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Your home made apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I'm trying to create a pancakes and maple syrup recipes. This is still a work in progress. Any advice is appreciated

We mix Angel and Fluffy White cake together for an incredible cake base, then take Sweet Cream and Frosting, for a delicious buttercream frosting, toss in some sweetener, and congratulations on your new wedding cake recipe! I work with a beginner's DIY group so I try to make a lot of simple recipes that work well together. This is simple but really sweet and tasty. I hope you enjoy it.

Straight up Dannon yogurt with raspberry and boysenberries. Excellent simple mix. This 2 flavor yogurt base combo of ooo and SSA yogurts is one of my favorite yogurt bases that I have come up with. If you try it out, feel free to give me a shout and tell me what you think

Work in progress, your classic butterscotch ripple ice cream with a twist.

My first interpretation of a raspberry cheesecake will keep updated with flavor notes.

Banana Cheesecake Turnt Pudding? Of so I knew what I wanted going into this but the end results are even better. So instead of Cheesecake I’m getting a stovetop Vanilla Pudding mixed with mashed Bananas and topped with Banana slices there’s a super light undertone of a Nilla cookie/ Graham crust but the taste of fresh ripe authentic Bananas and creamy Vanilla Pudding is undeniable. So good make you wanna slap yo great great great grandmama! 5Days steep is a must! Terrific in duel coil RTAs suck as the reload RTA or anything slightly restrictive!

Lychee mango ice

Still in progress. I wouldnt try raising the super sweet as it makes it taste thick. Ws and polar blast makes start to end cooling. Feel free to try and tweak. Might try adding another mango at 1% to help boost the cap mango

A delicious, cool and refreshing vape with grape and blueberry tones. Reminiscent of a grape flavoured hard candy with bright blueberry flavour.

  • Originally mixed 6mg using smooth nicotine salt
  • Excellent shake 'n' vape
  • Flavour subtly blends and strengthens with an overnight to two day steep.


Really nice cookie RY4 that tastes great after about a week. The vanilla pudding, Devon cream, cookie and biscuit work in tandem to give a nice dessert base. Then the RY4 Double with a touch of red burley makes a tobacco that really finishes everything off.

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