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(CAP) Super Sweet

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 40251 recipes at an average of 0.581%.


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For all those sitting outside on one of those hot summer nights and craving a more natural and refreshing vape, dont look any further.
This is a delicious blueberry frozen yoghurt recipe, which for me hits this spot exactly.
I wanted to really nail a more natural taste experience instead of a candied overly sweet one and this recipe truely did this for me.

Also my first recipe release so if you try this please consider leaving a review on how you liked it or what you might change.
Road to perfection is a hard one as you know.

Flavor description

I used the blueberry trinity (FW, TPA & FA) as a base here because it brought a lot of the blueberry aspects i wanted already. The billberry is upped a bit in percentage to pull the blueberry a bit more to the natural side.
FW blackberry is added here for a bit more depth and help the blueberry flavor not to get lost in the yoghurt and the WS-23.

FW yoghurt is great as a base cream here for the thicker mouthfeel and creamyness. FLV greek yoghurt adds that little zingy slightly sour undertone of a natural yoghurt, which i wanted in this recipe. At last the little bit of VTA milkshake base added really well to that natural yoghurt taste to make the cream consistent even when adding WS-23 (Ran into muting issues with cooling agents and creams in the past a lot)

FE Lemon is not really noticable as a lemon flavor in the recipe more there to boost and help seperate the blueberry from the yoghurt to make it taste like whole blueberrys in a yoghurt more than blueberries blended into a yoghurt.
WS-23 for cooling obviously can also be taken higher or left out completely. Tweak to your likings ;)
Super Sweet, "only" 0.25% because i dont like my recipes overly sweet and the prominent blueberry already brings a good bit of natural sweetness by itself

Effervescent Powder - Raspberry (Si) is Sasami's Raspberry Sherbet

I was wanting a candy vape and blue raspberry would work perfectly. Oddly, I used to strongly dislike blue raspberry vapes and now, they're one of my favorites.

Sour blue raspberry candy WF and River Supply blue raspberry make up the foundation.

Raspberry TFA is used to boost the raspberry note, do not use sweet raspberry.

Sour lemon VT is used to brighten the recipe.

Raspberry Sherbet Sasami is a flavor that completes the recipe. It's excellent in candy recipes. If you do not have this, you can omit it and boost the sour lemon by 0.25%

Sweeten to your liking, 0.75% CAP super sweet is perfect for my liking in this mix.

Steep - Shake and Vape (comes together after 1 day)

VG/PG - 70/30

Developed in the Barrage and Reload S with N80 Quad Core (0.2-0.3)

Please leave a review and comment.

Pretty straight ahead profile on this one. Generic grocery store brand vanilla greek yogurt, inspired by my last shopping trip.

TFA Greek does most of the heavy lifting delivering that love it or hate it flavor. As a main note its used at the top of its workable limit.

TFA French Vanilla gives our first vanilla note as well as adding some thickness to the yogurt. Bavarian cream usually works well in this role but I was looking for a full vanilla flavor so this seemed like a better choice. FA Madagascar is our 2nd vanilla bring a ton of flavor to the mix.

CAP juicy lemon is used real low to add a bit more bite to the yogurt while not adding a lemon flavor, reinforcing the sharpness. Super sweet to taste, 0.5% gets me where I like it. Gotta let this one sit for a few days, but good to go after that if youre looking for a yogurt vape.

this is using Nevan's ice cream trinity and adding upon this some blueberry.


This is my take on a Coconut Horchata. I paired CAP Horchata with TFA Horchata Smooth. Together they build a nice body, creaminess and foundation. Considering Horchata already has a hint of cinnamon, I'm only adding 2.5% of FW Cinnamon Roll. I also didn't want cinnamon to stand out too much in the recipe. For the Coconut I'm using TFA Coconut Candy. By far this is my favorite of all the other coconut flavors. It really stands out. My go to milk base is always VT Milk Base. IMO it's the most authentic milk flavor. I've tried the recipe as a shake n vape and it's quite good but I would give it 3 days so all the creaminess can settle in. Try it and give me your feedback..... Enjoy!!

Strawberry shortbake

Simple profile but done well, a strawberry shortcake profile is familiar in the DIY community and there’s certainly no shortage of them but here’s my take on it, the combination of the strawberries is key here and the assist from the cream cheese in the strawberry cheesecake helps the cream Stand out a little more, definitely shake and vapeable But best after a week.

If you like this recipe and what I do then please rate and review accordingly :)

This is my attempt at Tahitian Treat soda. I don't think they make this stuff anymore, but I grew up drinking tons of this stuff.

My personal recipe for a rich vanilla RY1 .... My all time favorite custards include (WF) vanilla Runyan and (FA) premium I added Flavorah Turkish to the mix for spicy woodsy notes and toped it off with white chocolate and biscuit for added mouthfeel and texture super delicious give it a mix and tell me what you think...

So... I mixed this yesterday and have been vaping it all day at work, not sure if its just because todays been the hottest day of the year but this has gone down a storm.
Blue Razz Sprite and i think the Flv Blueberry (aka Grape) really lifts and sweetens this up

Premium Custard speaks for itself at 3%

Raspberry Jelly Bean adds a darker note which fits the custard well. Tastes like a raspberry jam

Portuguese egg tart and crumble topping make up the base-mid notes

Flavor Notes