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A blue raspberry lemonade at heart, but with an "electric" kick from the Koolada and Peppermint. Sweet and refreshing at the same time. I have to give credit to my fiance for the addition of the Koolada and Peppermint to give it the kick.
This is the updated final version, after many tests, this is the one my fiance always wants for adv

This is a simple mint recipe that I like to mix up when I start to get tired of my usual flavor profiles or when I just want something straightforward and satisfying. It's a perfectly good shake and vape recipe, but it does benefit from a one day steep.

One of the First recipes I ever made...The white chocolate peppermint from LB is the star of the show here. It was my very first order of flavors I got in my beginner kit from LB. Obviously it can be subbed and played with but It's a delicious christmas time vape...Nice and Cool just the way I like it!

edit: 11/08/19. Lowered percentages and tweaked some due to age of recipe and lots of people still mixing it..

Not my recipe!! But so good especially for those who love Menthol...Supposedly this stuff will clear out Vaper's tongue and I have found that it clears you out period!! LoL ..I added some ws23 to give a little more throat hit

Original Recipe here

Was cruising around town and went to our local Oriental restaurant and behold they had an Avocado Milkshake :) so i spoke to one of the servers and they told me how they prepare it ..so here is my rendition of what i tasted and how they prepared, i have FLV avocado and was wondering how i could use it in a recipe ... so with that said enjoy...

This recipe did not go down the road I envisioned it would when I was formulating it, but after quite a few mixes and tweaks I found it oddly alluring and so unique that I just had to get it out there. There are quite a few vapers that do not like yogurt, coffee, or peppermint flavors so I don't anticipate a wide acceptance. If you are looking for something different, make a small batch and give it a try - it might surprise you.

The inhale has a smooth coolness to it. During the initial exhale I get slight hints of chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and cream. At the end of the exhale the yogurt twang fills in with a peppermint back note that lingers on the pallet. I find this formulation yields a very smooth (at least as peppermint can be) vape experience

White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Frap

I set out to create a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, just in time for the holidays. Now this seems easy enough, coffee, chocolate, milk, and peppermint. Well, it may seem that way, but for us who have tested coffees, chocolates, and milks, it can be quite the challenge to find the right flavors for this profile. There are many ways to get there with this profile.

This is how I approached it.
First the coffee. WF Cripsy Coffee SC really hits the mark for a medium roast coffee with hints of cream and texture. It does however, need a bit of a boost for a richer, darker coffee hence the addition of FA Up. Not too much though, it can take over a recipe and give the mix a burnt coffee off note.

The chocolate. This was probably the hardest part. There are a lot of chocolates to choose from, but picking the right one that doesn't give you an artificial taste or plastic note is very difficult. I chose HS Australian Chocolate. At 1% this chocolate has a nice creamy chocolate syrup-like flavor and texture that pairs well with coffee.

The Milk. My first 6 versions I used TFA Bavarian Cream, and while I love this flavoring, it seemed to push out the coffee and chocolates and made the mix a bit flat and not very layered. I went back to my stash and found a rarely used flavoring that I had, Real Flavors Condensed Milk SC. I haven't used many Real Flavors but after testing it I knew this would be just the sweet, creamy, milk I needed. It seems to sit somewhere in the middle of the vape while not interfering with the coffee or the chocolates.

The Peppermint. My first few versions I used Flavor West's Chocolate Mint. This flavor seemed to have too much mustiness to the chocolate and the peppermint wasn't quite right. So when I introduced HS Australian Chocolate to my mix, CAP Peppermint was the obvious choice. I tried it at 1%, .25%, .5%, and then settled on .5%. This percent gives a peppermint taste on the front and a bit on the end of the vape while the coffee, chocolate, and milk stays in the middle. I added a bit of CAP Super Sweet to brighten things up as well.

Can be a shake and vape but is best after a 3 day steep.
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So, I've been testing a lot of flavors recently and have suffered from Vaper's Tongue. I posed the question in Discord on what to do about this other than taking a vapecation. I received a lot of suggestions ranging from switching up my eliquid, blasting my palate with high %'s of lemon and menthol ejuices and gargling with pickle juice. I also did a bit of research on what the food industry uses to cleans palates. Many high end restaurants use a tangy sorbet to cleanse palates between courses and some wine tasters will inhale coffee bean aromas. I decided to go with the sorbet route and am asking mixers to try this recipe to see if this will help with vaper's tongue. I personally think that it helps but would love to know your thoughts on this matter.

Technically, this is not a sorbet because a sorbet is mostly a fruity ice mixture and not an ice cream. However, going on what other mixers have suggested I created this "Palate Reset" recipe to mimic a sorbet by using LB Vanilla Ice Cream with Cap Peppermint. In many instances, a sour aroma was used to cleanse the palate, so that's where the FE Lemon comes into play. A touch of sweetener was used to liven things up a bit.

I wanted to make this recipe to help mixers overcome Vaper's Tongue but, as it stands, this recipe is very good as an ADV.
If you mix this, please post your comments on if, and how this recipe works as a palate cleanser or palate reset.
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Yes this recipe looks like an abomination and the percentages high, but it keeps a relative from smoking menthols. The FW and Capellas are fairly weak anyway.

I worked with her over about 4 months (through the mail) to get her a recipe that she loved and then tweaked it to her own personal perfection.

This recipe gives her the throat hit, cooling, and mint that mimics a menthol cigarette yet tastes like a really good candy cane.

I know this recipe isn't for everyone. I'm posting it in hopes that it may help others stay away from the menthol cigarettes. It's meant for those just stopping smoking menthols using a MTL tank with out of the box coils.

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