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(CAP) Orange Mango With Stevia

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 31 recipes at an average of 4.326%.


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A sweet tropical Mango orange with the fresh notes of pineapple and papaya.

Please don't ask me what I was thinking when I made this. To be honest, I just threw some flavours together and hoped they worked. A couple of minor tweaks and here you have it. For me, the banana and pineapple are at the forefront of this. All the other flavours seem to blend in nicely. I've put 15 days steep time as I made this Nov 25th and didn't like it after 2/3 days so I just left it. Just trying it Dec 23rd and it's pretty damned tasty.

This was made with Orange & Mango without the stevia but it's not in the concentrate list. This is very tasty & well balanced. Hope you enjoy it.

Work in progress fresh tropical smoothie, this tastes like tropical fruits blended with milk

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