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(CAP) Raspberry

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 311 recipes at an average of 2.641%.


25 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


taking a stab at airhead type candy since I don't have a taffy flavor I'm trying it this way let me know what you guys think

The base consists of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP) with Cream Fresh (FA) and Meringue (FA). Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) adds to the creamyness.
Topnote is a layering of Sweet Lychee (CAP) with Lychee (FA) accented by Raspberry (CAP).
Rounding of with Super Sweet (CAP).

Enjoy enjoy,

A tart key lime pie with a sweet, sticky graham cracker crust served over top of a fresh raspberry puree.

Best after 1 week steep

The popsicle that was made popular by the ice cream trucks all over the globe. They also go by the name Rocket Pops and Firecrackers, and I'm sure there's a few more names for them as well. These popsicles had a lemon/cherry/blue raspberry flavour, which i'm sure most have enjoyed at least once in their lives. I know Flavor Art has this specific flavour called Booom, but I feel that this is more realistic and layered. Please give it a try and let me know if this hits the profile. I am still going to try and get it closer, but I think it's close enough and I want to move on to something different.

Lemon Flavour - LA Lemonade / FA Lemon Sicily - The lemon from the BombPop gives me the taste of lemonade so I went with this combo.
Cherry - FA Black Cherry - Not a huge fan of any cherry flavour available ATM, but I feel that this seems to work best.
Blue Raspberry - CAP Raspberry / CAP Juicy Peach - This combo tastes like a blue raspberry to me, and apparently others feel the same.

Add WS-23 if you'd like, but you can leave it out if you wish or don't have in your arsenal.

this is just another crazy blue razz flavor but as a bubble gum form with a hint of a sour note


A cool Hawaiian drink on a nice hot day!

Tropical Mix Layer - TPA Mango & TPA Pineapple - These flavours play nice together and bring out a nice tropical mix.

The Berry Layer - CAP Raspberry & CAP Sweet Strawberry - Adding the red berry layer to the bottom of the drink.

Sweetness & Cooling Notes - CAP Super Sweet & TPA Koolada - Just to kick up the sweetness a bit and add some ice to the drink.

This isn't the most subtle recipe, but I very much enjoy the sweetness of this "beverage" vape! Enjoy!

A Macaron is not a Macaroon.
In this recipe I merged them in a cocoon-like amusement of Cookie (FA), Marzipan (FA) and Coconut (FA), with a sweet raspberry cream inside.
The Raspberry is a layering between CAP and FA, also added a touch of Caramel (FA) to provide more sweet depth delight.
You can shake & vape, however I'd give the macaro(o)n 5 days to develop.
Enjoy :)

Back in the day when I still used to buy commercial e-liquids at my local shop. Fcukin' Flava's "Yummya Guava" was my all day vape. But then I discovered DIY and got really into it. The past year i've been learning how to mix but i had this craving for my all day vape. So I descided to try and make a clone of it. And that's what this recipe exactly is. An attempt to clone that e-liquid. it's not 1:1 but it come pretty damn close.

FA Fuji
This flavor brings some juicyness to the mix and really serves no other purpose. That's why it's on the low side in percentages.

FA Lime Cold Pressed
I use this to lift up the other fruit flavors a bit and give it a bit of that tropical hint. just a dash of it work, but don't put in too much or it will come through and taste too citrus-ish.

SolubArome Goyave (Guava)
This is the main star of this profile. It's a real nice tropical styled guava. It's like one of those caribbean version of this fruit. I really enjoy the taste and smell of this Guava. It is more a candy profile though.

CAP Raspberry
This flavor is in there to support the main flavor note (Guava) It's rounds it out a bit better and blends into this tropical sweet version of itself. It does come through a bit, but doesn't overpower. Which i find is a nice addition to overal main profile.

Cap Super Sweet
You can't make a Malaysia e-liquid clone without a good amount of this flavor. You could bring it down to your personal taste. But i went for a clone so i pumped it up as much as I could bare.

This is a stronger cooling agent then koolada and i use a 30% mixture in PG for this recipe. The Guava and Super sweet bring down the cooling which explains the high usage in this recipe


this is basically a simple summertime drink and a remix of vurve's best damn pink lemonade

Raspberry ripple deep fried ice cream.
Inspired by Sammy Fog.

Enjoy Proxima without the 4.25 light year travel.

If you're looking for a different mixing environment, drop by my page https://www.facebook.com/groups/eatsleepmixrepeat/
Small but great group of people.

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