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Wow this tastes almost identical to (The Fix) from Twisted Tongue 👅 ejuice except the fix is a strawberry cheesecake that tastes like strawberries and cream and this tastes just like that but a little sweetener and imo better! Tested on a wasp nano rda. This recipe gets better with age so at least 3 days before you crack the bottle.

One of my first loves in vaping was Kilos Dewberry Cream . Since 2015/16 I have recreated the liquid over and over this will be my final time . The Combination of Honeydew with Blueberries and Strawberries is amazing. Vanilla Swirl helps bring all the fruits together and the FV ( thick) rounds out the cream part . Honeydew/ Strawberry /Blueberry together create Dewberry...I do have another Dewberry recipe I enjoy as well but that recipe uses a couple flavors that a lot of people dont use. I remade this to share so others can mix ...Hope you enjoy

Just a french toast i was hoping would taste good after a good steep will check back and let yall know eh

Summer is here and so is the season for sherbet. One of the hardest profiles to nail and I think I found the holy trinity for Rainbow Sherbet.
Enjoy the Fruity, Creamy, Smooth, Refreshing Rainbow Sherbet this mix doesn't just give an impression, it gives you an accurate Rainbow Sherbet where you taste every flavor in it. Each fruit is fruity as well as creamy with that cream finish on the exhale.

  • Starting Percentage Super Sweet .5%
  • Keep (INW) Raspberry percentage as increasing it will overpower mix
  • As Orange Cream steeps it becomes more present and thickens out
  • Vanilla Swirl emulsifies all the fruits to become one in the mix as it would taste eating the sherbet itself
  • Add WS-23 or Cooling Agent to your liking!
  • V1 Stay tuned

Fruity goodness. Just threw this together since my LA watermelon got here in the mail finally.

I have to write ten words in order to share

I have to write ten words in order to share

Remix of Mexican corn cake with ooo corn bread and my fav sweetener mix. Its good I've made 300ml’s of it so far

Profile: Butterscotch Pudding

Inhale: Butterscotch Exhale: Rich/Creamy/buttery pudding

This is best described as a warm roasted flavor.There is definitely Pecan notes there, but the emphasis is on warm and toasty! When I got to this point I just stopped tinkering with it. This is delicious.

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