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(CAP) Sugar Cookie

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery vanilla

Used in 10433 recipes at an average of 3.241%.


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This is not as much a creative effort as a logical combination of two of ID10-T's excellent ideas--the macaron base from Mango Blossom Macaron, and the blueberry flavor from Viserion. It's amazing how well these two elements work together, and as a blueberry lover this is already hands-down my favorite macaron recipe.

Flavor Notes:
FW Blueberry and TPA Blueberry Extra provide a sweet, bright blueberry flavor shamelessly lifted from another of id10-t's best recipes, Viserion (at his suggestion). The dash of Lemon Sicily makes the berries pop. Feel free to substitute INW Lemon Mix or another tart lemon flavor.

Quoting id10-t for the parts of his recipe that I'm re-using for this blueberry variant.
"FA Almond 2%, FA Meringue 2%, CAP Sugar Cookie 2% - Simple and to the point, this is a macaron, a sweet meringue drop cookie made with egg whites, icing sugar, and ground almond. They're often infused with flavors and color, and made into a light, delicate cookie sandwich with a cream filling that might or might not also be flavored and colored. FA Almond gives a clear, clean almond flavor and FA Meringue has both the airy baked egg white and powered sugar thing going on. CAP Sugar Cookie stays sweet, texturizes (makes whole almonds ground), and further bakes these goodies. When I think about what a macaron tastes like, these three concentrates together just seem insanely obvious. AP-laden bakery ingredients are just too heavy for such light and airy cookies. Try this simple 2/2/2 macaron base with your preferred macaron flavors, but take care not to do so with a heavy hand. These treats are delicate and the flavoring should be subtle yet ingratiating.

FLV Cream 1% - There's your cream filling. This stuff is my Frank's Red Hot lately. If you have to sub something, try 1.5 to 2% CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream, which will shorten the steep time, or TFA Whipped Cream 2%, which will stretch it to two weeks. Neither of those will be quite the same, but should still be tasty."

Version History:
Version 1: used the blueberry trifecta, but the bilberry wasn't working for me.

Version 2: Less bilberry, more FW blueberry. I think it's going in the right direction, but it's not far enough, I think.

Version 3 (this): I decide to try the base with another very successful blueberry profile, the one used in Viserion. Even as a shake and vape, I can tell this is a bingo! I'm still testing some variations, because there's no such thing as TOO delicious, but this is now the addictively sweet, delicate blueberry jam delicacy I was hoping for.

A sweet, sugary, delectable sugar cookie cake. Been loving this one so far.

Where I'm from, pies that don't have crème pâtissière in them have a crust that is called brisée or half cookie crust half butter flaky crust. It's my favorite kind and is perfect for fruits.

FA Cookie/CAP Sugar Cookie/CAP Golden Butter form the cookie buttery crust. In France we don't use graham crackers at all, so we don't have graham cracker crusts. This crust is a little less defined but you will definitely taste a smooth buttery cookie.

FLV Sweet Dough/TPA Brown Sugar is here to add a little gooey at the bottom of the pie where you add a little semolina and brown sugar to absorb the cooking juices of the baking fruits.

WF Sweet and Sour Rhubarb/WF Bumbleberry/FLV Cream are the fruit mix of this pie. The rhubarb is actually a little sour and bumbleberry does taste like a very dark but vibrant mix of berries. The cream is here to round it all up and add some body and sweetness.

Enjoy, be queer and vape on !

[Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner; Styling: Lydia DeGaris-Pursell]

A moist sponge filled with a rich but balanced lemon drizzle topped off with fresh meringue. PERFECTION

Tastes great straight of a shake but truely shines after 5 days to 1 week steep.
It might seem like a lot of sweetener but trust me it works perfectly to balance out the tartness. IF YOU USE SUPER SWEET USE 1%.

This recipe was a working progress, the ingredients just needed tweaking and now I am very proud to release this to you all to enjoy.


This is part 2 of a 3 part recipe dump regarding the main flavor Cap Golden Pineapple. Part one was a stupid simple Pineapple Cheesecake.
Link to part one: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/138490#stupid_simple_pineapple_cheesecake_pineapple_dump_1_3_by_rockyharlow

Anyhow, on to part 2.

Running with the theme of pineapple bakeries: I opted to work on a cookie that incorporated chunks of dried pineapple, the style you may find in many generic trail mixes. Chewy, nearly fibrous, with a flavor unique unto itself. The end result here is nearly as close as I am able to come, at least with the resources available to me at the moment.

Our dried pineapple chunks are sourced from CAP Golden Pineapple at 4%. At this level we find pineapple at the top of the mix, but not so overdone that it's all we taste. Any lower and we start to lose the pineapple to the cookie base. While generally potent, I have noticed that CAP Golden Pineapple does have a way of falling out against bakeries.

