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Finally, i made a good cherry.
Cherry compote is now my go to for cherry flavourings, this is a rich cherry ice cream. I get no off notes in this at all and is well worth a try.

Cream with butterscotch and cookie layers. Minimal steep needed. Check out Mixin Vixens on YT, Sundays at 6pm EST

This is my attempt at a Taco Bell Apple Cinnamon Empanada. Basically a fried cinnamon pastry filled with cooked apples. And yes for the full empanada flavor give it the full 21 day steep.

Here I am to save the day,

There’s no real life version of this... it’s an RY4 Creme brulee cookie.

Besides utopia this is the best RY4 you will try ;)

Needs no explanation, the burnt sugaryness from the OOO Creme brulee bumps the sweet tobacco elements up.

If you like this recipe and what I do then please rate and review accordingly.

Going for a girls scout lemon sugar cookie with a side of lemon pudding dipping sauce. Oh with crumbles. Then muscle man smashed it and dared me to eat it in front of MY MOM.........

Pulled from the secret vault and shared here with you with the promise you'll never let anyone know you ever seen it. Don't doubt the percentages or question the methods. This was a project that I've worked on with mad scientist fairies that I've held captive in my mixing room. This is the bakery dessert you've been wanting, no dreaming about at night, and wishing you could pull together. Four years in the making and I'm not going to tell you what it is, so you'll have to mix it and find out. When you've mixed it, don't share what it is, because this is a recipe only for those adventurous enough to try it out on their own. Your mission, should you choose to be brave enough to mix it, is to keep the secret and never let anyone know that you've found what you've been missing.


So this is my version (god knows what) of an authentic Custard Cream Biscuit. I actually started working on this recipe many months ago but was never fully happy with it to release it. The recipe is now at a stage where I feel I’ve managed to capture all the right nuances to sell this as a fully fledged Custard cream. I’ve tried practically every combination of biscuits/cookies/vanilla’s and creams to achieve this recipe so as far as subs go, what you see Here is what I recommend you use if you want the experience I intended and I really can’t offer up any subs on this occasion...sorry. I would really love some honest feedback on this recipe due to how much hard work I’ve put into it. The humble Custard Cream Biscuit was my dad’s favourite and he used to go through a pack of these fella’s in one sitting,with ease may I add!! Lol I tried getting this recipe completed for him whilst he was still alive as he also Vaped but unfortunately he passed away.

Dad...this ones for you mate.


Conspiracy describes this ejuice A warm vanilla sugar cookie with caramel and pistachio topping pretty simple and tasty profile..


This was an happy accident. When I started to develop this, my goal was to do a Cookie Dough with a hint of peach... It simply turned out to be something alike an amazing Oatmeal Yellow Peach vape.

Steep to taste, as I rarely do. Steep increases the "Oatmeal" blend more.

Ok, so I'll say right off the bat, I've never had a corn cookie nor do I know if corn BREAD cookies are really a thing. I just think they should be. I love sweet corn bread and love sugar cookies so this is my attempt at making something that is a hybrid between one of those huge artisanal soft sugar cookies and sweet warm corn bread. The result is, well, to me it tastes good. I'll let you decide if that's what it really tastes like and if the name did it any justice. This has been my ADV for a few months at least now at hits me in all the right spots. Subtle, sweet, cookies with a cakey bread (and almost slightly custardy aspect). The corn note isn't overbearing, but it is evident as more of a corn syrupy sweetness with a dry corn bread sweetness in the finish.

I will spare all the details, but this has been through more than a few iterations. The key for me to getting the soft cookie/sweet bread texture where I wanted it was a combination of MB Soft Cookie Base, CAP Sugar Cookie, WF Cookie Butter and OOO Corn Bread.

Additional buttery texture results from the addition of VT Butter Base which is a fantastic butter, and my personal favorite.

The corn flavor/sweetness is lacking on the WF Corn Bread(even though it reads as a fantastic cake flavor and texture) and I really wanted this mix to come across as having similarities with corn bread so the WF Corn Powder is fantastic for adding a nice sweet subtle hint of sweet corn and corn meal. Used sparingly, it had the desired result, and if needed, could be easily bumped up to .75% or 1% even for more savory/sweet corn flavor.

TPA French Vanilla Deluxe is a MUST in this recipe. I tried a few others and I even tried it without. I can't fully explain why or what it is doing to the mix, but it adds a vanilla note that blends everything together nicely and compliments the cookie and sweet bread flavor. It is one of my favorite vanillas and it really shines in this mix.

SSA Ice Cream Vanilla was a late player in the game. I brought it in as general weight and body to the recipe. I wanted just an overall bulkier body then I was getting from the earlier mixes without it. As far as I can tell, it is acting similar to what vanilla swirl does to mixes, in that it just brings a bold body to the mix and doesn't really interfere with the cookie or bread texture. And most of all, to me it emboldens the vanilla note and makes it all that more rich and unctuous (that ones for you Cheebs).

I hope you guys like it, anyone that decides to give it a shot. I worked hard on this recipe to create something that I personally enjoyed as I had a vision in my mind of something I really wanted to vape, and I succeeded in that. If anyone else enjoys it, that's a bonus. Feel free to comment if you decide to give it a go and let me know how you think I did.


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