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(CAP) Passion Fruit

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Originally this was an attempt at a fruit snacks recipe . It's not all the way their on the fruit snacks, however it is a yummy recipe . A nice fruity/berry candied mix !!


Been working on this for a while as ive been sick of not getting enough flavor from my sub ohm coils. And knowing a friend from work liked a couple of flavors i started with them and added to it . Hes gone through a 100mls i gave him and after more (paying) this time ;) I ve also gone through 80 mls and counting.
Max VG. for those sub ohms coils !
Mix it and enjoy !!

It's a bangin fruit punch if you have these common flavors.


Another Food Pairing concept here, there is something about this combination i really like.
I have a sweet apple base, topped with the floral notes of hibiscus and counter it with lemon grass and passion fruit and cinnamon.

It's definitely not a usual strawberry cream, but it's made for those vapers who like their juice a bit more special.

Some fresh and smooth pomegranate cream

Sugary cranberry treat.

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