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(CAP) Pink Lemonade

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

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A delicious lemon lime with a tropical twist of strawberry and pineapple inspired by the lemon lime tropical soda.
Lemon lime-brings in the main lemon lime soda base.
Pink lemonade-gives it a little more of a sweeter lemon with a fruity touch adds a brightness to the lemon lime.
Sweet strawberry-adds a straight up linear strawberry just enough you can taste it.
Golden Pineapple- adds a clean and clear tropical pineapple.
Super sweet-just a touch gives a nice sweetness and overall helps to bring the fruits out.

This is a very simple, easy to mix, easy to understand, Watermelon Lemonade, that focuses more on the watermelon/fruit notes compared to v1

Made for article:
-> http://nolife.link/watermelon-lemonade


Its summer. Having made a ton of Vurves pink lemonade in the past, I figured Id use his recipe as a flavor base to build on. I really like the weird raspberry candy I get from FW Razzleberry and thought this would fit just right...it did. I like em sweet and cool but do as you wish.
*Cap Pink Lemonade is simply a placeholder for Vurves Pink Lemonade base (pg)



It's quite close, and to be honest, I think its a bit better. It's more "pink" and isn't nearly as harsh, but still damn sweet. If you've had the original, i'm interested in your thoughts about this remix.

Made on "Live Mixing: Pink Punch Lemonade"

Had an 5 hour energy drink the other day and it blew my mind something new a refreshing and surprisingly goes really well together could add some polar ice at. 15 or some sweetner at what ever % you want but don't be scared and try it

I tried to get all the strawberry juiciness out in this recipe. I feel that FA Juicy Strawberry is the best for the job and get that candy note out of it. The FA Lemon Sicily is used to bring a bit of a punch to the juice. Lovely flavours!

Pink Lemonade , little bit of Shisha Lime, Sweet Strawberries and hint of Rose ,i got this recipe where i wanted perfectly balanced ,And Really At least 2 weeks steep , once u try it u will love trust me. Enjoy


This is a Fizzy Sherbet Soda flavor
Made on LIve Mixing: The Vape Train Haul

OK this is my take on a Lemonade sweet how it should be to me.

This is a Strawberry Lemonade recipe focusing more on the strawberry notes with a touch of lime in the mix.
This recipe was made for FlavorBook Entry "(FA) Juicy Strawberry"
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/10/30/fa-juicy-strawberry/

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