(CAP) New York Cheesecake

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After a few attempts to get this right, it has become extremely tasty after 1 week steep. A cakey, iced, cheesecake cupcake with whipped cream.

The base: used here with FW Yellow cake and cap vanilla cupcake V2 give the recipe that delicious cup cake flavor.

The Background: using LA Cream cheese icing and some TPA Sweetener help with the entire cupcake experience

The Accent using: TPA Cheesecake graham crust, CAP NY Cheesecake V2 along with TPA Sweet cream and CAP Vanilla whipped cream give that full cheesecake taste and feel.
Please leave any comments if you choose to mix my recipe.


This recipe is a representation of a simple key lime pie. A tart lime filling laid on a light graham cracker crust, topped with fluffy meringue.

This is one of those recipes that I truly love. I'm a huge bakery/cream guy, and this hits all the notes for me

CAP Boston Cream Pie v2 is the only version I was able to find at the time I formulated this recipe. I haven't looked for the original version, but the v2 does the job. When I made the recipe, I got a little influence from our good buddy Wayne. One of the first recipes I mixed was Bronuts. Now, I wasn't a fan, but I'm not knocking it by any means. It actually helped me out a lot, though. It gave me the idea to take a single flavor that was already decent or good (BCPv2) and add to it to make it better, like Wayne did with CAP Chocolate Glazed Doughnut. So. CAP BCPv2 at 7% gives us a solid foundation to build off of.

From the base, I felt the first addition needed to be more custard, because, if you didn't know, Boston Cream Pie is actually two chunks of yellow cake slapped together with some vanilla custard used as mortar, slathered with delicious chocolate frosting or ganache. CAP Vanilla Custard v1, the all-star, at 2% was just enough to add in an excellent base for that mortar we need. I used CAP NY Cheesecake at 0.5% to tone down the sweetness of the the custard, and TFA VBIC at 1% to lighten it up just a bit and add in some more vanilla goodness.

Finally, and this is the questionable ingredient, FW Yellow Cake at 0.75% is used to add in, well, cake. I felt that we needed a little more cakey goodness here. At first I tried 1.5%, and it was a little too much. The mix came out very sweet, due to the sucrose, so I lowered it down a bit. Less cancer. More yum. Win win.

I do mix this recipe strictly at MAX VG, but that's just personal preference. There's no real reason for it, I just prefer this one to be silky smooth.


A very authenitic lemon raspberry cheesecake with a graham cracker layer. I absolutely love the way lemon really brightens raspberrys and they both are perfectly layered in this recipe. I like my cheesecakes with a more pronounced graham crust, so the cheesecake w/ graham crust, along with lemon meringue pie, and FW graham cracker all play off each other forming that perfect graham base and add complexity to the filling. This can be a shake and vape, but I find it does get better and gives the raspberry a little more pop with some aging. Enjoy!


Got Some Feedback on the last recipe which was a go at refining Another Mixers Juice, i am taking the advice and trying it the way it was suggested sorta, only addition i added was Vanilla Swirl @ 1% , other than that i am following the critique... i hope all enjoy ... still searching for may ADV ... i have a few recipes like 2 of them alot but still need that ADV ...

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This is my lemon meringue cannoli!!! It has a lot of ingredients but trust me it works. Give it a try and let me know what you think you won't be disappointed. This recipe is good after a shake but really comes alive after a 5 day steep and to be honest it gets better and better every day it steeps.

Lemon Sicily and lime tahity cold press both made flavor art make up my lemon flavor of the lemon meringue filling of the cannoli. Of coarse i need some MERINGUE by FLavor Art this adds a creamy sugary sweetness to the mix. Well then I have the flavorss that make up the creamy cannoli center. I used a combination of New York cheesecake and vanilla custard by capella i add a small amount of vienna cream by flavor art it helps pull the new York cheesecake and vanilla custard together. I also add in custard by flavor art I added this to the mix to help with the lemon flavor and the cream part because it has notes of both in it. It is a different custard that doesn't work in many situations but it works great in lemon flavors. To be honest I added the Nonna cake at a very small .25% more for mouth feel than to help the outer cannoli wrap. So i guess that brings me to the outer wrap of the cannoli i do this by using Inawera Biscuit and Flavor art Cookie both at .5 % . Well that's it$$$$$$ LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY! !!! LOTS OF FLAVORS THAT WORK

Key lime Cheescake with Carmel, Graham Cracker and a light creamy banana Finish. Taste great as Shake and Vape. Theses flavor together make this recipe just Awesome. Taste very good the marshmellow gives this a nice a fluffy taste while the caramel add something different to a cheesecake that really makes the flavor burst into yumminy goodness. This flavor is absolute perfection. Recommend at least 2-3 days steep to really meld the Flavors together with this cheesecake.


Twisted Berry Blast. Ever get tired of the same old strawberries and cream? Well, I did. Here's a FA Forest Fruits twist on strawberries and cream.
CAP NY Cheesecake- Base for the whipped cream to lay on
TPA Whipped Cream- Sits on top of the NY Cheesecake to give it a fluffiness
TPA Meringue- Well....just because I like it
TPA Greek Yogurt - Adds a slight tangy aspect and fits well with the sweetness of the FA Forests Fruits
FA Forest Fruits - Well damn! It's just plan ole sweet mixed delicious
Shake n Vape

Take a trip to the Florida Keys with a delicious slice of this creamy decadent pie...from the graham cracker crust to the meringue topping your taste buds will thank you for mixing this up


NO BS lemon cheesecake. Undenialable S&V and of course only gets better

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