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It really doesn't get easier or tastier than this. I've used these two flavors to build tons of easy recipes, and by itself, it's just as great!

Banana and nut mixed in with cookie! How can that be anything but awesome!! So I wanted to go back and use some old school flavors and see what I could come up with and I'm pretty dang happy with the results! Using the two hazelnuts together really worked here, mixed with the butter and vanilla bean ice cream, it's just delicious! I used some Sugar cookie for the cookie note in this recipe and it all just blended together the way I wanted it!


To all the wonderful mothers who have given so much for your beautiful children, this one is for you. Because life is never simple when you're a mom, I thought this recipe should be. A sweet creamy treat to pair with your morning coffee or tea. Hopefully, these flavors are already in your stash since they are pretty common. I really enjoyed this one, and hope you do as well. You can put your favorite fruit combination with this, but I prefer it plain. Happy Mother's Day from my home to yours.

Sweet graham crackers dunked in milk. Milk and Meringue for that delicious sweet milk flavor. Butter because butter makes everything better! Graham cracker clear layered with Graham crust with Sugar Cookie because seriously, how can you go wrong there? Then a touch of sweetener to make it even sweeter!

This is my version of cheesecake, there are many like it but this is mine. Seriously it's just a plain cheesecake and I'm pretty dang happy with how it turned out.
In my house, cheesecake is ALWAYS made with crust, it's okay if you're house does it wrong (grins). I don't judge how you make cheesecake (at least to your face) so you leave my beautiful graham crust filled version alone and no one gets hurts (lol). I really enjoyed the creaminess of this and hope you will too!

All of my favorites in one mix. Why would I do this? Because I wanted to see if I could bring my tastebuds to one delicious Big O! Slip into this delicious, creamy, unique form of bliss and let your senses be overwhelmed with flavors that will make you so full of happiness you'll reach for it over and over again.

This is loosely based on the Deivine E-liquid O-Negative which is a described as a blend of blood orange cake, well balanced vanilla, rum and a light touch of mint.


Darlin' if you ain't had a buttermilk pie, then you just ain't living! An old secret most southern women know, is if you run out of buttermilk, you can mix a little lemon juice with milk to get that flavor. Here we used Lemon and whipped cream to fake out that tangy buttermilk taste. For the crust we're using a trick I heard from Developed Cookie/Sugar Cookie. Custard gives it that creaminess you need, and without butter, well bless your heart you just ain't living! Don't go getting your panties in a wad, or jumping the gun, because it takes a few days for that lemon and whipped cream to mix. If you try this on the shake and vape you're gonna get a sweet lemon curd, which ain't half bad, but sweetheart, it ain't buttermilk either.

There's this incredible juice I love called Kookie Krunch, and when I stopped vaping pre-made juice it was the first recipe I wanted to recreate. This one is so close to the mark, that I actually like it better than the original. It's that cookie cereal I loved put into a bottle. Take it for a test run and maybe you'll find you love it just as much as I do. This is one of my ADV, maybe it will be yours.


Like warm chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.

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