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(CAP) Powerful Sour

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

Used in 129 recipes at an average of 1.271%.


Maintained by: ConcreteRiver Apexified

11 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Sweetener (TPA) 4.00%
Fuji Apple (CAP) 2.00%
Green Apple (CAP) 1.00%
Grenadine (CAP) 5.00%
Jelly Candy (CAP) 3.00%
koolada 1.00%
Pomegranate Deluxe (TPA 15.00%
Pomegranate v2 (CAP) 3.00%
Sour flavor (TPA) 5.00%

Cherry mix sour cool. Tast a new recipe. Very nice.

Tart Cherry, Strawberry, Dragon Fruit , Sweetener, Powerful Sour
Test suprise

A fresh recipe to use daily. In test, but, is very good.

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pretty close to tasting like you just shoved a handfull of those bad boys in your mouth.

Cherry Cola. I only used the super sour to give a bit of a fizzy sensation. You don’t really need to use it if you don’t have it. I just like it there.

Sour watermelon, yo. You know what it is. Vape it and enjoy.


This recipe came from a brainstorming session between myself and my Sergeant who doesn't even vape. That being said his interest was still peaked. The basis for this creation was to develope a taste/aroma that was like nothing else. This required pairing concentrates that you would typically not see side by side in any other recipe out there. I believe this was accomplished, with the outcome being an extremely sharp menthol lemon lime top note with a sweet and sour vodka candy body. So if this sounds like a profile that you would be interested in, then go ahead, mix her up and let us know what you think. Thanks Krucial

WF Champagne Soda + CAP Powerful Sour: makes a more realistic champagne and helps with the separation between the champagne and the fruit.

CAP Tart Cherry + FLV Cranberry work together to create a less candy cherry with more body. The tartness and sweetness complement the sour in the champagne.

Maybe some lemon or lime could also work well here // Work in progress

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