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(CAP) Super Sweet

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
Buy From: gremlin

Flavor Profile: additive

Used in 16355 recipes at an average of 0.559%.


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A much colder version of my Frozen Smurf recipe that most people love..It's way more amped up here to benefit the extreme cold lovers like me and those like me who need it much colder to even taste it with a dead menthol palette..The blackberry kills it in this recipe personally.

This is a amazing vape to me. Mostly sugar cookie with a hint of strawberry and vanilla. Seems like the strawberry gets muted by something in the mix tryimg to figure it out. Still tastes amazing though. Any opinions please feel free to write um down. Thanks and enjoy if you try!

This is pretty spot on Fruity Pebbles with a dash of Milk.

this was one of my favorite sodas as a kid and I wanted too put this in a vape and try it out so I used tfa cola syrup to help with the thickness part of it and tfa champagne to give it that fizziness in the soda and cap grape too help out the bring out that grape soda alil more and also grape juice till fill out the grape soda and give it some depth and with alil koolada in there to make it seem like its sitting in a glass of ice

Respect (Illusion's Taste of Gods Remix)
In Memory of Aretha Franklin

A coconut, pineapple and blackcurrant mix

I've been working on this remix for quiet some time.
It was hard to nail the pineapple in this recipe because the coconut was overpowering the pineapple.
Allthough the pineapple is very subtil in the original it was very hard to get the right one in.
After I made the Papio Remix I had to revisit my Taste of Gods remix to check how the Double Apple and Sweet Guava would work in here.
Gotta say it was a pleasant surprise.

1.3% FLV Sweet Coconut and 0.1% FLV Coconut is the perfect combo to get the coconut taste from the original juice. However for me personally I lower the Sweet Coconut to 1% because it suits me better. If you want to get as close as possible with the original juice you should stick to 1.3%
4% FW Blackberry, 0.5% FA Blackcurrant and 1% FLV Boysenberry gives a perfect and sweet blackcurrant taste.
6% CAP Golden Pineapple, 0.5% CAP Double Apple and 1% CAP Sweet guava will give you that subtil Pineapple taste that holds up against the coconut.
Don't be affraid to use CAP Golden Pineapple that high because that's what it takes to even get a subtil pineapple flavor in it.
0.5% Super Sweet is optional.

You can vape it S&V but after a few days the pineapple and blackberry come through a little better

I'm mixing for a few years now. Most of my mixes are based on premium juice profiles.
My recipes are remixes and not clones. In my attempts to remix these juices I'm always trying to make
it as good as, or even better than the commercial juice without the loads of sweetener these companies throw in.

Give it a try and enjoy ....................................

A thick vanilla pudding laced with Rhubarb, Raspberry and Dragonfruit.


A strawberry and cream flavoured Irish cream liqueur. enjoy,

please rate :)

blackberry, blackcurrant and other mixed berries with a dash of ice.

Actually i was working on a base, but i love this Custard Mix pur to much! A strong vanilla taste, with a hint of lemon. I can imagine, the people who like a stronger lemon can add some FA Lemon Sicily and it works fine.

I am very happy to say that I am finally done with this recipe. After 8 versions its finally done enjoy.

V2 - added apricot to make the peach and mango blend together better and changed what yogurts I was using because I prefer these ones.

V3 - after watching #noted I switched my peach blend up. ----- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc1gF4slG54

v4- added inw peach, removed wf frozen yogurt, added cap greek yogurt, tweeked percentages, needed more yogurt

v5- further tweeking of percentages still needed more yogurt

V6-Final- Added Island Mango, Added Apricot, and sugar cookie. I tried a cheesecake but it wasn't giving me the sweet thick back note I wanted. Without it the yogurt is a pretty light vape without any mouthfeel

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