(CAP) Peppermint

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So here's the recipe as promised! Your wish is my command I said and I meant it. I have no idea what the developed recipe tastes like but if it's close to this it's gotta be good. A very fine balance of cream, ice cream, and mint make up all the key points of a shamrock shake and I think I might have nailed it. I followed a real life recipe for a shamrock shake clone and added a few things to make it realistic as a vape. Everything in this recipe has it's place the LB Vanilla ice cream is obvious for it's delicious vanilla ice cream creaminess and the FA cream fresh and Vienna cream are for the representation of milk and dairy mouth feel, WF Tahitian vanilla cream to enhance and back up the vanilla note of the ice cream, creme de menthe and peppermint are obvious and the dulce de leche ties the mint and cream together and finally FA Marshmallow is another binder with mouth feel. So now for the description on the first day except mostly mint and a little cream inhale and exhale but on the 3rd day is when the magic happens I don't know how I accomplished this but the inhale is a nice soft mint/peppermint with a touch of vanilla ice cream and the exhale is like Houdini the mint almost disappears and a velvet vanilla shake rides out on your tongue and completely coats your mouth in cream heaven (I know this sounds dirty lol) I will be making a 120ml because this one of my best recipes. Great off a shake heaven like after 3days and tested with a wasp nano RDA other atomizers may vary your results.

We have a delicious fresh waffle cone filled with awesome Vanilla ice cream and topped with a very satisfying Swiss Chocolate and mild peppermint sauce. My dreams of a tolerable chocolate vape have come true!

Rich peppermint hedgehog slice, my favourite bakery treat on a Sunday afternoon!

So normally I try recipes out before posting them...this time I'm not gonna...After having a Mc D's Shamrock shake today I decided I wanted to try to make one...Here's my attempt...no clue if It's any good..Will report back but will take a few days to see how the creams develop..so far at first vape it's great..It's minty and cool but not to creamy..and If you try it and having any recommendations shoot em in the comments...Happy St Pattys Month...:)

A cool blueberry menthol that tastes so good...was making this for myself but figured I'd share it as it really is a good menthol juice...lemme know what ya think....

A sweet vibrant vanilla cupcake body with a cool peppermint icing and flakes at first taste...I added light menthol to it to give it a little coolness for the peppermint but not over the top cold...Also I personally used (LB) Menthol instead of TPA but figured way more people have TPA and I doubt it makes much of a difference at such a low percentage. Also I personally used about 6 drops of (Flv) Cool Menthol which not everyone has in their arsenal but it really made it better for me but was great before it too.. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

A creamy sweet but powerful menthol vape..Nice and cool and smooth in the throat

Here is a little Christmas treat for you guy if you need something to hit on for black Friday shopping this will hit your tastebuds like crazy instead of going out too get coffee just vape this and it will set the mood

Being 100% honest I do not like this recipe. But on the other hand the person who vaped this bought it every Wednesday for 4 or 5 years. He recently quit vaping and I am releasing this recipe as sort of a tribute to his vaping days. I hope someone else will be able to enjoy it now.


tfa blueberry extra - 3%
tfa sweet raspberry - 3%
tfa peppermint - 1.5%

Smooth Black Licorice Mint Vape! Mellow licorice with a mint kicker. If you like mint and licorice you will love this. The (FA) Black Touch has that goodness of Old Time Aussy Licorice and the edition of (FA) Anise brings it up a notch. Adding the (CAP) Peppermint gives it a freshness and light clean minty backside. The (FA) Mint Candy adds a touch of sweet mint to round out the mint profile. If you are looking for a refreshing mint licorice vape I don't hink you can go wrong with this one!

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