Our cookie base is a simple one that seems to be much more complex than it should be with only two flavors. 4% CAP Sugar Cookie is our main, soft chewy cookie note here.

1% of FA Cookie adds a “snap” to the mix that emulates the crispy edge of an ever so slightly over-baked cookie. The FA Cookie really rounds the mix out and balances the texture. CAP Golden Pineapple, though its actual flavor is reminiscent of dried pineapple, is a very wet feeling flavor when used at 4%. This is beneficial in tropical recipes but not so much in a warm, fresh baked cookie mix. The FA Cookie essentially dries the wet notes up beautifully, without impacting the actual flavor of Pineapple too much.

Finally, a mild splash of CAP Super Sweet at 0.5% really seals the deal on a light glaze on the finished cookie and almost adds a dusting of granulated sugar to the finished product. The addition of sweetener is totally optional of course, but I find that this is one of those times where a little coil wrecking sweetness really does benefit the whole mix.

Something i found In my “what i did the last 2 month” box. And its suite Nice.

Never had the thing on the picture, but I’m sure it tastes like this recipe when pouring the thing on the picture in a cup of coffee 🤤😁

I added 1 drop of sugar daddy VG pr. 30 ml

VT Cookies and Cream is a really good flavor imo but it needs help in the texture department.Cap sugar cookie comes in to give the cookie more of a bready consistency. I picked VT Sweet Cream to help boost the cream in VT Cookies and Cream because I felt it needed some density as it is, although a good cream flavor, lacking in texture. It is more like a whipped cream. VT Sweet Cream is a very good cream. It reminds me of frosting or the cream in a twinkie, sort of. Sweetener is always optional, go crazy. This profile had been done and done well, I just wanted to do it with some of the VT flavors that weren't around a few years ago when Chris DVR and ID10-T knocked this profile out of the park.

I have seen Golden Oreo recipes, so i am gonna try to emulate it to the best of my abilities,, what I got was a nice vanilla sugar cookie with a sweet, but not coil killing sweet
I get the cookie on the inhale and when rolled on the tongue the cookie and sweetness sits on the tongue and on exhale the sweetness continues with a slight vanilla cookie note... It's pretty damn good... But I still feel it's missing a little something maybe it could be a bit thicker, Well After 2 weeks i revisited this Profile, and it worked fine the way it was , however i still wanted to tinker with it just a bit to get some more thickness. so lets talk about why i chose the flavors i chose:

My Cookie Stone - INW Biscuit Has a Flaky /buttery crust and feels light and airy with a small amount of texture i felt 1% was all that was needed for this stone. paired with CAP sugar cookie and WF Graham cracker crust SC , the CAP Sugar cookie is a must IMHO in any cookie type profile it carry's a flaky and buttery note as well and was the highest % used in this profile @ 4% ...the WF GCC sc on the other hand was a little different than what i expected , it had sweetness, texture and a waxiness that fit right into this mix and bridged my cookie with the filling, it gave the filling that Oreo like waxy sugar filling. i used it @ .44% and it slide right in there......
On to the Creamy filling , I Paired TPA Meringue, TPA Bav Cream and TPA Van Swirl , the meringue was used for its sweetness and grittiness and its slight vanilla taste,Van Swirl was used for that creamy Vanilla and Bav Cream was used for a darker vanilla note and thickness... i am really happy with
this recipe ... its very satisfying

Enjoy this full flavored, heavy "sticky" caramel Pistachio RY4

You MUST use Health Cabin Caramel for this mix. It is the only sticky caramel on the market(imho) currently & is a perfect mate for TFA Double RY4! No ifs, ands, or buts!!!!

TFA Toasted Marshmallow adds a great toasted tobacco' nuance. TFA Red Oak...what can I say? It adds the perfect woody aftertaste that most RY4s lack. No extra vanilla flavoring was needed here, as TFA Double RY4 has that covered! CAP Sugar Cookie adds sweetness, as well as helping the TFA Pistachio with that roasted feel I was looking for.

2 week steep recommended

70% VG

If you prefer your RY4 sweeter, you can bump up the EM to 0.75-1%

If you like it, review it. If you don't like it? Please be constructive and say why. Because through constructive criticism, other DIYers can learn. Thanks!!

Please don't use my recipe for commercial gain. Enjoy!!


Lemon lime sugar cookie.

I haven’t done enough tasting on this to leave much of a note. It kind of just tastes how it sounds. Lemon and key lime sugar cookie. The lemon and lime are tart and the cookie and cinnamon sugar come through a bit sweet, so it’s a nice mix.


Flavor Notes