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This is one recipe that I always keep a 120 in stock. A creamy, thick raspberry cheesecake! My favorite cheesecake recipe to date! I love the way LA cream cheese icing blends into the Cap NY cheesecake and it's something I've been adding to a lot of my cheesecake recipes. It really makes the ny cheesecake stand out against the raspberry combo. I use INW Raspberry and TFA Raspberry sweet together in a lot of my raspberry recipes, and the apple pie to make the raspberrys pop and add some depth to the overall cheesecake crust. FLV cream is now my favorite cream to use, so I went with this instead of Cap VC. You can add the sweetener of your choice, but I think it's sweet enough as it is.

Find your fruit heaven folks, this is mine. Parfait heaven. The Spanish translation of parfait is perfecto...love it.

CAP Apricot, TPA raspberry and TPA strawberry ripe have been my combo for this. There are many others, but this one makes me happy.

GC Clear provides just enough of a bridge here to make it a parfait rather than a fruit cream alone. FA's Butterscotch makes it even better while adding to the sweetness of the mix.

NY Cheesecake, while not what I typically use, gives the effect I wanted here minus some of the buttery/coconut notes I get from TPAs CGC.

CAP Whipped Cream? What parfait doesn't benefit from a finishing touch?

Recipe inspired from some of my own work and Wayne Walker's Vanilla Pudding Cookie recipe.

Another dripper juice that certainly needs NO added sweetener ;) Good as a shake and vape, supreme after a week. Welcome to summer people!


A berry cheesecake with a little lemon to make it pop. I was roughly inspired by a commercial juice (Subjuice flavor of the same name) but this doesn't (and isn't meant to) taste at all similar. I was trying to get a more realistic cheesecake flavor and a bit sharper lemon. This does need to steep awhile if you want to get the full effect. Given enough time, the fresh cream will eventually blend with the cheesecake base and make something less dry, but if you try to vape it too soon, the cream flavor just sits on top as a separate flavor, which I find unpleasant.

I'm still pretty new at this so I'm open to feedback!

Another attempt at a cannoli cream without any shell notes.

Starting with a lemon meringue pie base with graham cracker crust, then adding some cheesecake, catalan cream and butter cream to beef it up.

Taste like a thick rich blackberry infused cheesecake. This recipe gets better after it steeps for a few days.


8/12/2017 - I have grown to love this Recipe, it is one of my ADV's. It has changed a lot over the months. It is Very creamy and that is what I like. It is good right after mixing but gets better with age. I always mix a large 250 ml bottle and it lasts about 45 days and after a month it is PERFECTION but still good as a shake and vape. The flavor % is high, like 25%, I am going to experiment with cutting that back a bit, see if all the flavors are truly needed, but now it is really delicious to me....I hope you mix and enjoy. Please leave a Comment if you try it, it would be so appreciated....Love to all...Kitten

4/2017 - Original Idea for this Recipe came from https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/35647#momma_slap_cheesecake_v2_by_folkart , I made it with what I had on hand and it was good. Then I thought of ways it could be better...for me...and here it is. I hope you enjoy, I love it. I steeped it for 8 days and it became so creamy smooth it was wonderful and delicious. It did lose a little Strawberry flavor so the last three days I added a few drops of Strawberry Ripe (TFA), then let it set a few more days and it was great. If you like it sweeter three drops of Sucralose per 10 ML is really good too. .....Love to all...Kitten


C-Goat = Custard Greatest Of All Time affectionately dubbed Sea Goat a mythical beast often seen as the true symbol of the Capricorn. That is where the name ends and the profile begins. This is a strawberry and banana custard profile, starting up front with an authentic banana note followed by a thick, rich, and creamy strawberry base. Then finishes with sweet vanilla crust on the back end.

This delectable recipe was inspired by wanting to create a nice delicious strawberry bundt cake loaded with cream cheese all over it.

The strawberries Fused together gives the recipe a subtle but nice light strawberry flavor while still allowing the other flavors to shine though in the recipe. The Vanilla Cupcake mixed with Cap yellow cake give it that great cake flavor and add a touch of FA cookie to give it more of that cake texture. Lorans cream cheese Icing combined with the Cap NY Cheescake are the stars of the show that give the cake a perfect balance of flavor to make it cheesy and add a nice tang to it. The butter adds to make the recipe just a little more moist to like you would expect from a good cake recipe. FLV cream adds a nice dairy note and some added sweetness to the recipe to make this a great all day vape.

Steep 3 days for great flavor a full 7 day to have all the flavors meld together to make this cake recipe into perfection.


UPDATE - 7/11/17** Ive basically just replaced the LA Flavorings with more common (and better tasting) flavorings. Also bumped the BNB up a percent because the custard and cheesecake tend to overpower it as steeping progresses.

Wunderbar means wonderful in German.

This recipe was developed by me and one of my coworkers who does not use any website to post recipes, but I should state that this was originally her idea, so credit goes to the both of us.

This is a Banana Nut Bread Pudding recipe.


TPA Banana Nut Bread 2.5% - obviously with this being a banana nut bread pudding recipe, we needed a good banana nut bread to do so. We landed on 2.5% because we wanted enough of this flavor to be prominent without stealing the entire show, with this also being a pudding.

LA New York Cheesecake 5% - This does most of the "pudding" aspect of the recipe. Honestly we only had LA at the shop and I originally wanted to go with CAP but this still works very well.

LA Creamy Caramel 1% - This is a VERY dark flavoring and when used at higher percentages it tends to turn the recipe into tasting like a burnt coil. However, at 1% it almost acts as the "crust" on banana nut bread - slightly sweet and carmelized. Could sup for FA Carmel.

Super Sweet - we both have a sweet tooth so obviously this is subjective and can be omitted if necessary, but SS is my favorite sweetener to use so that's why we used it.

TFA VBIC 4.5% - This just kind of adds to the "pudding" aspect. I find that it helps to add a little more "dairy" to the pudding and just helps to make the pudding more creamier. I don't get the "pepper" taste from TFA VBIC, but you could totally sub for CAP.

CAP Vanilla Custard 2% - This is what completes the "pudding." I didn't want so much of it so that the pudding wouldn't taste "eggy," but I knew it had to be there for it to be more think and provide the body for this recipe. I am using v1 in this recipe and I wouldn't recommend you to use v2 and it tends to make recipes taste more "buttery" and we don't want butter in our pudding.

So there you go! This is the first iteration of this recipe and I do plan on tweaking it in the near future with more familiar ingredients, but please let me know what you think, I'd love some feedback!

I am currently vaping this after a 4 day steep but we did shake and vape and it was still good, just obviously needs some time for those creams to meld together.

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