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(CAP) Super Sweet

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive

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Been working on this one a little bit. I like it enough to be my first public recipe. After trying Charlie Noble's Raspberry Ripple, I knew I needed to try my hand at it. This a pretty close to what I remember about it.
The raspberry sweet is obviously a great choice for a sweet, almost jammy raspberry, but lacked a little body. That's why I threw in the FA Berryl.
The rest is easy, just get a rich, deep, creamy vanilla ice cream. Feel free to sub out your favorite VBIC if you can't do the TPA.
I feel like the white chocolate and the vanilla shisha provide a really delicious touch to the ice cream, with the shisha providing a very nice spice vanilla note on the finish. It really does remind me of a vanilla bean ice cream with a generous swirl of raspberry puree in it.
Give this one a good 5 days to come together, but as always, the longer the better.
I mixed this at 70/30 vg/pg and vape exclusively out of a Hurricane 1.3 RTA and it's very flavorful.
I really hope you guys dig this one. Please let me know what you all think, good or bad!

As far as descriptions go, this one is going to suck. What I was originally going for was the Gatorade Lime Cucumber(The best gatorade flavor) but I was out of CAP Cucumber. So I'm going to measure this process by beers and who I was talking to at the time.

1 Beer: Myself; Oh wow, this tastes really good. I should tell Method1.

3 Beers: Method1: Oh yeah. I think Matt Wilham came up with that profile about 2 years ago.

6 Beers:Me to Matt Wilhams voicemail: FUUCCKK YOU!

And that is story of this profile.


Giving credit where credit is due this recipe is derived from Strawberry Lemonade by JohnMc on ELR. While I like the original recipe I wanted to twist it by adding Cap Double Watermelon (Bull City Flavors) which is a nice mild middle of the road background Watermelon flavor. It helps accentuate the Strawberry while adding a light floral and candy like Watermelon flavor to the vape. I also added Cap Super Sweet because I like my lemonade on the sweet side. Plus the addition of WS-23 (30% concentrate from ecigExpress) gives it that nice icy coolness. Just to be clear the Lemonade flavor is actually called Flavor West Natural Lemonade. This one of my favorite Summer ADVs.

We love our iced coffee here "downunder" but it's sweet and unique compared to most others I've had from other places in the world. I have based this recipe on the leading commercial and loved iced coffee here in Australia called "Ice Break". After two years of trying, I'm happy to say I have found a way to to get the special unique note of sweetness that has been the hardest part of this recipe to nail down.

Never did I think a TFA Coffee would make up the missing piece of the puzzle here. After trying TFA Coffee Extra Clear quite a while ago I swore I wouldn't use a TPA coffee flavoring again. However I found a sweet coffee(TPA Coffee Kona) that when used in context with other solid flavors and used low at no more than 1% it is lovely. Using the French Vanilla 2 paired well to assist with the unique kind of sweet & almost malty vanilla note that has made this recipe such a challenge for me. Along with the mouthfeel, sweetness and balance all the other concentrates brought to this profile, each one layers and assist to achieve the notes that makes up my favorite everyday iced coffee and come to life. I encourage you as you mix this to single flavor test these concentrates and note what each does and I have no doubt you will learn more by this recipe in how I have gone about layering it all in. Hence why we don't see many "Coffee Base Recipes", it's difficult. This recipe would be my personal best and most patient recipe I have brought together and I hope you enjoy this as much as I have developing it. Let me know your thoughts and thank you for mixing it and staying off those dam stinkies with my recipe! :)

If you wish to give a "Cold" effect start at 0.25% up to 1% FA Polar Blast at your liking.
I talk about my recipe here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcg9dsBDkE0

this is yet another twist on a classic popsicle I love the 4th of firecracker version so I'm trying to remix it for the weekend guys enjoy its very refreshing

***I actually forgot about this until I cleaned out "the drawer" today to make room for my newer recipes. This was made back in June. And at 11 months still holds its Ice Cream Sandwich flavor extremely well!

I used LB Vanilla Ice Cream as the base just because it's so true to real Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. No pepper. No plastic. Just pure ice cream. I needed to pump up the thickness a bit more though, so I added 1% CAP VC1. 1% is all you need to perform this task.

RF Cookies & Cream SC was my choice for the cookie part of my ice cream sandwich purely for the reason that as a single flavor--C&C tastes just like the chocolate I was looking for. All the other cookie & cream concentrates didn't have the particular 'chocolate' taste I was hunting for.

Again, this chocolate note needed a slight push in terms of texture. FW Hazelnut not only provided the texture I wanted, but also lended to the creamy texture of the ice cream.

CAP SS...obvious explanation.

You can add FA Polar Ice to this if you prefer. I didn't add it(or any of the other cooling enhancers) because lately I find it distracts from my perception of flavor. This was a personal choice. So, if you want it-add it.

I didn't like this very much as a SNV, it was way too flat. 7 days steep was good. 14 days? Even better.

Please dont use this recipe for commercial profit. This is meant to benefit the DIY Community.

Please dont post this recipe to other websites.

My continued thanks to the "E-Juice Makers" crew for all of their support and love for what they do. They truly give more to the community than I am able to do. I continue to feel very humbled that I am included in such a knowledgeable & generous group of people!!

Lilith is a Sumerian or Babylonian demon Goddess, Who is perhaps better known for Her role in Jewish legend. Called "The Dark Maid" or "Maiden of Desolation," Lilith is associated with owls and is a creature of the night.

If you'd like to participate in the Year of Mixing find the Flavor-Pro group and join us for our weekly challenge - all mixers welcome - and there will be some prizes. You can find more information here http://flavor-pro.com/the-year-of-mixing/

VT Cafe Latte, not DFS. I’ve been on a quest to mix a good coffee that doesn’t taste like burning tires since I first started mixing. Coffee, lattes, mochas are my Vapes, but good ones in vape form are hard to master. I Love WF Brazilian Coffee, but it’s even better when paired with VT Cafe Latte. Milk &Honey, Hazelnut and Vanilla Swirl give it a nutty body and texture, while VT Chocolate Mousse adds that nice mocha undertone and fluffiness to make it taste like one of those $5 jobbies.

This is my entry for the DIY Downunder May Challenge. I wanted to do something I haven't really worked with much, so I went for raspberry. This recipe went through 5 revisions and trying to fit that into a single month was a challenge in itself.

For the raspberry I found FA raspberry was the main type of raspberry I wanted to go for, it's just a delicious raspberry, not too candied, not too bitter, just right in the sweet spot for a bakery. I did want a little bit of a syrup feel along with the natural raspberry so I bulked it up with TFA sweet raspberry and added a little bit of lemon to keep the tartness.

The icing/glaze I built with cream cheese icing and TFA sweet cream to keep it more of a cream cheese type glaze, then a little Bavarian cream for sweetness and mouthfeel.

Trying to keep each layer prominent was tricky. With the first few revisions I either really liked the icing or I really liked the bakery aspect. How I got the bakery to play nice with the icing was this combination of Cereal 27, Graham Cracker Clear, and Cinnamon Danish Swirl. The CDS also added a nice touch of cinnamon spice that compliments the raspberry and gives the whole recipe a more bakery feel.

The last touch was a tiny bit of Super Sweet, not a sweetener I use often, but here it has its place. It just adds the sugar for the whole recipe and brings it to more of a dessert level.

Flavor Notes

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