(CAP) Peaches And Cream

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A simple peach and cream recipie.
Caps Peaches and cream ticked alot of boxes for me as a solo flavour although not just quite there yet. Added Inw Peach and Fw Yogurt to lift the profile up and Fw Tres Leches adds the the over all profile giving that almost commercial type element (That thing thats missing but cant tell what it is).

Once you have a mix that you play with and tweak it ever so slightly and you have a hit you want to share that with the masses and this is one of those recipes.
Wonder Flavors - Island Mango is one of the most juicy flavors I have tried to date and it plays all to well with other flavors..
CAP - Greek Yogurt was entry into the yogurt scene and I have not looked back with it's deep creamy texture within a vape.
Hangsen - Italian Cream was one of the sought after creams in the vape diy world and once it was in our hands we have not looked back.
CAP - Peaches and Creams This was a fluke flavor I found with the help of others..

best p&c recipe base on voodootroll recipe. Its a good peach and cream not harsh right after you mix it

Smooth,fruity vape .a combnation of cereals-fruits and creams,balanced and yummy.enjoy!

adapted from: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/707448/Peaches%20and%20Mango
(CAP) Vanilla custard instead of (CAP) vanilla custard v2
(TPA) vanilla bean ice cream instead of (CAP) vanilla bean ice cream
(tpa) bavarian cream instead of (tpa) dx bavarian cream

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