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(CAP) Sugar Cookie

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery vanilla

Used in 6494 recipes at an average of 3.35%.


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I saw this picture displayed for an Australian Christmas Dessert and was totally inspired to turn this into a vape recipe. Their description is: Meet the new stack-and serve pavlova: Our speedy Easiest-ever Berry-Cherry Pavlova has crisp layers of Meringue Discs, a jammy filling and fresh fruity toppings. With that description I have headed for my flavor stash to see if I can get this to work. With all the layers in this recipe I predict a good 5-8 day steep will be needed. None the less I will go in Berry Deep as my journey progresses with this recipe and see if the Jammy notes in the INW Strawberry play well with the depth of berry goodness that TFA Acai berry should bring while I use what IMO is the only Meringue concentrate worth using while I fluff it out with the gorgeous vienna cream and attempt to get those fresh strawberries defined in this profile around all the rest going on in this recipe. The sugar cookie I hope to help bring out some texture to this recipe while also being helped along with that gorgeous biscuit from Inawera. And the Cherry on top is the Cherry that I hope will bring that complex depth of berry deep goodness to this profile. Here goes it! I shall report back and let you peeps know this goes :) All I want for Christmas.....is.........yoooooooouuu! (I sing loudly and off key lol)
And YES straight of the shake it's beautiful! (better with 5-7days I recommend) So much depth and texture. See it being made here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHplp6Wx0BU


Master Matchi (Green Tea, Ice Cream, Pocky)
Inspired by: Exclusivegirl and ID10T
Matcha Green Tea infused Ice Cream with Pocky bits.
Reminds me a lot of Jazzy Boba.

Inspired by the king of cookie Chrisdvr1. One of the first cookies you can taste on the drawl. The almond is immediate. Then following is the crisp cookie with the almond backing it up. As you exhale you get the Vienna cream an the cream from the sugar. The almond is there to make sure the almond in almond cookie doesn’t get overtaken. The sugar cookie and crispy wafer battle each other for crispness and moistness do a great job of putting this cookie we’re it Needs to be and holding that line between dry and moist. Then the Vienna cream creams things up with the Bavarian cream to be the glue.

My first seasonal release in a looooooooooong time, I figured what better season to celebrate than the season of long weekends? So mix this up, let it sit for a day or two, and satisfy yourself with some warm, smokey custard, dusted with pumpkin spice, and a warm-bodied pipe tobacco. It's the season of Long Weekends, so start actually enjoying it.

The pumpkin element - HS Pumpkin Pie (4%) and FW Vanilla Butternut (2%) come together to create the canned pureed pumpkin (which is far superior to harvesting your own pumpkin). HS brings the pure, un-spiced flesh of the pumpkin, while FW Vanilla Butternut adds some sweet, gourd-like body with a touch of vanilla and maple (which brings to mind the natural caramelized sugars in the cooked gourds).

The spice element - Wanted this to be mellow and nuanced . . . not in your face pumpkin spice, so the pumpkin flavor could be the star only backed up by the spice. I went with CAP Cinnamon Sugar (1.5%) and TFA Pumpkin Spice (0.4%). This lays underneath the pumpkin just right, in my opinion.

The custard element - The obvious choice, INW Custard (2%), mixed with CC Devon Cream (1.5%), which brings a creamy/vanilla marriage to the custard base. It's nowhere near in your face vanilla custard . . . but paired with the pumpkin and spice, it adds a nice body of custard to fold the pureed pumpkin into. On a lark, I threw some CAP Whipped Marshmallow (2%) into the mix to, possibly, add some more body to the custard and help keep the spice element in check. Whether or not it did either of those things . . . I'm not sure. However, this is the 4th iteration of this recipe, and I was trying to use a few concentrates I hadn't tried in the recipe previously. I am happy with where it landed

The cookie element - I didn't want to use gingerbread, as I was not happy with what it did in previous mixes . . . it was too forward. I went with CAP Sugar Cookie (1.25%) and FLV Graham Cracker (1%). It is by no means a crunchy cookie crumble here. It is like a cookie that has been submerged in the custard and softened (like a vanilla wafer that's soaked in the vanilla-banana goodness and become a part of the lusciously thick custard). It adds some overall sweetness to the recipe, in my opinion.

