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(CAP) Sweet Cream

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: creamy

Used in 3477 recipes at an average of 1.667%.


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I didn't know what to call this so I just used the random name atf gave me. I took Shyndo's lemon frosty base and added blueberries to it. Its a great sweet and creamy blueberry and lemon vape.

H M Cheesecake. Usually anything with H M in the title would create some anxiety due to it more than likely being a court summons or warrent for arrest! Thankfully this is NOT one of those occasions and truth be told,apparently Her Majisty is quite partial to this paticular cheesecake profile. I urge you all to mix this recipe as this is an absolute revelation. Perfectly balanced creams,fruits and biscuits. Fuck its delicious!!A stunningly authentic,deliciously moorish apricot&mandarin cheesecake.

I used 1 drop (CAP) Super Sweet per 10ml.

Please give me your feedback (good or bad) and I hope you all enjoy this one as much as me! 💙

A thick and mellow vape. This is my adv since I like it simple, creamy and sweet.

This was just an experiment of mine to see how a run of the mill cotton candy recipe would mix with a light ice cream. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it. It was smooth and tasty. Going to be trying new fruits soon. Let me know what you think.

Creamy full body blueberry cheesecake. Sweeten to taste using Super Sweet. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Not so much into chocolate vapes myself but people tell me it's great.

I know this isn't the full body rich cheesecake I had in mind when I started. That being said, after trying the first attempt nostalgia kicked in as that graham cracker crust taste came through. Then ever so gently as if to say we are real, the slight strawberry hits you. So this recipe just has to stick for me and I will start from scratch on my original idea. This is a great little all day vape especially here during the holidays. Added quick note, after 3-5 days it is almost spot on imho. Any feedback humbly accepted as I am only about 3 weeks into diy as of this post.

A simple, smooth dessert RY4.
Holy Vanilla is a BEAST! I love vanilla, and Holy Vanilla is a rich, unique offering in the vanilla realm. The Sweet Cream, and Vanilla Swirl were added to smooth out, and induce the flow; while the RY4 Double provides that rich, caramel/light RY4 groove. All seem to blend very well together, and top off a great meal!
You can enjoy this after 5-7 days, but I like it after 2 weeks.

2nd try at this recipe. I accidentally deleted the first one trying this again. I wanted to make a liquid that reminds me of a drink I had in Singapore. The profile I'm going for is a cold lychee coconut shake with a hint of strawberry

Honeysuckle is there to support Sweet Lychee on the back end. May try a mix of other lychee concentrates.

Had a tough time deciding with the coconut mix. Originally had FA Coco mixed with TPA Coconut Candy but Coco dies down on the steep. Sweet Cream's cheesy note helps prop up the coconut flavor and creaminess.

Pomelo is there for overall brightness. Per usual Koolada is optional

This is my take on a very creamy pudding with horchata. I love how sweet cream and VT pudding interact with each other. Horchata smooth is indeed the horchata part, but I wanted to be subtle as I find it easily overpowering. Brown sugar, Caramel and Creme Brulee make a very intense crust and the kettle korn plaice that little grainy part of the pudding. I didn't have sweet rice handy, otherwise that would be better but probably at higher %. I like it as SV but some steep would make it better!

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