(CAP) Peaches And Cream V2

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I still need to let this steep out a bit, but off the shake it is about what I expected. Juicy Peach, hint of cream, and a bit of crust. I may still adjust percentages in the future depending on how it steeps out after 4 weeks. But for shake and vape, it's not bad.

A fruity blueberry basil peach fizz that begs to be your favorite summer cocktail.

Peaches, Blueberries, they are awesome on their own, but I couldn’t help using them as inspiration for a sweet, summery cocktail.
My first idea was to make a peach fizz, but I wanted to mix things up a bit so I added blueberry and basil as a nice twist on the classic cocktail. I love this combination because they are all iconic summer flavors and they all pair so well together. This also works as a very fun mocktail if you leave out the gin.

RF SC Blueberries & Cream with TFA Blueberry Extra combined with Peach Cream from Molin Berry mixed with FA White Peach for that lovely summer fruity mix.
Molinberry Peach Cream is a wonderful flavor i recently discovered. Soft juicy peach in a beautiful creamy base. It can be subbed with a Peach Cream of your choice.

For the bubbles i used the RF SC Creamsoda to give that fizzy sensation. Finally, adding somec FLV Basil for a light, fresh and fennel taste.

Let the flavors blend...Steep, minimum 3 days,

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