(CAP) Orange Creamsicle

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I don't post recipes until I have tweaked them and am sure they are worthy of sharing. This is a nice mix. It is orange cream on the inhale with a sweet cream cheese taste. On the exhale you get the pineapple. Works well in both mtl and dtl vape types. Got this one down the first mix. Needs no adjustments for my tastes.

Pretty good off the shake. May need to work on percentages.
Probably adding some Banana Nut Bread when I find it.
Plenty of orange flavor. Banana is kinda light.
Tested with a Hadley with fused clapton at 45-50 watts.
Nice creamy body. Not harsh at all so far.
I'll be updating in a few days.
So, wow. This is as good as I thought it should be,
It keeps getting brighter and the orange mellows out a little bit but doesn't really fade much.
I like it quite a bit or a simple mix. Maybe drop down the creamsicle a bit.

This is a very good Orange Creamsicle that utilizes Nicotine River's Smooth NicSalt.
Intended for Pods, MTL devices and RTA's etc.
I used 18mg/ml of the NicSalt and It's as smooth as silk. I can DL hit it in my Nord with very little throat hit.
You can actually taste the Orange and Nectarine that leads to a nice creamy finish.
The best part is that it's not harsh at all.
Pretty great for only 16% of the mix being the aromas. I'm very happy with it.

Delicious Strawberries with orange cream and pear undertones that will keep your taste buds guessing. The Cap Dragon Fruit is used here to pop the strawberries. Tfa Pear Candy adds the moisture and that spectacular back note of pear. You really have to mix this up for yourself and see just how good the Cap Orange Creamsicle works with strawberries . Enjoy!

Peach and citrus, quite creamy but an all round great flavour for the peach lover

Just a simple orange creamsicle. Enjoy! All feedback is welcome.

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