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(CAP) New York Cheesecake

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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"Crush" it out of Camden Yards with the Deputy! Orange, tangerine, and creamy goodness. I took the cream base for "Ginger Sauce" and augmented it a bit to make a delightful orange and cream. Despite a large amount of citrus, it's not harsh at all. CAP Sweet Tangering and FW Orange come together to make a beautiful orange/tangerine combo that is not overly sweet or harsh. The CAP Sweet Tangerine sweetens the harshness that you usually find in orange flavors, and the FW Orange balances out that sweetness with tart citrus goodness. The addition of FA Marshmallow help to add a little mouth feel and to smooth out the cirus combo a bit more. TFA Vanilla Cupcake is added to add a hint of a bakery note that nigh undetectable. It works with the creams extremely well in this small percentage to make the vanilla pop just a little bit. The cream base itself is derived directly from my "Ginger Sauce" recipe. I simply took out the CAP Vanilla Custard v1 and the CAP Graham Cracker v1, and voila! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have. I searched for years for a good orange and cream juice, and I was never truly satisfied. This is that orange and cream for me. As a side note, this is not intended to be a dreamsicle.


A delicious double vanilla custard with a hint of graham cracker. Creamy and delicious. A perfect all-day-vape for vanilla or custard lovers. Original flavor notes at https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/4utw60/ginger_sauce_a_recipe_made_by_a_ginger/


This one's for the Capella fans. Strawberry, tangerine and a hint of mango come together to form a sweet, tangy and tropical fruit blend. This mixture sits in a light cheesecake base that balances some creaminess with the sparkle of the citrus fruits. Enhancing with a touch of super sweet and cinnamon danish swirl gives this base a uniquely sweet profile.

Excellent as a shake and vape but develops nicely with a 3 day steep. The mango will be upfront to begin with and then fade into the background and let the tangerine and strawberry shine through. Creamy cheesecake becomes even more prominent with a full week steep.

Started with Kreed's Kustard as a base. Did some tweaks to add in sugar cookie.


My improved version of what the dod group gave me so much s*** for


A very creamy strawberry cheesecake. Shake and vape but 2 weeks is incredible. Fw natural strawberry can be subbed for flv or whatever you want but flv is similar. I know the % looks strong but it's worth giving a shot


Super rich, creamy cheesecake with just the right amount of lemon. Minimum of 1 week steep or the anise in Nonna's cake will be way too strong. Mellows out after that; boosts the lemon and overall thick creaminess of the vape.


This is the recipe I should have submitted to the competition pretty tasty shake and vape. The cheesecake doesn't really start to come out until after a week.

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