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(CAP) Super Sweet

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Mixing up in honor of Saint Patty's day since I cant find any green beer flavoring

Images and Words: An album by Dream Theater that I could listen to all day long. This is my tour de force, my ADV. I have been working on this recipe for about two months now, and I think that I've finally nailed it.

Flavor Profile to Hit: A fresh NY Cheesecake topped with cinnamon glazed blueberries.

FW Blueberry: A very sweet blueberry. This blueberry is bright and fresh. In my opinion, this is the best blueberry to hold up to all of the creamy components of this recipe. FA Bilberry could probably also be used for it's darker blueberry notes, in a super low percentage.
FA Bilberry: This blueberry is a little bit darker than most of the blueberry aromas out there, and it's addition in this recipe would add just a little bit more depth to it's FW cousin. The percentages have to be kept very low when working with this flavor, as it will completely drown out EVERYTHING in a mix.
FLV Rich Cinnamon: I made a 1/10 dilution of this flavoring, but .05 is the percentage for the undiluted concentrate.
CAP NY Cheesecake: The only cheesecake that came to mind during my initial planning phases, and this one is a complete winner! The thickness and mouthfeel are just right, while not completely overpowering the mix with it's sweetness.
TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust): This is being used to add a little more creaminess and mouthfeel to the CAP NY Cheesecake, as well as add to the graham notes of the TFA Graham Cracker Clear.
CAP Vanilla Custard v1: At just one percent, this flavoring "thickens" up the entire mix. Anybody that knows me, knows that I absolutely love this flavoring, and it fits nicely into the mix.
TFA Graham Cracker Clear: This flavoring, of course, is the base of our beautiful cheesecake. The crust of a cheesecake is something that has to be sweet, buttery, and crunchy. This component hits all of those marks for me, with flying colors.

Many thanks to the members of the DIYorDIE Discord chat for helping me finish this recipe!


My all day, everyday vape. I've been through several different recipes and revised this one several times but I finally have it where I want it. The blueberry is light. Not overpowering. The cheesecake blends so well with the icecream with only a note of the graham crust and the icecream is delicious with the addition of sweet and bavarian creams. I've made it in the past with tpa sweetener but it doesn't compare to caps super sweet IMO. I love this mix and I hope you will too!


this is a straight up vanilla bean ice cream that you buy from the grocery store guys

this is completely so yummy that I cant stop vaping it and I have too keep making bottles & bottles of it its so good ppl mix this up and enjoy!

feel the need for a cup of tea?
sweet tea with dark and juicy undertones?

look no further, i've got you covered

maybe you have to lower the percentage of both tea flavours to get a lighter taste


So this is my attempt at a clone of Betty by Pinup Vapors. It is a sweet fruity vape and changes with temp, build, and wattage. It is an extremely complex recipe and trying to recreate it was a hard task as taste is subjective and the flavor keeps changing as you vape it. Give this a shot and let me know what you think if you have had the original.

Fa - Oba Oba - This is where the magic happens of the flavors changing. By its self it is just a weird flavor but with all of these fruits it for some reason picks and chooses what you taste.

Fa Blackcurrant/Forrest Fruit - This is a great combo and could be a mix on its own. The sweetness of both of these help boost the entire profle and are the main notes or what you may taste most in this mix.

Cap Golden pineapple / Pina colada - This is what gives that nice pina colada flavor in this mix you may taste just the pinapple but then you may taste that pina. This is the middle note or what you will taste some times when the time is right and the mix says you need a change of pace.

Cap Sweet Mango /Sweet Strawberry - This is the least prominent flavor in this profile or at least what I tasted the least of. You sometimes get a mango vape sometimes a strawberry sometimes both of them together. Some people including myself have a strong taste for mango AKA can taste it in the juice no matter what. If you feel like this is you crank that down to 1% or lower if your tasting a strong mango and your not a fan of the Mangos.

TFA Marshmallow- Strictly to add the mouthfeel and make this feel more like a full vape.

Cap Super sweet- This can range from .5% to 1% depending on how sweet you like your stuff and if you want to change your coils every day.. I recommend the half a percent but i dont like cleaning coils every day and it is plenty sweet for me but as always you may find you want more sweetness.


Well its been a while since I dropped a recipe. I've been working on a watermelon kiwi candy lately and I'm pretty happy where this is at. On the front you get a watermelon with kiwi accents and the sugar that comes with all candies. This recipe has been my ADV for the last week. It's simple and yet offers enough to keep coming back for more.

I've use FW candy watermelon and FW kiwi as these pair up really well. I've found FW seems to do candies very well. I've used watermelon at 4% and kiwi at 2.5% because I wanted the watermelon candy present throughout the vape and kiwi on the tail end.

TFA Marshmallow is so great and when picking which marshmallow to go with I needed something to fluff up the mix and make it taste sticky. Marshmallow at 2% is enough to not give off any marshmallow flavour.

Now as for cotton candy and CAP super sweet. They are perfect for a candy recipe and I tried using just tfa sweetener, but the water content really does kill the mix. You can sub CAP super sweet with FW sweetener at 1%.

Delicious donut with a nice Blue raspberry taste on the inhale with a maple donut on the exhale. Just a nice blend. Has a pefect amount of sweetness.


Milk leftover in bowl after eating frosted cornflakes and slivered almonds.

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