guava with some banana and strawberry to back it up. Use Vurve's Smoothie base

VBIC: 1.5%

FA Fresh Cream: .5%

to make it into a smoothie!

Or replace the banana with .5% FA Mango and 2% CAP Sweet Mango for some delicious mango goodness.


Okay so you mixed Watermelon Crack. You may (possibly) have even mixed Grack Juice. INW Grapes and FW Jungle juice can be difficult to use up. But you know what is easy to use? CAP Sweet Guava. Here we have a cool, candy-ish grape with guava coming through underneath. Definitely better than a codeine lean.


Sweet Guava with tart grapefruit and hops bitterness. Thick, dense, and juicy.


Mixed for a user in the Weekly "Suggest a Recipe for my flavors" thread. This is an odd profile, a Creamy guava vape. It's pretty calming and smooth and a great vape if you enjoy the taste of guava. There are a few changes I would make looking back but this is the original recipe. Some changes you could implement : dropping FA Meringue (this milks the recipe up so drop it if thats not what you want), adding TFA Dragonfruit 1% (would help to bridge the fruits and make them just all around brighter), and maybe adding 0.75% of EM for those who need sweeteners.


Guava Cheesecake with a nice thick crust... For some reason the INW Biscuit really shines in this recipe... I think it's great straight away but like always gets better with a steep...

Delicious fruity guava with a dark berry and slight watermelon sweetness. This is my first time using sweet guava and at this percentage it almost has a bubblegum taste to it.

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