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(CAP) Super Sweet

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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This is a nice well balanced textured Peanutbutter and chocolate cupcake. Taste Good on the Shake. Great after 3 day steep. Mixed at 60/40. Nice and sweet just like I want it to be. Plus this uses my absolute favorite chocolate concentrate. If you.
Never had inw Chocolate Cream it’s. A must have.


This is a really easy, yet complete, root beer recipe with vanilla ice cream. FLV Root Beer is easily all you need, and the vanilla is just accent. I've messed around with FLV Root Beer a lot, and always just go back to something simple and at 5% the flavor pulls through on any kind of device. RDA, Subtank, Ego, w.e. Just a solid and simple recipe that is sure to impress anyone who likes root beer.


This juicy vape starts with Lemonade (LA) supported by Lemon Sicily (FA) which are pretty amazing alone. The next layer is a typical Strawberry profile comprised of Ripe Strawberry (TPA) supported by Sweet Strawberry (Cap). Then we have the Kiwi (FA) that ties everything together while adding a lot of depth. The overall mix is finished with a few supports, Cactus (INW) (I use a 10% dilution in PG @ .5%) makes it wonderfully juicy, Pear (FA) sweetens and cuts some of the bitter finish of the lemon, and just a little Super Sweet (Cap) takes away the bitter aftertaste that can build when chain vaping. Some vaping styles can probably get away without the Super Sweet.

Steeping: This is certainly SnV viable but I recommend a couple days for the Cactus to settle down and for everything to meld nicely.


this is my best version of fruity pebbles and cheesecake/graham crust helps with the flakiness of the fruity pebbles and the creams make up a nice creamy dairy for the milk

I enjoyed EdibleMalfunction's Blue Raspberry candy so I decided to try and take it in a little bit of a different direction. I took his/her use of Raspberry and Peach, to create the Blue Raspberry flavour. And gave it an extra kick with the Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. I also changed the CAP Jelly Candy to 27 Bears as I really enjoy the flavour and the gummy mouthfeel. I have tested with CAP Jelly Candy and it is really good as well.

Have you ever tried Baileys White Chocolate peppermint bark coffee creamer? Well this is my favorite holiday creamer in my morning coffee. I prefer my coffee to be pretty heavy on the cream and sugar. This is just that. A perfect cup of joe loaded with that wonderful holiday creamer.

LB White chocolate peppermint has proven to be an amazing flavor perfectly balanced between the white chocolate and the peppermint. The mint isn’t over powering and fits just right. I have mixed this recipe with variances anywhere from 3-8 percent. 8 percent left me the perfect taste and really allowed it to stand out in this mix as it is the main note.

FA cappuccino was my coffee of choice because to me it can bend very well with the help of the condensed milk and sweet cream. At 2% the coffee flavor wasn’t too forward but just sat there as a nice accent for the white chocolate peppermint.

The vanilla bean ice cream is there to help blend the ingredients together and of course the Super Sweet is completely optional. I love my sweet coffee.

I have been vaping on this since I have mixed it 7 days ago and it just keeps getting better.

ENJOY!!!!! 💖


I love a nice coffee vape in the mornings. A nice sweet cup of freshly brewed cappuccino complete with frothed milk on the top.


This is my recipe for the holiday season. Ive always loved a nice butter rum/ butterscotch drink. With the holidays creeping up on us i knew exactly what i needed to do. This profile is reminiscent of a holiday, spiked, butter rum eggnog. With wonderful bourbon and butter rum boozy notes mixed wonderfully with the creamy dulce de leche and the sweet decadent spice of a tasty holiday eggnog.


Recipe is from jfm development strawberry jam monster I change strawberry for blueberry


Banana Bread Dipped in Caramel Dusted With Cinnamon with an Accent of Tobacco at the End.
-> Mixed on "Live Mixing: Annual DIY E-liquid Discussion"

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