Not being a huge fan of the pumpkin spice profile . . . I was inspired by Centerfold Vape Co's Bebe (a pumpkin cream dessert flavor) which I found to be extremely enjoyable. This is not a clone, per se, but simply inspired by how much I enjoyed the original flavor profile that I expected to be underwhelmed by.

I mixed it at 60vg/40pg and sat on it for a week before trying it. All in all, I'm pleased but am open to critiques and suggestions. Enjoy!


This is Wayne Walkers recipe of diyordievaping. The joy is supposed to be .75% but joy is to yeasty for me at that percent.

CAP Sugar Cookie / INW Biscuit / TPA Brown Sugar - The crumble. I tried with a mix of INW Biscuit and FA Cookie at a few different percentages but It just wouldn't play nice ... enter Sugar Cookie. With the Brown Sugar, Biscuit and Sugar Cookie it adds that sweet pastry crumble that ended up being the best combo for the mix.

FLV Boysenberry / TPA Blackberry - A sweet and tart combination that makes up the sweet filling in the crumble. I went through a few different berries to mix with the Boysenberry. I tried FA Raspberry, FA Forrest Fruits, INW Raspberry then I tried TFA Blackberry and found a good match.

The FA Blackcurrant is just there to give the filling a bit of jam like feeling and stickiness. The FA Blood Orange is really subtle and is there only to add a bit of orange zest to the mix.

You won't taste the Crumble part until at least day 2. Let this rest for 3-5 days.


omg guys I saw these at the store a couple of days ago so I picked a box up and I thought they were pretty good so I thought that I would try my hand at this yummy orange creamy pastry mix this up and tell me whatcha guys think thanks

This is supposed to be a graham cracker cookie covered in butterscotch and sprinkled with candied almonds.. Sounds good right??? I am sorry about the price tag on some of these concentrates this mix uses quite a few pricey flavors $$$$.I will say the reason I used these flavors is because they are absolutely delicious. Flavorah cookie is probably my favorite cookie flavor available to me and I have a lot of cookie flavors.. A 15ml bottle goes a long way because you can use it at low percentages and still have a great cookie. Anyway enough justifying the use of expensive flavors and on to my description.

The graham cracker cookie:
The main star is Flavorah graham cracker. I used flavor west graham cracker to help with the body of the graham cracker. To me at this point it almost seems like a moist graham cracker if you will and I wanted a crispy graham cracker cookie so I added just a little of flavorah cookie but that little bit goes a long way in making the graham cracker crispy and cookie like. I then added Capella sugar cookie and do I really need a reason I could take a shower in capella sugar cookie it smells and tastes so good but using capella sugar cookie adds a two day minimum steep because its made with alcohol. So now I have the graham cookie but I wan this graham cookie dusted with cinnamon sugar so I used flavorah pastry Zest and .15 % of rich cinnamon. If you don't like cinnamon then just don't use it the pastry zest does good jib by itself but I like it with a little extra cinnamon!!! I also added TFA brown sugar to complete the dusting of my graham cookie. Now let's make the crust so it can be dusted and crusted!!!!

The toppings:
Well on top of this graham cookie dusted with cinnamon sugar there is a layer of smooth butterscotch that is made with a combination of flavor west butterscotch which adds an almost hardened candy type of butterscotch taste and feel. The second butterscotch is flavorah butterscotch this isn't candy like at all its a smooth creamy butterscotch. When the two atr mixed you get the best of both worlds and a great butterscotch topping. Then sprinkled on top of this delicious masterpiece is so!e candied almonds that I made with a combination of flavor art almond and flavor art marzipan at a low percentages. The flavor west butterscotch also helps pull off the candied almond affect.

Anyway I think this recipe is amazing like I said drop the rich cinnamon if you don't like cinnamon heavy recipes then just don't use it because this shit is delicious anyway you shake it and after a minimal steep I can't wait to see how this blends after a long steep. Either way I am loveing it now. All I can say is Graham Wow!!!!!!

I used .35% flavorah sweetness in this mix. Sweetness is a sweetener you can use it or not use it its up to you and what you want....


Inspired by ID10-T's Pumpkindoodle Cookie

All relevant flavor notes can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/7cjfjh/pumpkin_spice_eggnog_cookie/

Holiday Spice can be taken down to .25% and Rich Cinnamon can be bumped to .2% while maintaining their respective positions in the recipe.

Flavor Notes

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