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Fruity Bliss

Needed to mix up something before work, grabbed a few flavors that have worked together well in some of my other mixes and ran with it. Nice fruity, slightly candied vape, watermelon forward with some strawberry and dragonfruit accents.

Sweeten to taste.

Shake n vape.

I’ve had HC Lemon sitting on the shelf since shortly after the Noted Lemon episode with Kindground. Unfortunately HC has discontinued Lemon.

Chessecake coconut, delicioso, sugestão para melhorar sempre é bem vinda... Obrigado

I got the idea for this while watching developed doing their interactive mix.
I decided to go after my own peach and cream with a nice full mouth feel.
The peach pie and cream is a great peach flavor and adds just a touch of crust, along with Honey peach to help boost the peach. Scorched Caramel helps to cook the peaches and adds a caramel/brown sugar to the mix. For my creams I choose to use Vanilla Custard V2 with VT Vanilla Cream and Sweet Cream and then filled out with Marshmallow vanilla to give it a fuller mouth feel. Super sweet to sweeten the peaches and the creams.
7days for the steep to allow the peaches to mellow and the creams to blend.

Half peach half marshmallow ring candy

(FLV)Peach gummy is the star of the show , supported by (FA)White Peach and (TPA)Nectarine to give a full candy citrucy peach flavor.
(VTA)Creaming soda is used as a bridge.It has a nice berry candy note with some fluffy vanilla notes as well.(OOO)Marshmallow Vanilla gives that full marshmallow mouthfeel and the lingering vanilla endnote is supported by the candy vanilla note from the Creaming Soda

I do get a throathit on almost all peach mixes so i enjoy this after a 5day steep.Its def vapable as a SnV tho.

Sweeten to taste

Tested on a citadel with SFC 0.5 Ohms @ 40Watts

After having Aurora 4 I wanted a Chocolate mint. This mint isn't anything like that however, this vape is just as nice.

Shake and vape, the mint is the over powering flavor.

After about 3 days of steeping, the chocolate comes into play very mildly.

So hoping a week long steep will calm the mint down just a tad and have the perfect mixture. If not, it should come down in 2 weeks time.

This recipe was created on our LIVE Interactive Mixing Podcast. We picked the profile and the viewers picked the flavorings, and they didn't let us down!

We set out to make a Peaches & Cream recipe, and we did, but, we stumbled into something even more exciting... A YOGURT! The combination of PUR Condensed Milk and FW Yogurt seems to make a perfect Yoplait type yogurt. We can see this yogurt base being paired with many different top notes....you choose. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/mRjrC_CfB5M .
We're guessing that the steep time will be around 5 days, but will update if necessary.

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This is a mix I made from leftovers from other mixes. I really enjoy Ry4 mixes, so that’s what I based it on. The 1st Pot Mess while being good, lacked a little punch, hence the Ry4 Asian, it gives it that little bit more depth.
The Marshmallow is used as a sweetener, because it is a little more subdued than than normal Sweetener, which I’ve used, but in a smaller amount.
This could be used straight away, but will get better after time, the longer the better.

A smooth cream soda infused with raspberry and a creamy vanilla finish.

Sweet Moscato e-liquid is a sweet fruit blend without the any calories. Primary flavours include peaches, white grapes, pears, and melons to satisfy any vaping connoisseur.
I started this with the VT White Grape and FA Wine Champagne. I added the Brut Bubble wine for an added boozie note. I choose to infuse the wine with hints of peach, pear, and melon. The tonic water adds some depth and a boost of light citrus to aid in the infusion of the other fruit flavors.

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