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A simple Blueberry that's smooth and I keep going back to this so I shared it with you.

Please let me know if this is out there already.

“Blueberry shortbread cookie with icing” A really good blueberry vape.everything mixes together so well in this recipe.gotta make a big batch

Simple lychee. Syrupy and delicious. Cheated a little with the apple and a hint of strawberry

This is similar to my lemon lime recipe. This one is a sweet buttery butterscotch cookie with great flavor through out. This does need at least 10 day steep but 12 is better.
Give me some feed back please..

Please let me know if same recipe has been done by someone else already...

This is the actual version I vape of my OG Custard recipe.
The Longer you steep it the better it gets
I make a 500ml bottle and the best moment is when i remember i have like 100ml left, after 6 months or so, and try it ... my god its liquid heaven.

This has DAAP
This has Fructose
This Is Bad For You

This is thick, sweet, heavy and a very tasty Vanilla Custard Pie

Pretty old school flavours .. but men if works, it works..


Sweet and syrupy berries with a blast of menthol.

“Like chewing ice cubes filled in with syrupy blueberries, strawberries , blackberries and raspberries. “

FLV Alpine Strawberry and INW Just Berries are very strong flavours and here work perfectly to stay strong against this blast of Cooling flavours.

I suggest a week of steep for letting menthol and peppermint to calm down a bit, and letting the fruits to develop a bit more, nontheless, It is shake and vape certified for menthol people.

This recipe is a Very Very strong Icy mix if you are not used to menthol/Ice flavourings you may not be able to vape it at first but let everything calm down and give it a try.

I was going to work on this one some more but it's good like it is. Lol. 10 day steep it's worth the wait.

Please let me know if this recipe is some where else so I can change from original to give proper credit.

A 10 day steep is required. But after the 10 day steep it keeps getting better.

Layers of strawberry with a strong biscuit cookie taste. Strawberry all the way through with bakery notes that makes it very flavorful.

Me and my wife both liked the Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie but we like OUR recipe better.
She uses a Voopoo TPP coil, I use Oxva (rta) dual coil and this recipe is great in both.

If you see this recipe else where please let me know and I will change from original recipe to give credit to someone.

This is killer I really didn't know what I was making when this came to me but this is probably my favorite lemon flavor ever and the only apricot Flavor I have ever had. So I was watching a DIY live stream and I had a massive amount of ingredients to go through to make something different something new and something I never had before and the end result is lapricot cereal and it's in the name lemon apricot cereal. This is the totally expensive organic dried fruit cereal that looks amazing but always seems to pricey to buy but you give in and realize that you were wrong the whole time this cereal is worth more than the$7 dollars you paid for a 10oz box lol if you love those types of things then this is that high end organic cereal of your dreams! The fig is only for chewy texture of the fruits and the biscuit is for cereal grit and meringue is for a touch of creaminess. I tested in a wasp nano everyday for about 3 days and the flavor gets better and better. I hope you love this one as much as I do and I need to mention that the flavor of anything you vape will vary based on the atomizer you use. I recommend a single coil banger such as the wasp nano RDA. PS this works well as a shake n vape but is the best after 3 days steep time. Enjoy

Nothing to say here.. simple ,easy, delicious apple croissant. If you want caramel, butterscotch, cream cheese icing just add it!

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