(CAP) Sugar Cookie

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Milk and Sugar Cookies. Simple, easy, and fucking delicious.


This recipe needs a good week before the skunky coffee calms down and you can taste the sugar cookie behind it. All of the cream and this does a great job of balancing out the coffee along with the sweet cookie makes this a enjoyable Coffee vape.

Lucky charms++ with deeper cereal notes. I know, the Cactus choice seems weird. But all it does is give more juiciness to a recipe that otherwise might be a little dry, and it twists the berries' nose just a little. If you like you can add up to 1% Sucralose. I don't. If you do, you might want to decrease the Marshmallow to taste.

This is as close to a traditional biscotti as I could possibly get. Its a lot of different flavors but I've went through the process of stripping this recipe completely down and building it back up many times. Its been in development for over a year, and its had an amazing local response. Any feedback is appreciated. As always, personally I add .5% super sweet to it.


Great as a shake and vape 2-3 days out and the cream realy starts to pop.


1 week aging/steeping.


Until he gives us a remix himself, this is as close to NCM's Strawberry Shortcake Bar as you can get without using FW Yellow Cake.


Until Wayne gives us a remix himself, this is as close as you can get to Bronuts without using FW Yellow Cake. It's still a coil gunker because of the Chocolate Glazed Donuts, but at least you're not vaping radioactive sugar fumes.


Creamy Sopapilla casserole. My first public shared recipe. In its current state, it has taken me over 13 revisions. Nothing should be subsituted.

I have always steeped the recipe for 2 weeks. I prefer all my recipes 30/70 pg/vg because it gives a certain sweetness and thick mouth feel. Some times I have added no more than 1% tfa sweetener, but it is still very sweet for me without.

If you give this a try, I appreciate all feedback.



Butter, Biscuit and Sugar cookie
These three ingredients come together in a fantastic sugar cookie base.

Cap sugar cookie has a nice moistness to it, and inw biscuit combines with the sugar cookie to dry it out just slightly, giving you the perception of a nicely baked outer crust.

Throw in some butter to add weight and let's face it deliciousness, who doesn't like butter!!!

Secondary Note

Vienna cream and Fresh Cream
Along with the sweetness from the sugar cookie these two come together to give you a fantastic frosting perception. I feel like you're eating the cookie covered in buttercream.

Vienna cream also helps accent the slightly nutty Bakery notes in both biscuit and sugar cookie.

Supporting Cast

Hazelnut does so many things here along with adding to the Nutty notes, it also has an extremely creamy quality boosting the creams along with accenting everything else.


If you don't have TFA butter you can substitute out for CAP vanilla custard, still adds weight and gives you more of a vanilla wafer cookie.


I'm really enjoying this as a shake and Vape. Couple days down the road the creams start to pop, and the hazelnut really comes through.

Flavor Notes