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A nice sweet and tarty fruit combo. These fruits blend so well together to create and outstanding mouthful of greatness. You can leave in the Cap super sweet which gives off some powerful sweetness or just take it out and enjoy the flavors blended together without being overly sweet.

I just created this today. Will update as time goes on. Off the shake and vape on the inhale you get a sweet soft candy like lemon. on the exhale you get a sweet candy like strawberry. Really loving this even as a shake and vape.


I LOVE custard vapes. I've looked at so many different recipes. I'm new to mixing, but I had to try my hand at it. More than willing to take constructive criticism. Mix it up and let me know what you think!!!

My clone of Vape Chemist's MPC
"MPC is an irresistible combination of our world famous Philippine Mango baked into a fresh-from- the-oven Pound Cake." -Vape Chemist

This is what I've​ come up with, and it's really quite simple... Now this juice has won the Spinfuel Choice Award. So it just goes to show that you don't need to have a recipe with 87 different flavors and crazy ass percentages... It's still a work in progress and I'm not sure about how much sweetener should go into it. I don't have any of the original and nobody near by sells it... I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this juice when i had it and I hope you will enjoy what I've come up with.

(TPA) Philippine Mango: a nice ripe sweet mango with an almost buttery sweetness. Not overly sweet, just nice and sugary ripe sweet. It's the 🌟 of the show here (as stated in the name) and I believe that 6% does it here...

(FLV) Pound Cake: a nice sweet and dense pound cake flavor with an almost coconutty after taste/hint... This here is the other half of the name and at 3% comes out enough to handle the mango but not overtake it. THIS IS the pound cake flavoring used in the original because it has that aftertaste.

Play with the percentages and or sweetener to see what you think, but from the last 4 batches I've done I think it's close enough to drop the recipe on y'all...😎 If anyone has any ideas and or comments hit me up and let me know what you think. Happy mixing... Enjoy!

UPDATE: since the release of this recipe I've updated it..

(FA) Coconut​/(FA) Nonna's Cake/(FLV) Mango: all these add to/enhance the flavor profile that I've got going on here... They give the juice a more vivid flavor and now I think this might be better than the original! 🤔

Hope you enjoy the​ recipe!!!

One of my favorite Youtubers has a flavor that I really enjoy, but I always had things that I said I would change about it. Once I entered the DIY realm I had my chance. This is a cool vape for after you've eaten a meal or brushed your teeth. I always have this on hand ready to be dripped. No steep necessary, but I like to let it sit for a day or two. Great on a series box. :)

Trying to think of other recipes where I can use some o the FE green tea I have on hand. If you don't have toasted almond try using a little FA Coconut, depending on your personal preference.

Sometimes we take all our skills and struggle to perfect a mix. This is NOT one of those times. This time the stars aligned and blew up a beautiful sweet pink starburst on the first try. Now there was for thought in the percentages and the FA Mandarin plays off that tangy juicyness you get from an actual starburst. The Real Flavors is the Super Concentrate so keep that in mind speaking of Mind get yours blown and mix this shit.

Inspired by one of my favorite mixers, mlNikon. Her recipe for white chocolate berry mocha was the basis for this creation. Thanks Emily!

I love the strawberry limeades from Sonic. I make one at home sometimes and the only thing missing is the seed flavor, that is the only reason it is still "In Progress" but this is the closest I have gotten to the profile without too much extra noise and once I find a strawberry with seeds I will update.
I am also open to suggestions on a flavoring.

"hey sparky" is just like hey, this is like a shock of rejuvenation!! at least that's how I feel about drinking these.. ;0)


I originally made this with different strawberry blends but this is really nice after a good 5 day steep.

I built this house with bare hands and bricks, concrete and spit. Then I filled it with Fuzzy Love...

The dimensional crack for the haters is stuffed but just for mentioning love, that fuzzy love. For the moments we lost and the fuzz we forgot.. Keep it FULL MIGHTY.. Much FUZZ.

I also have a Pineapple and Cherry version of this as well..

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