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(CAP) Simply Vanilla

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 66 recipes at an average of 1.868%.


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Ahhh.... Who doesn't love a tall glass of ice cold Vanilla Coke!? I am still playing around with this recipe, but so far its GREAT!
The Koolada I usually add 1 drop for every 10ml I make.

I would appreciate if there are any feedback/suggestions to improve this recipe.

Category: ADV
Best after 5 days steep.
(CAP) Sugar Cookie with (INW) Biscuit, and (CAP) Simply Vanilla make up the Cookie in this recipe, (INW) Biscuit was added for the butter note and texture, (INW) Custard moistens and adds chew to the cookie. (FA) Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed), (VTA) Persian lime and (FLV) Lime Wedge were layered for the Citrus lime, (Cap) Super sweet sweetens the mix.
Hardware setup
Hadaly RDA 0.6 ohm SS 316L (8 wraps) 3mm diameter coil, cotton candy wick, mod set at 35-40 Watts.

I love a good Peppermint vape during the Winter months...

The original version of this recipe became muted and lost its Peppermint flavor after a few weeks. My suspicion was the EM had a lot to do with it, so I set out to make this recipe without any EM and minimal Marshmallow flavoring added

As it stands this is a very refreshing, creamy, smooth, Peppermint forward eLiquid recipe that I can easily vape all day

TPA Peppermint is a much stronger and better tasting Peppermint IMHO - I tried different levels and settled on this as the best, but YMMV
FW Creme De Menthe reinforces and brings longevity to the Peppermint flavor
CAP Simply Vanilla adds a very light vanilla creamy note to the recipe
CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream, FA Meringue, and CAP Sweet Cream produces a very full, creamy, and smooth initial exhale to the vape.
TPA Marshmallow is used for sweetness with little to no Marshmallow flavor

I found steeping this for 5 days minimum works the best to smooth out the peppermint and raise the cream up


I know my other rootbeer float that took me forever too make which is fuckin awesome so I thought I would try my hand at a simple root beer float recipe let know what U guys think bout this one

Somewhat based on or at least derived from Pillow Talk by enyawreklaw. I made Pillow Talk, but I found the Peppermint too weak and did not like the cream flavor from the Vanilla Bean Gelato. I was looking for a light creamy vanilla with a firm peppermint flavor.

TPA Peppermint is a much stronger and better tasting Peppermint IMHO - I tried different levels and settled on this as the best, but YMMV
CAP Simply Vanilla and TPA Vanilla Swirl provides a very light vanilla creamy note to the recipe
FA Meringue and FA Cream Fresh adds mouthfeel and bolsters the creaminess of the Vanilla Swirl
TPA Marshmallow is used for sweetness and fullness with little to no Marshmallow flavor
EM (Cotton Candy) adds a little more perceived sweetness. One could argue that TPA Marshmallow already provides enough EM, and that may be true and worth further investigation. I don't notice any off flavors with this EM addition

I found steeping this for 7 days minimum works the best to smooth out the peppermint and raise the cream up.

this is a good pumpkin pie recipe for the fall as thanksgiving is coming around the corner and this one will be great while sitting around the living while watching football and chilling with family as the smell of pumpkin pie fills the room

I recently got my honeysuckle in so I've been trying it with different concentrates. This one is great. Wasn't sure it would work but it turned out fantastic. Its like a French vanilla ice cream with just a hint of the honeysuckle. The HS didnt really stand out like I thought it would even at 5% but it does add a nice honey like sweetness to the vape. And it even has that "green" taste to it although its very faint. Goes great with the French vanilla and vanilla bean. I've been vaping this one all day for a few days now. I hope you enjoy it too! Would love some feedback on this one along with any advice on what else I can use this honey suckle for. Thanks peeps! Cheers!

The texture and taste of a vanilla snack pack. I'm vaping it after a 3 day steep but I'm sure it will get better. My initial test impressed me so much that I had to share. Loads of creamy vanilla and the thickness is there too. Really tasty.

"My Sweet Borg"

Based on the sexiest Borg in the Delta Quadrant-"Seven Of Nine". This is the 1st part of my Seven Of Nine/Borg Trilogy


Feel her pale, milky mounds & sweet vanilla nectar dance over your tongue. She will undoubtedly tease & tantalize you, and most definitely leave you wanting more. Many of us, at one time or another have desired to "make" Seven Of Nine. But up to now, none have mastered her unique perfection. Resistance, in this case, is indeed futile...

I enjoy this after a 2 day steep. But like all fine women... er, ELIQUIDS, "My Sweet Borg" improves with age!

"My Sweet Borg" Notes:

TFA Vanilla Swirl adds that "soft-serve" quality/creaminess I needed in this mix. It is my personal "go to" for all things milk, and was a huge asset in my "My Milk" clone awhile back. It was with that recipe I realized this concentrate's perfect milk base position in a recipe.

CAP Simply Vanilla I feel, is an extremely under-rated flavoring. This was used to boost the vanilla in Vanilla Swirl to a whole new level. And that's its' only purpose in this recipe.

FA Fresh Cream: Holy Mackerel! At 2%, this contributes to that extra thick, milky mouth feel that was missing.

FW Hazelnut: This adds a nice malty back note just to keep things interesting.

NN Erythritol: Originally, I had incorporated CAPs Super Sweet at the same percentage. But man....double-strength sucralose is a major coil-killer(why is life so unfair?). I then remixed this with Nude Nicotine's Erythritol. At the same percentage, I thought it wouldn't have been as sweet & would need to be boosted up in percentage. But as it turns out, this was a fabulous improvement to not ONLY my coils-but also my taste buds. And if you REALLY want to be adventurous, add 0.75% TFA Sweetener in addition to the Erythritol. Very sweet and I actually prefer it with both sweeteners.

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