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Rainbow sherbet flavored skittles..............Old school red, green and orange sherbet flavor shoved into those little candy treats.

Here's my stab at your classic skittles.

Purple - I used a combo of Grape and Black Currant here as in my research I found that both flavors are listed for purple. Together they taste very purple.

Red - Candy strawberry here that's why I left off the Shisha, don't need that realistic part in this candy recipe.

Green - Shisha lime combined with Cap SS is pretty aromatic and candied lime

Orange - Shisha Orange, see green

Yellow - Went with the pure lemon here mixed with the candy portions its pretty solid in here

Candy - WF Pixie Stick Candy + Cap Rainbow candy give you a nice sweet candy taste. It really helps turn these fruits into candy

Softening - the TFA Marshmallow helps to soften some of the sharp edges of the fruit. If you like it let me know.


Alright, Apexified and Isuamadog were kind enough to give this a try with me and it's good to go. So here it is everyone, the solution to a few medicine cherry problems.

Well if there ever was time where you could have skittles and rainbow sherbet with alil bit of tanginess well here it is I just mixed this up and it's good as S&V certified and it actually hit the spot I was looking for so mix this up at 70/30 and enjoy

this is a very simple grape skittles recipe just getting ready for spring too come so I can get away from all the heavy creams and bakeries & get working on candies, drinks and others COME ON SPRING hurry the fuck up and get here plz

This abomination was created through a discussion in my Eve Online fleet.
It sounded interesting, so i mixed it to try it out :) After mixing it, this has become my most well liked recipe, with everyone who has tried it really enjoying it. Mix it up and see what ya think 😊

Sweetener is set that high on purpose. Feel free to set it to where ever you feel comfortable.


Spot on gummy bears. Shake n vape or steep for a week or two. The flavors marry really well into a realistic gummy flavor.

Found at ELR. Direct link:


Flavor description from ELR

If you like gummy bears then you will love this because it tastes just like a gummy bear!! Its a snv with a very delightful fruity gummy bear inhale and candy flavor with no off notes at all. you wont be disappointed. It has a full mouth flavor and will keep you wanting more!

I added super sweet but that wasn’t part of jazzys recipe. Feel free to adjust or remove it if you’d like! It really doesn’t need it but I’m a sucker for sweetener.

This is my rendition of a cherry/ lemon-lime type gummy worm with some sweet and sour sensations.

LB Sour Gummy was used for a candied cherry, some gummy-ness, and a little bit of sour

FW Rainbow Candy or Skits Candy was used to get a good lemon-lime taste and to get some sugar texture

Cap SL Rainbow Candy is used to bring a fruity body to the mix and to help other flavors transition

FA Fuji Apple is used to enhance the top note and maybe add a little sour

LB Sour is used to enhance the overall sourness

This is a great shake and vape but really blends well after 3 days

This is already sweet enough for me, but I’f you would like an even sweeter mix then I’d recommend 0.25% -0.5% Cap Super Sweet

Enjoy and please comment and/or review

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