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(CAP) Super Sweet

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
Buy From: gremlin

Flavor Profile: additive

Used in 21884 recipes at an average of 0.566%.


1572 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A simple 3 ingredient pistachio ice cream, not too thick, heavy, and sweet like most of the commercial ones. I chose FW Vbic because I like the bright vanilla and good but not overbearing cream flavor. And used HS cream just to add a touch of heavy cream, I suppose FLV cream would work also.

Sometimes the logic works better then memory. I never had something like this recipe in my life, but I knew that these ingredients should work well together. So I mixed them and... BOOM. It's delicious!

FE Sweet rice 3% and just 0.25% of FA cinnamon ceylon it's what I always mix when I want rice desserts.

FLV Sweet coconut 3% is the true fruit, the white pulp of coconut. But it is weak, so I need a bit of commercial coconut flavor. Fa cocò 1% it's the perfect pairing.

I need a sweet candy pistachio here so I use RF pistachio at 2%

FW blood orange is a complex flavor: it has a fruit part that talk with coconut and a bitter part to make a compensation to the sweeteness of RF pistachio.

You need a 0.5% of sweetener to help the coconut to rise up and to mute down the rice off-note.
I'm very proud of this recipe and I have to thank a lot of mixers for inspiration: @ENYAWREKLAW for his note about FE sweet rice, all the NOTED crew ( @mlnikon - @ID10T - @CheebaSteeba ) for their explanation of RF pistachio and FLV sweet coconut.

Enjoy and don't forget to review.

A sweet, sugary, delectable sugar cookie cake. Been loving this one so far.

A sweet, sugary, delectable sugar cookie cake. Been loving this one so far.

Warm and deep fried apple cinnamon fritter. Inspired by Mr Fritter from Cuttwood. It's not supposed to be a clone, just craftet to suit my personal taste.

Pic by www.crazyforcrust.com


This is part 2 of a 3 part recipe dump regarding the main flavor Cap Golden Pineapple. Part one was a stupid simple Pineapple Cheesecake.
Link to part one: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/138490#stupid_simple_pineapple_cheesecake_pineapple_dump_1_3_by_rockyharlow

Anyhow, on to part 2.

Running with the theme of pineapple bakeries: I opted to work on a cookie that incorporated chunks of dried pineapple, the style you may find in many generic trail mixes. Chewy, nearly fibrous, with a flavor unique unto itself. The end result here is nearly as close as I am able to come, at least with the resources available to me at the moment.

Our dried pineapple chunks are sourced from CAP Golden Pineapple at 4%. At this level we find pineapple at the top of the mix, but not so overdone that it's all we taste. Any lower and we start to lose the pineapple to the cookie base. While generally potent, I have noticed that CAP Golden Pineapple does have a way of falling out against bakeries.

Our cookie base is a simple one that seems to be much more complex than it should be with only two flavors. 4% CAP Sugar Cookie is our main, soft chewy cookie note here.

1% of FA Cookie adds a “snap” to the mix that emulates the crispy edge of an ever so slightly over-baked cookie. The FA Cookie really rounds the mix out and balances the texture. CAP Golden Pineapple, though its actual flavor is reminiscent of dried pineapple, is a very wet feeling flavor when used at 4%. This is beneficial in tropical recipes but not so much in a warm, fresh baked cookie mix. The FA Cookie essentially dries the wet notes up beautifully, without impacting the actual flavor of Pineapple too much.

Finally, a mild splash of CAP Super Sweet at 0.5% really seals the deal on a light glaze on the finished cookie and almost adds a dusting of granulated sugar to the finished product. The addition of sweetener is totally optional of course, but I find that this is one of those times where a little coil wrecking sweetness really does benefit the whole mix.

Took this great cola base from alfredpudding and layered some Mango into it. Upped the WS-23 (30%) as I like cold vapes. After one or two tweaks, here it is. It's actually quite nice. Turned out better than I thought. Enjoy :)


The best lemon meringue pie to date, sharp, zesty, zingy, buttery, sweet... fairly simple recipe, added FA cookie to help the crust out in the VTA lemon meringue tart because it’s barely there, added FA Sicily to give another dimension to that lemon, the pudding base adds a thicker butteryness to that lemon curd and also helps the base out with that crumble mouthfeel... and last but not least, that flapper pie, wow. It’s all that’s been missing from LMT/LMP profiles... it brings that marshmallowey white meringue on top and the slight toasted sweet brown sugar-esque crust on top of the meringue. If you like Lemon meringue pie you can’t miss out on this :)

This is a pretty good fizzy limeade with a citrus blast. The sang petillant is a nice additive to the mix. Ment to be a shake and vape. Pretty straight forward recipe.
Tested in the horizon tech falcon tank.
Cool and sweeten to taste.

This Mix was done for Our 1st live episode using. We talked about FLV Berry Blend in a live show - https://youtu.be/BYKq4D3Fh6o

I wanted to see if I could mix Berry Blend as the main profile into something familiar that Ive done before.
My Idea here was to Use a Jelly Candy Base that I know well to test how the Berry Blend would stand up in a Mix and it did Surprisingly well!

The combination of the Black current adds adds some wetness to the Berry Blend giving you one Juicy Berry main Profile. I also added Candy roll to boost the berries some more, you end up with a visible and balanced mix of the the red and purple gummy bears together.

Fuji @ 1.5 adds a Candy syrup that pushes that 'natural' sweetness of the other fruits.

I added a bit of sour here to mimic the juicy mouth sensation with a chewed gummy candy, I find the sour changes the way you taste some fruits and here it works well to do that.

Add if you like sweet stuff, Dont if you dont :-)


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