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A South African dessert of milk pie, and pie crust. Simple. Tasty.

Made on Live Mixing

Profile: Cinnamon-Apple Churro Dulche de Leche

  • A deep fried cinnamon apple churro with a creamy/milky cooked finish. Smooth and decadent.
  • Do not substitute (CAP) Apple Pie v2 with anything else, as I used this one for a cooked cinnamon apple and other apple pies do not have the same spice or are like FA Apple Pie which focuses heavily on the crust aspect.
  • Substitute (TFA) Vanilla Swirl for (CAP) VBIC for you pepper tasters.
  • Super Sweet starting percentage .5 up to 1%

Profile: A light, buttery/airy cream puff that lifts you up into the clouds like you're flying on Goku's Nimbus. Amazing Mouthfeel!

  • Starting percentage for super sweet is .5 although i do recommend .75% for an accurate sweetness level on the cream puff.
    Substitute (TFA) Vanilla Swirl for (CAP) VBIC if you're a pepper taster
    Shake & Vape Approved Your next ADV!

  • Nailed this on the first shot, if you try to balance the percentages you either lose accuracy, saturation or mouth-feel or you cause massive harshness.

  • VG Percentage 60-70 is ideal.

  • This ADV is hard to put down once you start vaping.


Profile: Black and Blueberry glazed donut. Savory, Sweet, Slightly Jammy with a creamy frosting.

Inhale: Sweet Blueberry morphs into a Tart Blackberry accent. Exhale: Jammy Blue/Black berry Donut/Pastry note with a glaze on the finish.

  • Adjust Super Sweet to taste recommended starting percentage .5%-1%. Shake and Vape Approved!

In this episode of Blind ReMix, Folkart described Butter Cookie by SADBOY to MaxSavage and Nachef. What they can up with was a creamy lemon filling smashed between two Golden Oreo style cookies. This mix is a great interpretation of the original. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/7lRCJ61Y2SU .

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Profile: Pineapple upside cake with maraschino cherry.

Inhale: Pineapple/Maraschino then starts to blend with cake flavoring. Exhale: Pineapple/Cake

  • Flavor bending using Strawberry, fuji apple and VBIC to bridge the flavors together. to simulate maraschino cherry as i don't own a maraschino cherry flavoring. *Substitute VBIC with TFA Vanilla Swirl if VBIC tastes like pepper to you.
  • For this moment I am considering it done, saturation, mouthfeel, accuracy is there can't really improve on it much. I might eventually come back to it, but for now I am considering it done unless someone has some input.

This is an adaptation of my Hazelnut Cream recipe. I wanted to try some other flavors in it so I replaced the bavarian cream and vbic with vienna cream and vanilla bean gelato instead. I also added a hint of sugar cookie to mellow the strong coffee flavor from Up (coffee) and so I could lower the amount of sweetener. Oh and this is great as a shake & vape btw, steeping helps but it's still excellent right after mixing.


EDIT on 5-26-2021 - IMPORTANT NOTE: I now realize I gained the base for this recipe on ELR without even remembering I did it. I need to mention this is the work of Kurt Brooks on ELR. All props to the original creator. I apologize for my mistaken plagiarism. I did add on the Lemon (INW) but the rest was already created.

So this recipe started out with three flavors and was incredibly delicious. However, the lemon was a little lacking, so I added Lemon (INW) at 0.50% and PRESTO! Super deliciousness was achieved!

WITHOUT the addition of the Lemon (INW) it can be a shake and vape. However it still gets better after a week steep. Some may like it this way. If you just want a hint of lemon, this recipe is still really good without the additional Lemon. I just felt it needed a little more lemon in it for my tastes and everyone who tried the original agreed.

WITH the addition of the Lemon (INW) it really needs a minimum of 4 days to steep. Otherwise, has an off taste. I recommend 7 days, but after 4 it is good enough to vape without the off notes.

I do not have Lemon Sicily (FA) yet but I would imagine you can substitute the Lemon (INW) with the Lemon Sicily (FA) and this would still turn out yummy.

Simple recipe that is incredibly delicious. Already have 4 people asking me to make it for them. Tastes exactly like the name. I do not add sweetener to this one as the meringue (FA) adds enough for my taste. However, it's always an option. If someone does add it, please let me know how it turned out.

All flavorings bought at BULL CITY FLAVORS. Love that place!


Holiday Pie using puddings instead of custards. upped the biscuit .25% too. vanilla is VERY strong shake and vape but mellows out after 24h

The tobacco combo I use in my classic (sweet and Smokey - native) with out the butter scotch and graham . Instead I swapped in sugar cookie, pistachio and fig.
Brought in a different creamy with vanilla custard v2.

Sweet nutty notes from pistachio/fig combo.
Light custard body.
Classic tobacco blend creating a dessert tobacco with nuances from multiple savory angles.

While looking up photos I stumbled across Charlie nobles Tripoli (Stealing Photo). Similar profile notes but never tried. Leave a comment on thoughts.
5 day steep. Better two weeks

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