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TS Raspberry Cheesecake is Tastey Puff

A double stuffed rasberry vanilla cream Oreo cookie. Get this Raspberry cheesecake flavoring. Promise you.

Here is a solid example of a situation where you could use fw sucralose or cap super sweet. Cap ss has citric acid in it which helps it HIT your fruits. SO, in an example where you have a bakery with a fruited filling, CAP SS helps HIT that filling vs the bakery.

In opposition, fw sucralose works better with bakeries in general.

Figure it out.

Love yoooooouuuuuuuu ❤🤘

Profile: Apple-Raspberry Cake Donut

  • Recipe was a shot in the dark that turned out pretty good
  • V1 Recipe tweaking incoming so stayed tuned for v2
  • Starting percentage for super sweet is .5% up to 1%
  • Overnight steep recommended but decent off the shake

I challenged the Developed crew against their Sadboy remix. I believe this recipe is superior, as am I.

A refreshing pink lemonade for the summer time!
I have mixed a few different versions of this and I feel this one has just enough "pink" while maintaining the strong crispness from the lemon.

I'm using CAP lemon lime to add more of a carbonated lemonade flavour as FW lemonade in its own is quite watery tasting.
VTA sweet raspberry is at a strange percentage because if I pushed it to 3 percent it forced out the lemonade feel of the recipe and made it a bit more syrupy, but at 2.5 I felt it wasn't present enough in the mix.
The strawberry ripe is adding some more body and inherent sweetness aswell as pinking it up more!
TPA Dragon fruit is of course to juice it up and FLV pink Guava is the magic zap that the recipe needed to really add more authenticity and turn the recipe from "pink" to "PINKKK!!!"

I made this recipe because I love FW lemonade and it suits the hot weather we are getting at the moment.
I'm usually playing more with bakeries but this recipe I find very refreshing and full flavoured.

I'm testing this on a Citadel RDA with a Flat Ni80 Clapton, 0.3 ohms at 60 to 75 watts.

It's great as a shake and vape but certainly benefits from a day or two to let the lemon die down a tad for the pink to push through!

Let me know what you think!

A summer time monster melon mash up, sweet and refreshing with a nice chill effect from the Chefs additive WS-23 30% dilution.

The Fuji FA adds a little body to the recipe plus sweetness without distracting you from the melons.

Sweet Candy Cap is the overall winner in this mix a solid addition rounds off the harsher notes I'd noticed in other versions.

And the Marshmallow vanilla just fluffs everything up nicely adding to the sweetness


Challenge accepted! Daniel Coombes, thank you for trying to break my brain (grins). So here's where my thought process went. Using French Vanilla and Vanilla Custard II to push the vanilla in the vanilla custard part of this recipe. The meringue to give the bottom of the bowl concept in cereal with the vanilla custard. Cereal 27 with FA cookie (boosting the AP with cookie) and layering with the hazelnut to push a little more 'nuttiness' to the mix. Because I wanted a sweet cereal, added the sweetener.

Remix of Gemini Vapors Koi is a Melon mix with a creamy combination of coconut exhale and sweet finish. I love all the old School recipes I found a few from 2016 but updated this with some newer flavors...

A long time ago i have got a fine liquid with peanutbutter and notes of cocoa. But i can´t remember the name. It was a Premium Liquid from the USA.

So... This is my try to clone this. I´m still working on this recipe. But it´s great right now, i think i´ve got it ;-)

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Both Lime & Avocado share in common green and grassy notes while Lime’s piney scent compliments the subtle nuttiness of Avocado. Adding Lime to Avocado and you've got yourself a classic combo. Now add this to the “Kiwifruit Fool” which is an English dessert of puree fruit in layers of a Sweet Creamy Custard made with a combination of Kiwi, Yogurt and a dash of Vanilla for a Super Creamy Custard.

A mangosteen tea. The sweet tea really mellows out the funky taste of the mangosteen. I think the sweetener is necessary. You may not.

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