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(CAP) New York Cheesecake

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 6957 recipes at an average of 3.012%.


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This is a nice creamy Chocolate and peanut butter vape. Must use TFA peanut butter and inw MILK CHOCOLATE for the best results. Nothing else compares. It's such a great vape. If you like banana add about .5 to 1% Loran's Banana cream to it and call it Elvis. Great as a nice sweet tooth vape. Pairs well with coffee or just to take that sweet craving away.


This is an excellent Strawberry custard recipe. This is my ADV after I have my morning vape absolutely love this. It's delicious as a Shake and Vape. The strawberries mixed really make this recipe my favorite. Must use v1 of Cap vanilla custard for it's amazing taste. I simply love this Delicious flavor.

Tastes just like thos lemonades from Girl Scout cookies. I really like this recipe. Has great flavor and a perfect Amount of crunch with the cookie, graham cracker and biscuit added to it. Definetely a must try. You will not be disappointed.

For a Strawberry lemonade add 4% strawberry sweet Capellas. Lower FA custard to 1.5% and lemon Sicily to 1%


Thick, rich and creamy...

The VBIC, NY cheesecake, Sweet Cream, and Creme Brulée all drive this thick decadent base. The butterscotch kind of sits on top for a few days and melts down in the mix after a week and a half and the cinnamon note from the graham fades as well leaving behind a rich buttery thick vape if you are into that sort of thing.


Any 'version 2' mix I make are not intended to replace the originals,they're just for those that want to change things up.


Enjoy this cocoa and cream mix after at least 6 days. This is not heavy on chocolate flavoring.. it's mixed in softly with the cream/custard base.

I do not recommend breathing, heating, frothing, etc. for any of my recipes. Just shake it up and put it away for a few days.

This recipe is best enjoyed at lower wattages with restricted airflow. Lastly, make sure you vape this on a fresh atty or new cotton for optimal taste.


I felt the "Cuttwood leak" base would be better suited for a Graham/cinnamon flavor profile. This one goes great with a cup of coffee in the morning!

Some people like this one with a bit more CDS, let your tastebuds guide you.

Misc Notes:
This is not a Sugar Bear clone and probably doesn't taste anything like it. I apologize for picking a similar name.

Requires at least a week of aging. Any vaping beforehand will not taste very cakey (sp?), which sucks. I like it best after day 10 for optimal taste.
If you would like a blueberry varient, use Blueberry (FW) and omit the strawberry. I would probably lower the percentage from 6 to 4%, although tastes vary.

I enjoy this one most with a wider airflow.

If you like Toasted Almond cream cake, you should try this recipe


A simple mixed berry cheesecake good for all seasons.

My first renditions of this juice were one of my first projects as a new mixer. I started with just the Harvest Berry at 3.5% and the CAP NY Cheesecake by itself at 4%. With just those two flavors it was satisfying to me as a new mixer and I relied on this staple mix for 6 months as I developed my skillset and collected new flavors. The 2 flavor version of this is still something I go back to when I am short on time on mixing day and I just want to get something bottled up.

The Cheesecake base: Equal parts CAP NY Cheesecake and TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust) gives a perfect balance of cheesy filling and adds a starter base for the graham cracker crust crumble. CAP Sweet Cream finishes our cheesecake base with a little added "cheesy" cream depth to finish the profile. TFA Graham Cracker (Clear) adds some depth the crust base started with TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust)

The Berries: CAP Harvest Berry is the real star here. A bright mix of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. I get mostly the blackberry and raspberry from it, but others perceive more strawberry. I found that with the bulked version of the cheesecake base that even at 3.5% Harvest Berry just wasn't showing through as much as I wanted, so it's bolstered by it's FA counterpart Forrest Mix. Another berry blend with a very similar profile it's a perfect fit. At 1.25% it's just enough to drive those berry notes to the top, but without getting muddy or perfumey, which is what I got if I started taking Harvest Berry up to the 4% or higher range. If you want a little more variety you can easily sub the Forrest Mix for FW Blueberry, your favorite Strawberry, FA Raspberry, or a splash of citrus like TFA Key Lime, INW Lime, INW/FE Lemon, or FA Lemon Sicily.

Flavor Notes